Best Albania Vacation Packages: Estimated Cost, Itinerary, Things to Do

The best thing about Albania is its people— they are so gentle & friendly! Albania has not yet gotten the popularity as a tourist spot as it deserves. Tourism in Albania is still in its infancy! But suppose you ever get an opportunity to book the best Albania vacation packages, which takes you through the rugged cliff lines, the turquoise seas, wild mountains, and the ancient Ottoman towns. In that case, you’ll wonder what took so long for Albania to become a favorite destination for travelers. I got an opportunity to see this beautiful Balkan country in 2016, and it is a genuinely excellent, calm & peaceful place. After my last visit, I can say with surety that Albania will grow leaps and bounds as a tourist location, much like Montenegro & Croatia. And, there is a multitude of travel companies offering the best Albania vacation packages today. 


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If you’re planning to begin your journey of exploration of Europe, Albania is a great place to start with— I’m sure the friendly vibes will encourage you for a blissful European vacation. Book the best Albania vacation packages & create your itinerary after several days of contemplation. In the last 30 years, many things have changed. Albania has evolved as a country with so much for people to see & do. The untouched beauty is slowly & gradually becoming a hot tourist attraction for most backpackers. Therefore, in this article, we thought of bringing you an estimated cost, things to do, and itineraries — the best Albania vacation packages include. 


Best Albania Vacation Packages: Estimated Cost, Itinerary, Things to Do


These leisure tour packages are not associated with any company or travel planning site. We have created them drawing references from the best Albania vacation packages available on the internet. It’s just to give our readers an idea of the budget based on the itineraries & the things you would be able to see and do availing some of the best Albania vacation packages offered by various travel planning sites. 


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This article will bring you the three best Albania vacation packages with the estimated cost it might incur with the detailed itinerary. Let’s see:


Albania vacation package 1



1. Albania Highlights


Days: 11

Estimated Cost: US$ 1,370



Day 1: Tirana Exploration

The first day of your best Albania vacation package begins with an exploration of the beautiful capital city of Tirana. 

Other Things to see & Do: visit the Bunk 'Art Museum, Learn about Albanian history, sample fresh seafood along the coast & try Albanian red wine.


Day 2: Visit Petrela Fortress

Take a short drive to the Petrela Fortress, stopping by at the Bektashi World Centre.


Things to see & Do: Government buildings, Et'Hem Bey Mosque, the old bazaar, and Skanderbeg Square.


Day 3: Visit the National Museum of History

The historic fortress is in the Albanian city of Elbasan. This part of your best Albania vacation package is going to bring you some exciting knowledge about history.


Things to see & Do: Fisherman's village of Lin, Pogradec, Lake Ohrid.


Day 4: Visit Voskopoja

Voskopoja was formerly called Moskopoje, which was founded in the 16th century. The town was famous for its churches adorned with beautiful frescoes.

Other Things to see & Do: sample fresh watermelon, Visit Korca, Visit Resurrection Cathedral, Medieval Museum.


Day 5: The southern highlands to Permeti

Visit the Kamenica Tumulus archaeological site, outside Korca, where you’ll see the Bronze Age burial complex. Sink in some history on the fifth day of your leisure tour package.

Other Things to see & Do: Barmash Pass, enjoy the sweeping views of the Nemercka Mountains, the  Ottoman stone bridge. 


Day 6: Gjirokastra

Starting from the village of Leusa to see a church featuring spectacular frescoes. In Gjirokastra, visit its UNESCO-listed historic center— the Ethnographic Museum & Gjirokastra Castle. 

Other Things to see & Do: the White Mountains, Dhkosat village, visit Leusa.


Day 7: Visit Butrint, the UNESCO listed site

On the seventh day, according to this handpicked best Albania vacation package, after Gjirokastra, you’ll be heading to Saranda, and visiting Butrint, which is considered one of the best archeological sites across the Balkans. 

Other Things to see & Do: Saranda, the karstic spring ('The Blue Eye'), the Vivari River.


Day 8: Visit Ali Pasha Fortress & Llogara National Park

Ali Pasha Fortress is a castle located within Palermo Bay on a tiny peninsula and it offers eye-pleasing views across the turquoise coastal waters. What’s a better way of booking a leisure tour package?


Other Things to see & Do: scenic coastal drive along the Albanian Riviera, the national park, views over the mountains, sea, and forest.


Day 9: Visit Apollonia 

Apollonia was founded around 585 BC, which is dedicated to the God Apollo. The most important part of this excursion is the bouleuterion, which is a facade with six Corinthian columns.

Other Things to see & Do: Stopping at Vlora, visit Flag Square and the Muradi Mosque, Berat.


Day 10: Berat & Durresi

The Berat white buildings are situated up the hillside over a gorge next to the Osumi River. Durresi is the main port of Albania and it was founded in 627 BC by Greeks and was conquered by the Serbs, Normans, Romans, and Venetians. On the tenth day of this best Albania vacation package, you’ll head to explore Berat & Durresi. 


Other Things to see & Do: the Church of Saint Mary, the Red Mosque, the Onufri Icon Museum, the Archaeological Museum.


Day 11: Kruja

End of the 11-days trip in Kruja. Depart from Tirana International Airport (TIA), about 40 minutes away. 

Other Things to see & Do: the nearby bazaar or the Ethnographic Museum.


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Albania vacation package 2



Albania, Montenegro, Croatia & Slovenia 


Days: 12 Day 

Estimated Cost: $1,759



Day 1: Albania Trip

This day you’ll start with your best Albania vacation package, check-in your hotel, relax & prepare for your next day’s trip. 


