Top Packing Tips Every Traveler Must Learn

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 13,2021

Packing is a quintessential part of every trip. The excitement of the trip commences from the moment you begin packing your belongings to the destination. You visit various stores to get everything you need. At the same time, it can be extremely hectic and puzzling, if not done properly. 


Be it a one day trip or weeks of vacation, a bag is the most minimal thing a traveler will have to carry with him. You have to pack but how to pack it right? Here are a few packing tips that will be handy for you when you pack your belongings for your next trip.



1. Start making a list well in advance


One of the efficient packing tips is to first know what to include in your bags and whatnot. Creating a packing list day ahead of the trip ensures that you do not miss anything and get ample time to focus on other aspects of the trip. Either jot down every item you are going to carry for the trip or make a note of all the things you need to buy. This helps you to stay systematic and not forget any important thing. As and when you start packing, put a tick mark against the item, so it is organized. 



2. Put down all things in a place first


Once your packing list is ready, the next step is to lay out all your things in a bed or a big shopper bag. Deposit things abruptly by gathering them all together in one place so that you do not juggle at the last minute searching for them. Grouping things helps you to see the bigger picture- which shirt goes with which shoes and if you can manage to minimize your belongings by adjusting with a few items. If any lightweight item gets stuck deep beneath, you will have a tough time pulling it out and rearranging it again. Following this packing tip makes sure that you go in an orderly manner. You can easily see how your bag or suitcase gets filled up from the bottom to the top. 


Which outfit should I wear? Will these shoes go with my denim? I hardly wore the attires which I had packed so tiringly. 


Attire. It is one of the most menacing aspects of traveling. Most of the tourists pack individual clothes they love and end up confused about the destination. This is an incorrect method. You will be juggling around with a bunch of shirts and pants that do not go with each other at the last moment. Hence, the correct way is to decide beforehand what type of attire you will be wearing at the destination. You can choose your “outfit of the day” by the tourist attractions you will be visiting. Will you be going to a fort? A traditional style of attire is best suited. Going to a club or pizzeria? A slim-fitting dress with heels or palazzo goes well. Choosing your attire by this method ensures you look the best while traveling to the destination. 


Travelers can pack garments that serve as two-in-one. Garments that have multipurpose save space in the bag for more. Try to mix and match your attire instead of carrying every item selectively. 



3. Fold, roll, or packing cubes- which one is the best? 


There are three types of packing style- folding, rolling, and packing cubes. 

While rolling is considered to be a clever method, folding and packing cubes are useful in certain cases. Folding is a useful method for clothes such as pants, jeans, and button shirts. When you fold your dresses, you can easily arrange them in the closet of your hotel room when you unpack. However, folds may make your thin shirts look creasy. It also doesn’t leave space for other smaller items. Rolling, on the other hand, is compact. Your suitcase will hold more clothes if they are rolled and arranged in order. But you cannot roll bulky clothing such as sweaters and gowns. Packing cubes are a relatively new method. It is greatly useful to separate clothes from sanitary products, electronic items from jewelry, etc. Yet, packing cubes may be an extra expense to you. 


So which method should you follow? Try to use all these three methods based on the items. The only thing you need to be sure of is to still have a little space safe in your luggage! 



4. Make your medical kit and toiletries bag


This is an equally important packing tip and should be given the first preference as well. No matter where you are traveling, you may seek a medical kit at any minute. Instead of jumbling in the airport calling for help or searching for medical stores in the destination, it is always best to have one handy right in your bag. What goes into the medical kit, depends upon your health and body. But the most basic items include cotton, band-aid, insect creams, mosquito repellent, pain relievers, sunscreen, cough and cold medicine, and a scissor. 


The next important thing is your toiletry pouch. It helps to separate your cosmetic items and other minuscule things. Put all sanitary products in one bag and that’s your toiletry bag. It includes sanitizer, paper soap, deodorant, comb, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Keep this pouch in a place where it is easy for you to reach. 



5. Carry a side bag

The importance of a handbag for a woman and a side or shoulder bag for men is undeniable. Whenever you are sightseeing places, you cannot carry the entire luggage with you. In that case, a side bag carries your immediate belongings such as ticket copies, passport, identity cards, tissues, make-up kit, water bottle, etc. It is usually weightless as well as useful. You don’t have to worry about losing your bag either since it clings to your body always. Moreover, if you decide to go shopping at the destination, you can choose to put them in the side bag rather than carrying the weight in your hands. Keep a separate side bag with you to carry around the destination. 



If you don’t want to struggle with your luggage bags, follow these best packing tips that will certainly help you in packing your bags smartly.

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