Your Ultimate Packing List For Albania Vacation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 08,2021

I read somewhere a statement by Mary Morris; he said, “Excess baggage is a symptom of something we are missing on the inside – a fear that we won’t be accepted for what we are as if ourselves are not enough. We bring too much of our experience, the clutter of our emotions. These things get in the way and keep us from getting close to others. Then we are left with the task of having to find someone else to carry it, whether it is our luggage or our loneliness.” — and it touched my heart.


No matter if you are booking Italy, France, Poland, or Albania vacation packages in 2021— it always makes sense to feel light, to pack light, and to leave the clutter of the past behind — to be able to completely sink in everything that’s awaiting you in a new place.


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Packing is a form of art— a particular creative skill, and we have learned this from Marie Kondo. She says, “To put your things in order means to put your past in order, too. It’s like resetting your life and settling your accounts so that you can take the next step forward.” 


So, if you want to get yourself ready to make new experiences and let go of the past experiences while booking your Albania vacation in 2021, just bear with us a little more. We’ve some life-changing packing tips, tricks & proven methods that will help you travel like never before. You just choose the best Albania vacation packages in 2021, and we’ll tell you how to turn it into the blockbuster cinematic leisure travel vacation of your life. Here we go:


Albania vacation packages in 2021: Your Ultimate Packing List


While the Balkan country is getting fame in being a tourist spot, it remains an underrated destination. Let’s hope that this will not take long to change. The number of tourists during summers has increased over the years to spend some quality time in the gorgeous port city of Saranda, across the coastline and the mesmerizing beaches. During spring, people come mostly to know the country through its buzzy interior cities like Tirana. During winters, you can explore the historical sites & museums— but hiking and beaches are a big no-no during the season.


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If you have already booked your Albania vacation packages in 2021, we’ve for you the most fantastic content to help you cross through the next step of planning your vacation.


How to Choose Your Main Bag?


Anyone who starts packing — whether for a leisure travel vacation or a frugal backpacking trip— the thought of a versatile & robust bag comes to your mind first. This is indeed the most critical decision when packing for a trip. 


If I talk about my four trips across Albania in 10 years of my traveling journey, I recommend choosing a backpack for your Albania vacation. You might wonder— why am I saying that— it’s because even when you have to, at any point, carry your bag alone on your own, dragging a suitcase would be pretty tricky. The sidewalks have no easy onramps, and the streets are difficult to pull a suitcase for that matter. As a result, I have never traveled with a rolling bag in Albania. 


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Here’s a list of recommendations for Best Backpacks:


1. Go Travel Xtra Travel Backpack 



I have my personal experience with this backpack. I proved to be a fantastic choice throughout my journey. I never thought I could ever feel so light on vacation with everything that I needed to be fitted inside the bag. The Xtra Travel Backpack from Go Travel is lightweight, has a quick-access zip pocket in the front, and is super spacious for your Albania vacation packages in 2021. You can pretty easily fit in everything that is required for a 10-12 days Albania trip. 


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2. Bric's Olive X-Travel Montagna Backpack



It does the job smartly without breaking your bank — you can get the Montagna Backpack from Bric's Olive X-Travel for around $145. It’s not only spacious but is— easy to clean, durable, made from sturdy material. Its refined leather design makes it one of the perfect choices if you wish to accentuate your style. The lightweight travel bag can be used whether you are wandering through the city or in the suburbs. 


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3. High Sierra Merc/Blk/Glow Dells Canyon Travel Backpack



I had such a great experience with this bag— it cost me just about $52, which helped me throughout the trip. So whether you are booking Albania vacation packages in 2021, want to hit the trails, or go on a super-adventurous vacation, this backpack will help. It adds to the zeal of traveling with the comfort & convenience that it adds to your journey. 


So, when you are done with selecting your main backpack, you will organize everything you will need on your Albani vacation package in 2021. The next thought that comes to your mind is how to keep it organized?