Day 2: Arrive in Tirana

Visit Tirana, the capital city of Albania. 


Day 3: Tirana City Tour

On the third day of this cherry-picked best Albania vacation package, you’ll go on a discovery of the city of Tirana. Sightseeing of Skanderbeg Square, which is the bustling heart of the city. 

Other things to See & Do: the Et'hem Bey Mosque, the soviet built Palace of Culture, the National History Museum, tour to Kruje.


Day 4: Shkodra, Moraca Monastery, Kolasin

Depart to Shkodra from Tirana, which is an important cultural center and the oldest city of Albania. 

Other things to See & Do: the mythical Rozafa Castle, Cross to reach Montenegro border, Moraca Monastery visit, the spa town of Kolasin, the pine forest of the Bjelasica Mountains. 


Day 5: Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park is a result of glaciers, underground streams, and traversed by rivers and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Albania offers an opportunity to learn so much history, so choose your leisure packages cautiously. 

Other things to See & Do: the Tara river canyon, the deepest gorges in Europe, Biogradsko, 


Day 6:  Podgorica & Cetinje en route to Dubrovnik

Podgorica is the cultural center of Montenegro among the five rivers. Podgorica with green spaces all around and modern buildings. We have included this in our list of best Albania vacation packages for many reasons, including affordability, and most importantly, the chance to discover some of the best places in the fascinating Balkan country.

Other things to See & Do: Cetinje, located at the foot of Mount Lovcen, the King Nicola’s Museum, see the spectacular scenery of the Dalmatian coast.


Day 7: Dubrovnik Tour

Dubrovnik is a beautiful town in Europe surrounded by the azure Adriatic Sea, ramparts, and watchtowers. Explore the rich history. 

Other things to See & Do: Franciscan Monastery, the Rector's Palace, drive from Dubrovnik through the Croatian countryside, sample local cheese, and Dalmatian prosciutto.


Day 8: Split, the second-largest city in Croatia

Departing from Dubrovnik, travel through the dramatic Adriatic coast reaching the charming old fishing villages, running Split, the UNESCO protected seaside town. It will undoubtedly be one of the most palpable parts of your best Albania vacation package. 

Other things to See & Do: tour along the cobbled streets, the 4th century Palace of Diocletian, the Roman Peristyle.


Day 9: Visit Trogir & Plitvice Lakes National Park

Visit historic Trogir, which is founded in 400 BC by Greeks. Move to Plitvice Lakes National Park, a wonderland area with 16 interconnected lakes flanked by ancient forest and thundering waterfalls. Before you book your leisure tour package, make sure you have done enough research about these places from different sources. 


Other things to See & Do: 13th century Venetian Cathedral of St. Lovro, the stunning Cipiko Palace, the town of Plitvice.


Day 10: Travel to Zagreb, Bled

Travel to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, through lush vegetation and wooded mountains. Travel to the lovely city of Bled in the center of the Julian Alps.


Other things to See & Do: Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, view the attractive facades of Ban Josip Jelacic square, Presidential Palace, St. Mark’s church, and the Pope's tower.


Day 11: Tour Ljubljana & City of Bled

The pure air of Bled has always attracted travelers since the 19th century. Its spectacular scenery and thermal springs are great about the city. Also, travel to the flourishing capital, Ljubljana, on the second last part of your best Albania vacation package. 

Other things to See & Do: the Parliament, open-air market, City Hall, and Robba Fountain, the Three Bridges— in Ljubljana. 11th-century Bled Castle, the oldest in Slovenia, 


Day 12: Depart Slovenia

Departure to Slovenia.


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Albania vacation package 3



Northern Albania Mini Tour


Days: 4

Estimated Cost: US$ 479



Day 1: Kruja & Shkodra


Starting the journey from Tirana, drive across Kruja city! Wander through the Old Bazaar, boasting magnificent architecture &  the beautiful cobblestone alleys. Visit the Shkodra city & enjoy lunch in Shiroke.

Other things to See & Do: Dollma Bektashi Teqe, Skanderbeg Museum, the National Ethnographic Museum, fish cuisine in Shiroke, the Rozafa Fortress, St. Stephen’s Catholic Cathedral, Pedonalja, and Ebu Bekr Mosque. 


Day 2: Theth


Visit Theth, the stunning alpine village located deep in the Albanian Alps. In the northernmost reaches of the country, the Theth village is also called the Accursed Mountains. Theth is where you get to explore the diversity of Albania. 


Other things to See & Do: the mountain village of Boge, a short hike to a shepherd mountain lodge, enjoy a glass or two of Raki after retiring to your hotel room. 


Day 3: Theth National Park


Located amidst the Albanian Alps, the Theth National Park sprawls with spectacular waterfalls, magnificent rivers, and lagoons. Above the Theth National Park, two beautiful mountains loom— the Accursed & Jezerca mountains. Explore the Theth National Park and learn about Highlander legends. Once you are here, you’ll realize why the best Albania vacation packages can’t make it without a day’s trip to the Theth National Park. 


Other things to See & Do: Grunas waterfall and Canyon, Hike, enjoy a refreshing bath, the Blue Eye of Theth, a walking tour of the village.


Day 4: Agrotourism Experience in Albania


Spend your day in the countryside village setting, tasting the delicious Albanian food, and visiting the surrounding. In the afternoon, reach Tirana, where you will catch your flight back home. 


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