9 Places to Know Before Booking Albania Vacation Packages

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 28,2021

Wondering when you are ready to book Albania vacation packages? So when the pandemic is still among us, even when our medical experts have successfully developed coronavirus vaccines, we have more than usual on our priority list when planning to book leisure travel packages. If you are planning to visit Albania anytime soon, do not forget to go through the Albania travel restrictions — and be aware of what’s allowed & what’s not through Albania vacation packages. In times like this, traveling is altogether different, and the first step is always keeping tabs on the CDS health advisory, which follows other aspects of planning a vacation. 


Whether you are looking for Albania vacation packages or are planning to book leisure travel packages to the European nation in the upcoming years, it’s pretty essential you know the country. In this article, we’ve rounded up the top places you cannot miss on any Albania vacation. The Balkan country is gradually gaining popularity but it is not yet as famous as many other European countries. So when you are planning to book Albania vacation packages, feeling a little disoriented with what places to visit is pretty obvious. From the tiny mountain villages to historic Gjirokastra to the happening cities & the beach towns— there’s simply no dearth of options one can look for on an Albania vacation. Here is a list of the 9 best places to look for when booking Albania vacation packages.


9 Best Places to Know about Before Booking Albania Vacation Packages:


Albania is where you can enjoy an offbeat vacation— relax & rejuvenate, away from the hustle and bustle. There are simply numerous reasons to travel to Albania with so much authenticity & uniqueness. At every turn, there is something amiably magical, awaiting your curious eyes. One of the most unique aspects of Albania is its unique traditions that you would never find anywhere else in Europe. Let’s take a look at our list of top places to visit before booking Albania vacation packages:


1. Krujë



The village of Krujë is situated at the base of Mount Krujë and just about 38kms from the capital cityTirana. The beautiful village of Krujë is also referred to as Kruja. The village snuggled magically in the foothills of the Albanian Alps, lets you meet the unspoiled, untouched charm of the Balkans. There could not be a better place to start with and you must know the leisure travel packages you are planning to book will take you through this gorgeous location. 


Top things to see & do in Krujë: The Skanderbeg Museum, medieval castle, visit the old bazaar, Visit Skanderbeg Museum in Krujë Castle, Eat at Restorant Bardhi in Krujë Castle.


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2. Berat



Snuggled beautifully in south-central Albania, on the bank of the Osum River, Berat is believed to be the most beautiful town in Albania. With the tiny windows peeping out from the impeccably aligned hilltop houses, Albania is often called the “city of thousand windows”. The Osum River divides Berat into three different areas including Kalaja, Gorica, and Mangalem. Berat is the third-largest city in Albania and the city is all inundated with world-class architecture which showcases the influence of several civilizations and culture on the country. Most Albania vacation packages you’ll come across will include a day trip to Berat in their itinerary.


Top things to Do & See in Berat: The Kala, Iconography Museum, Mangalem & Gorica, Bulevardi Republika, Visit the local churches, Berat’s historic mosques, National Ethnographic Museum.


3. Shkoder



Shkoder is located in the proximity of the Montenegro border, nestled on between the foothills of the Albanian Alps and the marshes surrounding Lake Shkodër. The city’s laid-back ambiance and an opportunity to discover the history — are not just these things you would enjoy in Shkoder, there’s much more than that, the city has to offer. Tirana, the capital city of Albania is located just about 103 km from north of Shkoder, which also is a getaway to several of the magically expansive Lake Shkodër and the Albanian Alps. Shkodra has served as the trading post for years and also has been the settlements for ancient Romans & Greeks— and that makes it one of the best places for the history buffs. If you really enjoy discovering interesting facts about history, make sure the leisure travel packages you are booking are inclusive of a day trip to Shkoder.


Top things to see & Do in Shkoder: Visit Mesi Bridge, Rozafa Fortress, Shkodra Historical Museum, Marubi Photo Collection, Lake Shkodra, Shurdhah Island, Lake Koman Ferry.


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4. Gjirokastra



Gjirokastra’s incredibly built stone architecture made it into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites— and not only that, but it is also sometimes called the “the city of stones”, which comes from its unique building style. The excellent location, the amazing Ottoman architecture, and the charismatic cobbled streets— every part of Gjirokastra make it one of the top locations in all Albania vacation packages. The Zekate House, a 19th-century tower is the top-most example of Ottoman architecture. 


