6 Things to See and Do on your Hungary vacations packages

Hungary is one of the most diverse and culturally rich countries in all of Europe. The country is landlocked in central Europe and is surrounded by seven different countries, including Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, and Slovakia. Therefore, the country has received cultural influences from all four directions and is engraved in its traditions.


Hungary has played a significant role throughout history, which can be visited during your Hungary vacation packages. One of the most amazing attractions to the country is the capital city itself, Budapest. Hungary offers romance, culture, history, magnificent architecture, and some of the most beautiful landscapes for your Hungary vacation packages!


The experts at leisure bring you the best things to see and do on your Hungary vacation packages to make the best of your central European escapade!


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Why Hungary is one of the best destinations in Europe!


Often overlooked by many world travelers, Hungary is one of the best destinations for tourists in Europe. In addition to the architecture, culture, history, and landscape, there are plenty of other things that make Hungary one of the best countries to visit in central Europe.


The location



Hungary is perfectly nestled between 7 different countries. This makes it the perfect spot to include on your European vacation packages. You can easily travel to various neighboring countries such as Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia, and few others, during your trip and make the most out of your Hungary Vacation packages.


The Weather



Hungary experiences the perfect weather for tourism all year round, with continental climate on the east and Mediterranean climate on the south, there is a little something for everyone all year round. Spring and summer seasons in Hungary are quite sunny, with average daytime temperatures ranging from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. However, during the months of July and August, the country also experiences frequent cooling bursts of rain. The fall season brightens up the whole country with lovely fall colors, and winters bring colder temperatures well below freezing point in some regions, with romantic snowfall during most part of the season.


The Culture and History



With mind-blowing architecture, vibrant festivals, and lip-smacking cuisine, you’ll find a rich culture and history engraved in a bit of Hungary. You don’t need to be a historian to enjoy the historical significance or cultural beauty of Hungary. You can learn about the history and culture of the country while exploring its various tourist attractions and amazing activities to do on your Hungary Vacation Packages.


The Landscape



The landscape of Hungary consists of plains, plateaus, and hills. However, there is one amazing natural wonder in Hungary which has attracted tourists from all over the world for centuries. Hungary is full of natural hot water springs, spurting mineral-rich water from beneath the earth's surface. With over close to 1300 thermal springs in its arsenal, ‘taking the waters’ is an integrated part of the culture and one of the best things to do on Hungary vacation packages.


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6 Things to see and do on your Hungary Vacation Packages


There are numerous spectacular sights to see and exciting things to do on your Hungary vacation packages, the best of which have been listed below:


1. Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst



Situated in the Aggtelek National Park 2.5 hours north of Budapest, the Aggtelek Caves, or commonly known as the Baradla Caves, is one of Europe’s largest network of stalactite caves. With almost 300 caves present in the vicinity, this definitely earns a spot on your Hungary vacation packages. The caves have been formed over thousands of years as the precipitation carved its paths through the limestone, and mineral-rich water formed magnificent structures of stalactites and stalagmites. The caves light up in multiple colors as the light reflects off the shiny rocks. With more than 25 kilometers of marked trails, exploring the caves is a popular attraction among hikers and adventure travelers from across the globe.


2. Cycling through Buda Hills



Buda hills offer some of the most beautiful views in the country. It is one of the best spots in the country to watch the sunset with your significant other as the rays of the sun bounce off the Danube river and glimmers across the whole city of Budapest. Buda Hills is situated on the west of Budapest and is one of the best-hiking destinations in the country. There are various easy to moderate trails that you can explore on your own in a day. Each trail covers some mind-blowing scenery that will take your breath away. Alternatively, you can also rent a cycle through various spots around the region and go for some mountain biking. Another way of exploring the beauty of the hills is to take your bike all the way up to the top, passing some beautiful scenic routes.


3. Eger Castle



The Eger Castle is situated in the beautiful town of Eger. The castle once served as the northern gateway to Hungary and is renowned for repelling the Turkish army during the Siege of Eger in 1552. Throughout history, the castle has been torn down and rebuilt multiple times, and today there are various ruined towers to be explored. A majority of the castle still stands and is a popular attraction on Hungary Vacation Packages. Today the town of Eger has turned into an amazing destination for wine lovers. There are many beautiful vineyards where you can go for a stroll during the sunset with your partner or visit the different wineries for a lovely wine tasting date.


4. Bukk Mountains



Even after being landlocked from all directions, Hungary isn’t short of beautiful sights and mesmerizing views. Out of the many amazing national parks in the country, the Bukk national park takes the crown for being the most exciting one. Mainly because of the Bukk Mountains. Reach heights up to 800 to 900 meters above sea level, the hills and mountains on the Bukk Mountain range offer a perfect place to spend a day in the lap of nature on your Hungary vacation packages.


The national park is spread over an area of 166.5 square miles and has various beautiful villages and towns. Going inside the forests and hiking up to mountains, you will come across various streams, waterfalls, and lakes to sit around and witness some awesome views.


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5. Lake Balaton



Hungarians are not completely snubbed from enjoying a day at the beach. The massive Lake Balaton spreads across an area of 228.6 square miles and has a shoreline of approximately 122 miles. The lake is the largest freshwater lake in the country and is a popular tourist attraction for Hungary vacation packages. With various castles, spa resorts, five-star hotels, and beautiful little towns and villages situated beside the lake, thousands of tourists flock every year to visit this beautiful natural wonder. The northern part of the lakes serves as a popular attraction for wine enthusiasts, with multiple vineyards and lush green hills to explore. There are various ancient villages and towns all around the lake with multiple castles and historical sites to explore. Another popular attraction on Lake Balaton is the many natural hot springs and one of the largest thermal lakes, which offer medicinal healing properties while you relax your troubles away.


6. Spa Towns of Hungary



Since ancient times Hungary has been known for its hot springs and thermal spas that have entertained many locals and foreign travelers for over 2000 years. There are over 1000 natural hot springs still active beneath the surface, spread out across different parts of the country. Hungary is home to the best thermal spas in all over Europe and has some amazing spa resorts and towns. The steamy waters are believed to have medicinal properties, as they are rich in minerals. In ancient times, soldiers used to travel and stay in Hungary to relax and treat their injuries. There is a large variety of thermal spas and resorts to choose from, offering luxurious amenities and private spas for your Hungary Vacation Packages. One of the most notable of the bunch is Lake Heviz, which is the largest thermal lake in Europe and the second-largest in the world. The lake offers a relaxing spa vacation and warm waters without worrying about large crowds.


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