Nail Down those Road Trip Travel Hacks with These 9 Travel Podcasts

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 02,2021

Be it getting some more travel inspiration for your next trip or exploring your next bucket-list destination or day-dreaming about your future trips— you can tune into the frequency you wish to by listening to some great podcasts. Travel podcasts are an amazing companion through your road trip journey & the best travel accessories ever. Road trips are a great way to enjoy the astounding vistas & the landscape. If there is anything more fascinating than exploring a new country or a city — it is exploring on the wheels. It’s second to none— setting off your wheels for a road trip discovering the hidden gems. It’s like — feeling alive! Feeling free! Feeling liberated! No matter if you are going on a solo trip or are making your way with friends in your car, it’s all about relaxing & breaking-free from the monotony. 


So, to start with your road trip preparations, nothing can be a better way than putting a podcast on. With the busy schedule, you can get yourself ready with the best road trip plans by listening to the podcasts while you are doing your household chores or during a walk, or maybe while you are driving your car. With a good podcast, you can keep yourself updated with the ins & outs of the destination & nail down your road trip travel hacks. Besides, travel podcasts are an amazing way of getting trip inspiration & taking yourself away from everything in a world of adventure, exploration & discovery. It inspires you amazingly when you hear stories from avid travelers who have quit their jobs to pursue their travel dreams. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best podcasts to help you get inspiration for your next road trip. Read on to get that dose of inspiration:


9 best Podcasts for your Road Trip Inspiration


1. The Travel Diaries



The Travel Diaries is a weekly series where the presenter Holly Rubenstein talks to different travelers about their travel journey and how it has all shaped their life. She talks about the adventure they have had across the world. Every week, Rubenstein interviews one of the other high-profile travelers from different parts of the world. The podcast is about the story of these travelers — from their earliest childhood travel memory to the most exciting place they have traveled through & about the next destination on their bucket list. 


2. Flight of Fancy



Flight of Fancy is about the exploration of the world and those who want to see every corner of the world. Some of the episodes from the flight of fancy can be life-changing experiences during your road trip. Some of the latest episodes from the podcasts, you must listen to are— “Outrageous Australia: The wildest experiences at home”, “The best things to see and do in Victoria” & “How will we travel in 2021?”. Groundwater talks about just everything on a 30-minute episode that you would ever want to listen to get inspired for your road trip. Every week he interviews professional travelers and their story of cliched travel experiences & how travel has changed them. 


3. The Bitter Southerner



The Bitter Southerner podcast, presented by Chuck Reece, the editor of the magazine Bitter Southerner. It’s a co-production of Georgia Public Broadcasting and The Bitter Southerner. Chuck Reece through this podcast takes us through the South's contributions to the US & of the Southern culture where he reveals the true picture of the region. This podcast is particularly the best thing for people who dream of getting under the skin of the American deep south. Chuck brings enlightening stories every week for its guests that talk about the history, language, and culture of the south. So, if you are heading to the south for your road trip, this is going to be exciting for you. Tune in to some of the latest episodes. 


4. Amateur Traveler



So if you are puzzled as to how to get the plan done for your next road trip, this podcast can help in a number of ways.  Amateur Traveler, the Chris Christensen creation, is all about the best destinations in the world where you can travel on a budget. So, if you are looking for a destination for your road trip that won’t break the bank then this might help. While focused on the North American folks when it started but today it boasts audiences from around the world. The podcast is presented in an interview format featuring either a destination expert or a travel expert. It started in 2005 when its first episode went on air. Today, the podcast has been expanded to various other platforms including videos, blogs & photographs. 


5. The Thought Card



Danielle Desir presents The Thought Card podcast. The podcast is all about creating wealth, traveling the world, and paying off debts. So, if you are planning an adventurous road trip, this could be the right thing for you to get inspired. Desire gives her audience prudence to make smart financial decisions where they can achieve both travels as well as other life goals. The best episode to start with would be—  the episode with Denis O’Brien where O’Brien talks about how to create passive income with his personal life experiences. 


6. The Rough Guide to Everywhere



The Rough Guide to Everywhere is a series of podcasts where the host shares a variety of untold travel stories. These are stories from travelers who want to share their stories with their friends but they do not want to get those stories published as a guidebook. In the first episode of the podcast, you’ll hear the stories of two people who have made their travel dreams happen cycling through a huge part of the planet. Dervla Murphy tells her stories of 1963, when she traveled cycling from Ireland to India— and she shares how that journey led her to find herself working as an arms trader in Afghanistan. Charlie Walker, a young adventure traveler went through his road trip journey around the world via a cycle— and about the psychological changes, his mind went through. In the podcast, you’ll get to listen to bizarre travel stories, road trips through parts of the world.


7. Travel Genius



The Travel Genius will make you ready for your leisure vacation— be it a road trip, adventure travel, or a luxury vacation. It answers some of the most essential questions, every travel must know an answer to before setting their feet out. How would you find the best secret restaurant on your road trip? What is the best thing to do when you enter the hotel room first? How to get a flight upgrade? Nikki Ekstein & Mark Ellwood, the hosts of the podcasts— gets you all that you must know— they interview globetrotters from around the world who share their travel hacks. This is an amazing podcast that equips travel with very useful travel tips, which might help travelers in a number of ways— you can find a couple of amazing tips on the best way to travel with a pet and how you can get the best deals on the best restaurants in San Diego. 


8. Armchair Explorer



Armchair Explorer is where you’ll get to listen to adventure travel stories of road trips from people around the world. The podcast is created putting in a little documentary format with cinematic effects & music. Unlike a lot of other podcasts, it is not in any interview format— in every episode, you would listen to some great adventure stories from adventurers themselves. Hosted by Aaron Millar, the popular travel writer who has also worked with BIG names— Millar has presented National Geographic TV documentaries 7 has also penned two books, 50 Greatest National Parks of the World & 50 Greatest Wonders of the World. Aaron, the award-winning travel writer, loves sci-fi, tequila, and sushi!


9. The Budget-Minded Traveler



The Budget-Minded Traveler will get travelers plenty of practical tips & destination inspiration— to help them to fulfill their travel goals without spending a fortune. The podcast is hosted by Jackie Nourse who interviews travelers about their interesting travel stories. Jackie is an international traveler who travels around the world on budget and shares everything about budget-friendly travel. Tune onto one of the episodes of the podcast to venture on an international vacation & get yourself equipped with some awesome tips & tricks to travel in a budget-friendly way. Tune in today to get inspired for your next road trip!


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