More top things to see & Do in Gjirokastra: Visit Gjirokastër Castle, the UNESCO Old Town, Visit Viroit Lake, Shop at the Ottoman Bazaar, Visit the birthplace of Enver Hoxha.


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5. Albanian Riviera



Albanian Riviera represents the Albania coast stretching from Palasë (Palasa) & Vlorë (Vlore) in the North and Ksamil & Sarandë (Saranda) in the south. It is where to enjoy some great time along with some of the best beaches in Europe. For globetrotters who wish to sink in some history and natural beauty— the Albanian Riviera is the best place. Jale Beaches and Beautiful Drymades— are some of the best beaches where you can enjoy some great time with friends & family. Never forget to check out if the Albania vacation packages you are looking for are going to take you through the Albanian Riviera. 


Top things to see & do in Albanian Riviera: Butrint Archaeological Site And National Park, Sarandë visit, Ksamil, Swim At The Largest Beach In Ionian Sea, Visit A Secluded Beach, Drive Where Caesar Walked.


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6. Theth Village



You should not miss a trip to Theth Village in any of the Albania vacation packages. With alps in the background and the uniquely charming stone churches — it has to be one of the best places for some great clicks for your Albania vacation album. If you really want to sink in all the beauty that this tiny magical village upholds, you must not forget to make this destination on the list. The charismatic mountain village located in the high pastures of the Accursed Mountains is all surrounded by sensational waterfalls, pristine mountain springs, and the impeccably perfect setting. We recommend you reserve a day trip to the Theth Village in your leisure travel package. 


Top things to see & do Around Theth Village: Visit the church, buy a local souvenir, Travel to the Blood Feud Tower, Go for a Blue eye hike, Theth waterfall.


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7. Vlore



Vlore, the harbor city and is where Albania earned its independence from the Ottoman Empire during the beginning of the 20th century. The city has a special meaning for the people of Albania! Take a whistle-stop tour of the museums & monuments— where you’ll learn about the real Albania. And, the best thing about Vlore is that a couple of beautiful beaches are just a few km away. Vlorë might not be as popular as many other cities in Albania but believe me, it is one of the best things you’ll see through Albania vacation packages. The hidden gem has surprisingly plenty of things to see and do on an Albania vacation. 


Top things to See & Do in Vlore: Independence Monument, Muradie Mosque, Zvernec Monastery, Kanine Castle, Museum of Historic Relics, Museum of National Independence, Vlore’s Cuisine.


8. Saranda



Without an inch of doubt, Saranda is one of the best places to look for when you are searching for Albania vacation packages. This popular coastal town is located in the southern part of Albania. Saranda is one of the most beautiful spots on the Albanian Riviera. Over the years, the fishing village has transformed into a thriving summer vacation destination. From amazing nightlife to the beautiful beaches to plenty of top restaurants & historic sites— Saranda has it all any traveler would imagine. The best time to visit Saranda are autumn & spring. 


Top things to see & Do in Saranda: Stroll The Hasan Tahini Boulevard, The Town’s Bay, Mirror Beach, Lekuresi Castle, Synagogue, Monasteries, Syri Kalter, Dhermi, Drive Llogara Pass.


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9. Durres



Located just about a 38-kilometer drive from Tirana, the capital city, Durrës is one of the most visited destinations that you would see on most Albania vacation packages. The Durrës takes you through the history dating back to the 7th century BC. Durrës, the port city looks beautiful along the Adriatic Sea coast of Albania and it presents to its visitors the perfect mix of ancient day charm & modern-day appeal. The city offers visitors an opportunity to discover the remnants of the biggest amphitheater of Albania. Durres is indeed a popular tourist getaway, which offers an opportunity to witness impeccable coastal beauty. When you are still planning your vacation, make sure when you book a leisure travel package, the itinerary takes you through Durres.


Top things to Do & See in Durres: Venetian Tower, Roman-Byzantine Walls, Eat Albanian Seafood at Bar Restorant Ferra Shijak, Explore the Amphitheatre of Durrës, Tour Kantina Skënderbëu Winery.


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