7 Essentials for a Memorable Miami Beach Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 16,2021

Welcome to Miami! It’s the paradise for nocturnals, the dreamland of the culture lovers & the fairyland for the foodies. It is where movies like Moonlight, Miami Vice, and Suddenly were shot. The sun-soaked beaches of Miami attract vacationers from across the globe. With such a diverse array of options, it is pretty much challenging to pack your stuff without unnecessarily jamming your travel suitcase. 


So, even before you plan your Miami beach vacations, it is essential to know the best accessories for the trip and how you pack them. We have created several leisure travel guides for different types of vacations, and this one is for your Miami beach vacation. We’ve done some real research to make this guide to help you plan. 


Alright, jet setters, let’s walk you through this list of essentials for your ultimate Miami beach vacation packing list. You might miss quite obvious things at times, so ticking off everything essential from the list can save you from frustrating incidents. Check out this list from our leisure travel guides— it will keep you away from all the drama on roads and the airport meltdowns. 


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Here’s the Great Packing List For You:


1. Windproof Travel Umbrella



You don’t want to get caught in the Miami rain— right? If you have your windproof travel umbrella ready, you would never have to face anything like that. We know you want to enjoy every moment of the Miami beach vacation. Buy a windproof travel umbrella that can be folded up and quickly tossed into your travel bag. Get something that can easily protect up to 2-3 people from the strong wind. There are many versions of windproof travel umbrellas available in the market that are reasonably priced. Go for one with a water-resistant canopy that works for you, is lightweight, and has an automatic open/close mechanism. It will make sure you have a great time at every moment of your trip.


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2. Aloe Vera Gel



Aloe Vera Gel can be your go-to remedy for the sunburn that you might have to face during your vacation. Most seasoned Miami beach vacationers run the risk of sunburn and scorching heat. But, you can always keep yourself prepared with a pack of good aloe vera gel. It will help your skin remain cool and healthy from the inside out, even if you have to spend a lot of time out in the sun. If you want extra relief, you can keep the Aloe Vera Gel in the fridge and use it after you have spent a long day in the sun. It will soothe the painful sunburn, reduce inflammation, and deeply moisturize the skin. 


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3. Swimsuit Cover Up



Making your list of the perfect beach or poolside outfit is not just about selecting a one-piece dress or a bikini. There’s much more you need to think about— you might be missing a carefully designed swimsuit cover-up to pack for your Miami beach vacation. It’s something that will help you comfortably transition from your water activities to wherever you want to go next. You will spend a significant part of your vacation on the beach or pool, so a stylish swimsuit cover-up that can be thrown over your suit is essential for you. 


That’s the most effortless outfit for a beach vacation that always works whether you want to take a detour from the beach, or go for lunch, or want to enjoy a drink at one of Miami’s cafes or bars. There are plenty of fashionable styles in the market— pick something chic enough that can go a long way, and you can even wear them beyond the beach. 


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4. Miami Travel Insurance



This one's for you if you have to travel more than a hundred miles to reach your Miami beach vacation. Travel insurance will keep you safe while you are miles away from your family and friends. Many companies provide comprehensive plans at affordable rates— do your research and find out what’s working best for you. Over 60 million visitors come to Florida every year, and they never forget planning Miami beach vacations. It’s one of the most visited states in the US. 


We’ve heard from most leisure travel guides, experts, and experienced globetrotters— when visiting Miami, travel insurance is a must-have. Or, it might cost you more than an arm and a leg to avail medical services in America. And, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased cost of healthcare across the nation, it is essential to have Miami travel insurance even before you book leisure vacation packages. 


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5. Waterproof Phone Case



Oh yeah! You can’t miss this one when packing for a Miami beach vacation. Your phone is your first love; it makes your life so much easier, especially when traveling. When you are up for a beach vacation, your phone might be at risk of getting dropped in the water. A waterproof Phone Case would help you here. It will make sure you don’t have to leave your smartphone on the beach when you are going to take a dip in the water. 


You can get your phone covered with a Waterproof Phone Case and use it even when you are floating around the waves. The case will ensure that water does not enter your phone or the internal circuit through any of its ports, even when clicking pictures inside the water. So, don’t make the mistake of taking your phone in the water without a Waterproof Phone Case.


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6. Portable Waterproof Speaker



How about bringing the party with you? A good quality Portable Waterproof Speaker will make sure that you enjoy every moment of your Miami beach vacation. “Music is life itself” — we all agree to that, and without loud music, you’ll end up with a lackluster party. So, before you think your list is done, just do one thing— get a handy waterproof portable speaker. 


It’s great. You can even take this along when you want to dance in the rain and feel every drop. Whether you are taking a dip in the water or heading for a night out, you can put the speaker on and set the mood right. You can’t just bring any; buy a Portable Waterproof Speaker that is lightweight, looks sturdy & durable, and perfectly fits into your Miami beach vacation. Let the party begin!


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7. Beach Vacation Outfit



Oh, you didn’t feel the best look in your last beach vacation pictures— and you know why! Never underestimate the significance of a chic and stylish beach vacation outfit. It can change the game and bring you many good comments when you upload your picture on Instagram. The perfect Miami Beach vacation outfit is when you have the necessary accessories complementing your outfit. A stylish hat, sunglasses, and a beautiful beach bag will accentuate your looks for sure. Get yourself that right dress, be beach vacation-ready. Let’s have fun in the sun.


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These are the basics that will keep you on the safer side! In addition to these seven items on your Miami beach vacation packing list, you must also have a sandless beach mat, a sun shelter, beach flip-flops, sunscreen, a beach towel, an underwater camera, VPN, and a portable charger. If you have thoughtfully selected and packed items from this leisure travel guide in your beach travel bag, nothing can stop you. “Life is supposed to be fun! Make that happen every day, every minute, every second, and every moment!!”




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