Vacation Fashion Guide - Secrets to Getting Travel Ready in Style!

You don't always need a glam squad for taking care of your vacation fashion. You don’t always need someone to choose the best vacation outfit for you, you don’t really need a hairstylist for your vacation. Even even if you cannot afford a stylist or a makeup artist to keep you always ready for the perfect picture — you can make it happen on your own. If you’re planning it out a little more cautiously — it’s perfectly easy to keep yourself fresh for every other picture & choose correctly what to wear on a vacation. From that perfect makeup hack to how to style your hair every time you are stepping out to what accessories you are putting on — it’s not rocket science. 


So what’s the secret of getting vacation-ready in fashion? In this article, we’ve put forth a slew of tips & tricks on how to look good while you travel. From the best vacation planning hacks to the perfect beauty & skin tips — we’ve tried covering everything possibly relevant to getting your vacation-ready in style. Read on to discover vacation fashion hacks that will make you look pretty & pleasing in every picture. Let’s read:


1. Pack Prudently


Pack prudently...repeat after me…Be a smart packer. While it’s not easy, a little effort & prudence can save you from a fashion crisis on your next vacation. For this preparation to start with— you need to closely take care of several essential factors including the season you are traveling in, vacation destination, your body type, skin type & more, 


Don’t overpack. Pack everything that serves the purpose & does not put you into uncomfortable circumstances. Pack a compact kit with everything therein including — all your skincare products, makeup items, and items to keep yourself fresh throughout the day. This certainly does not have to be a full version of your makeup products, think of this as your on the go kit that will help you before five minutes when you want to look perfectly presentable at the meeting. 


2. Flats


Flats are a fad — the idea of fashion is incomplete without comfort! When you are on a trip, you should always think about comfort first, in that respect heels are never fashionable. The chances are very slim that you’ll need them & they are impossibly troubling to pack. Flat stylish shoes are perfect choices — not only they are easy to pack but will add to the glee of traveling with nothing bothering down in your legs. You can find them in fancy designs & beautiful prints — grab a couple of flats from your favorite brand to make sure nothing bothers you. You can wear them with any vacation outfit and look stylish. 


3. Skin Hydration


One of the most essential things when it comes to vacation fashion & the secret to getting travel-ready in style is your skin health. So, it is important that you’re keeping your skin hydrated at all times on your vacation. Whether you are on your flight or in your hotel or making your way through the deep mountains — make sure you’ve your water bottle handy. In addition to that, to retain moisture while you are traveling, you must also use a good moisturizer or maybe a leave-on face mask. 


4. Pamper Yourself


The idea is to make your body ready before spending heavily on all those makeup products & expensive clothing sets. So, before you jump onto getting your bag & on-the-go kit ready — make sure your nails, hair, skin & everything else are looking healthy & invigorated. It is important that you’re keeping a check on your alcohol or caffeine intake, drink lots of water, use sunscreen, and before starting off with the vacation get your body tested for essential vitamins & nutrients. If possible get a body massage and a facial done — a few days before venturing out for the vacation. 


5. Makeup Prep


Whilst you travel — getting your makeup kit — is another important consideration. Having the right kind of beauty products is something that you cannot miss having in your vacation fashion guide. Keeping this aspect of your vacation planning for the last hour is not a great idea. If you are rushing to pack your makeup essentials in the last hour, you’ll certainly miss one or the other important items. The secret to getting travel-ready in style is — making all the preparations in advance. Don’t rush to fill your vacation makeup box in the end, get it done within the first few days of starting off with the preparations so that even if you’ve forgotten to place in a couple of items — you’ve time to recollect what’s missing. 


6. Pack outfits that suit the environment


Remember — you cannot wear anything anywhere!! You should cautiously choose to pack only those outfits that are good to be worn in the environment of your vacation destination. While the bright tunic is for the beach, you must wear the comfy pair of jeans pairing it with a loose-fitted T-shirt and your Nike shoes. You must also make sure that what you are wearing and how you are carrying it — isn’t hurting the religious beliefs or the sentiments of people. It is particularly essential to pay heed to your hemlines— don’t wear anything too short or too tight if you think— people might dislike it. 


7. Don’t pack Boring Stuff


Don’t pack boring — avoid making boring choices while you’re packing for your vacation. Keep basic stuff like maxi skirts or racerback or walking shoes that you’ve been using daily. You can always get a pair of flat boots or ballet flats to accentuate your looks while traveling. And, you can always be a little creative to make your favorite maxi dress a little too stylish by adding another shirt over it & mixing it up with a belt. 


8. The Right Bag


You need to get the right bag —- the right stylish travel bag. For more information on the best travel bags visit leisure.com. It is important to have a travel bag which is not like a money belt or a fanny pack — you can find plenty of options all over in the market both for men and women. A cool Duffel Bag is a great choice for carrying your camera and jackets while you are on an exploration of the city for the first time. A shoulder strap is available in hand which can be used for slinging a scarf or a jacket around. 


This vacation fashion guide will GUIDE you to get Travel-ready in style! Before you head off make sure — when you come back every picture you’ve clicked is worth appreciation.


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