New US Travel Advisory: Traveling Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Following the alert released by the World Health Organization regarding the fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak, many countries put restrictions on traveling around the world. Several countries closed their borders and stopped all the travels from and to the country. The United States is one amongst them. With the spread of the pandemic, the world’s highest “Level 4” global travel restrictions were issued by US travel advisory. After months now, with control on the pandemic, the US government lifted the major restrictions and opened up their borders to travel to and from the country. They pretty much removed the travel restrictions but it is still a major question to travel or not. Regardless of the upliftment of travel restrictions, there are very limited options for international transportation. Safety is yet a major concern before planning a vacation. 


If you too are struggling with the decision to travel to the US, then you must review the given information. It is a guide to safe US travel with all the safety precautions and tips. Reviewing this guide will let you know how to make your travel safer to the US. Before getting involved with the most thrilling part of travel planning, make sure you take out some time to read this article and think about your safety. Understanding the risks and restrictions is a major part of a safe vacation.


Restrictions On A Travel To United States


COVID-19 pandemic affected nearly every country in the world. Even after opening the borders to welcome the travelers, the US encompassed mandatory testing requirements, quarantine restrictions, and various other precautions to make travel safer for the country. Even if the traveler is coming from countries with low risks, these restrictions will still be implemented. If you choose to travel to the US, review the requirements that you need to fulfill.


COVID-19 Testing-



Starting from January 26, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires all tourists to submit a negative COVID-19 report. The proofs of COVID-19 will be verified by every airline to the US at the time of passengers boarding the plane. US travel advisory wants all the travelers of age 2 or above, including the citizens or legal residents, to submit the proofs and documents. 


Before Entering the US- Before the arrival in the country, a test is needed to be performed no more than three days before the departure of the fight for the US. If the traveler has suffered from the virus, then he/she is needed to confirm the recovery from the virus in the last 90 days of the travel. 


After Entering the US- After landing in the country, CDC asks the travelers to get themselves tested again within 3-4 days of arrival.


Quarantine Restrictions-



Once the traveler enters the country, even if they test negative, they are required to stay inside for 7-days. If the travelers don’t want to get tested again, then they are needed to self-quarantine for 10 days. However, 14-Days quarantine is required for travelers who are coming from highly infected countries like China.


Cruise Travel In US-


Passengers suffering from major health conditions are not allowed to travel on a cruise. As per the advisory, older citizens and unhealthy travelers can’t travel. The travelers who can enter the cruise are required to follow a strict screening procedure. 


Wearing a mask outside the residence and maintaining a distance of 6-ft is mandatory for every traveler in the US.


Precautions For A Safe Travel



Even after the upliftment of travel restrictions by US Travel Advisory, traveling amidst the COVID-19 is a risky task. It is not safe or risk-free to travel to and from the country. However, if planning to travel to the United States, then you must follow some precautions and take a few steps to make the trip safer to the country. Some of the precautions that you must follow are:


Learn About The Destination And Its Travel Restrictions


Before traveling to the US, you must read about the country and know the travel restrictions. Amidst the pandemic, traveling has changed a lot. Pay close attention to the entry and exit requirements in the country. Also, learn about the laws and other details that are issued by US travel advisory to make an informed decision. 


Consider Having Travel Insurance


While traveling abroad, covering your health with the right insurance is a must. This will help you in protecting yourself from unexpected travel costs that might incur at any time in an unknown country. It will also provide you support for multiple safety-related issues in the US. 


Enroll Yourself In the STEP


STEP- Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, is a free service by the US government. It allows travelers to remain updated with the health condition in the country and also help them to get in touch with higher authorities in case of any emergency. 


Wear Mask Whenever You Are Outside


Masks are the most important preventive measure in the situation of coronavirus outbreak. It helps to prevent the spread of the virus to others. Wearing masks to cover the nose and mouth is very important while on the streets. Whenever you leave your household or hotel in the US, make sure you get your mask on.


Maintain A Social Distance


Avoid getting into close contact with people. Whenever you are inside the house and have anyone sick around you, try to maintain a social distance of at least 6-ft with them. Other than that, while on the streets maintaining the distance is a must. 


Avoid Being In Crowd


Being in crowds like parties, marriages, bars, movie theaters, etc. might put you at a higher risk. In the situation of coronavirus pandemic, you must avoid getting in such places. Also, avoid using public washrooms while traveling in the country. 


Wash Your Hands And Do Frequent Sanitization


Using a sanitizer with 60% of alcohol before eating food or touching the face is vital. Make sure you wash your hands with soap properly, for at least 20 seconds, to avoid the spread of the virus. 


The risk of COVID-19 has increased with travel to distinct destinations. It might drag you and others into the risk of deadly coronavirus. If you still intend to travel to the US, then you must review the above article. Learn what the US travel advisory had to say about the travel restrictions in the country and the precautions that you must take. Review the article and enjoy a happy and safe journey.

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