Here are a few Essentials of Mini bags that will help in Keeping it organized:


Packing Cubes



Now that I have traveled for around ten years across different parts of the world, and evident packing has become an everyday affair, I know how efficiently packing cubes can change the game. They not only keep your things organized, but it also makes sure that whenever you are trying to get something from the hoard of things from your backpack, it won’t create a mess out of the whole thing. 


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I will suggest to you some of the top brands of packing cubes I have been using throughout my travel journey. You can use them too, to fit in your t-shirts, undergarments, jeans, skirts, and other items on the platter. Here are some great recommendations:


1. Rockland Packing Cubes Set Of 3


This Set Of 3 Rockland Packing Cubes is one of my favorites. It fits in everything so perfectly and makes me so comfortable & confident that I would not have ever imagined the other way round. Once you have them, you’ll wonder how you have been traveling & packing without them for so long. It’s going to add to your Albania vacation packages in 2021. The three super-light cubes will allow you to load every little thing you ever wished to. 


2. American Flyer Black Fleur De Lis Packing Cubes


Oh! This is my second favorite packing cube, which is a set of 3 cubes from Jenni Chan. It is perfect if you do not want to compromise on your sense of style in anyways. The good news is, this will make sure you travel in style, keeping everything in your backpack organized. So when you are trying to take something out, it won’t make you look ugly with all that stress.


3. Rockland Packing Cubes Set Of 6 


If you want to keep every little part of your backpack uncluttered— this pack of six packing cubes from Rockland will get the job done. It makes traveling much simpler, helping you pack everything much efficiently. If you have already booked your Albania vacation packages in 2021, don’t forget to secure the best packing cubes online here. 


Other Important Items to Keep Your Backpack Organized

1. Cosmetic Bags

2. Travel Wallet

3. Laundry Bag

4. Canvas Tote

5. Ziploc Bags

6. Coin Purse


I have Jotted down five of the Essential Items You Should Never Forget with Your Albania Vacation Packages in 2021. Let’s see what these five essential items include:


1. Sanitizer



If you are traveling during a post-pandemic, you cannot forget about keeping your sanitizer handy at all times. It’s the foremost thing you should be adding to your packing checklist. While you can have a relatively bigger-sized sanitizer bottle in your backpack, the other one should be something that you can fit into your pocket. So whenever you have to touch a surface like walking through the accelerator or opening the shop door, you can take it off from your pocket and use it at your convenience. 


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2. Set of Masks



While we have COVID-19 vaccines available throughout the world, we still should stick with the guidelines. So if you want to match your mask with your dress, just get them customized before venturing out for this vacation. Keep them all in one of the most miniature packing cubes so whenever you need them, you can remember exactly and could grab them without disorganizing the rest of the arrangements. 


3. Guidebook



While you can also rely on leisure travel vacation articles at our site, for that matter, yet when you are planning Albania vacation packages in 2021, I would recommend keeping a guidebook handy always. It will always help you when you are traveling on-grounds. 


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4. Travel Insurance



While you are booking Albania vacation packages in 2021 or to any other destination, travel insurance is pretty essential. It works wonders when traveling abroad when you have gotten some kind of illness, theft, or accident. However, before getting your insurance booked, check what it has to offer, what ease of travel it provides, and how it helps if the trip extends.


5. Rain jacket



Before booking your Albania vacation packages in 2021, you must know that it can rain anytime in the Balkan nation. And, we all know nothing can be worse than when it starts raining abruptly, delaying your day trip plan. So, if you have a rain jacket, it might save a lot of your time. But, if you don’t like rain jackets, make sure you are packing a sturdy umbrella. 


That was all about the basics of how you should start your packing once you have booked the best of Albania vacation packages in 2021. We have more to talk about how to pack like a pro while traveling in Albania. We’ll bring you more enriching material on the topic in our upcoming articles. 


Till then, Arrivederci. Stai attento!!


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