Miami Here I Come! How to Pack for a Family Vacation to Miami

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 25,2021

Heading on a family vacation to Miami? Turn over the playlist, pack like Marie Kondo & get those Classy Comfortable shades ready! The city is only about Fun in the SUN— whether you want to crack it up like Pitbull at LIV nightclub or soak some sun at the South beach, that’s about it. If you are looking for a weekend getaway or family travel vacation, the Sunshine State is the perfect thing. Miami is most often revered & loved by tourists for the gorgeous white sand beaches, Disney World, the buzzing nightlife, the year-round warm weather & the lovely theme parks. With all that in ONE platter, sometimes, it might get overwhelming for you to decide— what to pack, which travel bag to use for packing all that right stuff. While we’ve created this for you to get an idea of how to pack the right thing & how to choose the right bag for your family vacation to Miami— you should not forget to always keep that sense of utmost adventure alive in YOU, relax & make sure to make it through the flow!


Keep in mind: Summers can sometimes get you wet & the temperature rarely goes below 45 degrees during the winters. 


Read the article to discover — how it’s going to be the best moment to remember on your family travel trip to Miami. 


Let’s begin your Family Travel trip to Miami!


1. Get a Portable Charger for your Family vacation to Miami.



Find something that can easily fit into your travel bag without bothering you during the rush hours of your family vacation to Miami. So, be it during the traveling hours or at the spot itself, you’ll be using your smartphone for a number of reasons— clicking pictures, watching videos, listening to music, paying bills & talking to friends & family back home. So that you do not feel stuck in the middle of something really important because you could not charge your phone. Instead, you should keep a portable charger handy in your travel bag always so that you can charge your phone on the go every time it gets discharged. 


2. Neck Wallet



This is something that you must have in your travel bag when you are prepping up for a family vacation to Miami, Florida. A neck wallet is where you can keep your valuables like— credit cards, passports, smartphones, and keys— safe & organized. You can wear them under your clothes so that it keeps your valuables protected.


3. Waterproof Phone Case



When you are on a family travel trip to Miami, you’re going to be there in & around the waters for some time & of course, you cannot live away from your phone for a longer period of time. Carry along a waterproof phone case to make sure your device is protected from any damage caused due to water spilling over it. You can’t forget to prioritize a waterproof phone case in your list of things to pack during a family vacation to Miami. These portable phone cases are designed in a way that while your phone is sealed inside the case, you can still access the camera & the touchpad. Besides, it’s not too costly to break your bank. 


4. Cheap Underwater Camera



When you are planning your family vacation to Miami, you cannot miss out on a cheap underwater camera. You would obviously want to take plenty of pictures of underwater activities but when you are worried about your camera getting wet. So, when you do not want to spend a fortune on just buying a camera, go for a cheap underwater camera that serves the purpose. Look for a cheap camera with a balance between price and the quality of pictures &* images it enables you to take. 


5. Packing Cubes



Packing cubes are more than essential for your family travel vacation to Miami— in fact, you cannot do it smoothly without the packing cubes on any trip. They are items on your travel bag that will simplify it up so you do not have to scour through to find everything & anything every time you open it. The KonMari method also talks about compartmentalizing it when you are packing— packing cubes are pretty helpful in making it look clean & keeping the things organized. The cubes can be moved between the luggage without disturbing the other items in your travel bag. Packing cubes are especially helpful when you are up for a family vacation to Miami. 


6. Windproof Travel Umbrella



While for most of your trip to Miami, it’s going to be warm, sunny— no matter what part of the year you are traveling. But, you should always remember that— there would definitely be a day or two through your trip when it will rain. So, picking an affordable windproof travel umbrella would keep you away from getting into any trouble & feeling stranded whenever it starts raining. Make sure it’s handy, easy to carry & you can adjust it somewhere in your travel bag. 


7. Waterproof Drybag



You cannot travel to any part of Florida without making yourself ready with enough protection gear & items from water. A family vacation to Miami will have it on with a lot of watersports & activities— so a travel bag that could be well-protected from water is important. So when you are kayaking, snorkeling, or at the beach— these waterproof dry bags will help like hell. It will keep your items protected from getting wet. The best thing is, if the bag is placed in the water, it floats. You can pop your items into the bag, roll them up, and sling them over the shoulder— it would look like any regular backpack. For good results, make sure you are choosing a large-sized bag and not a smaller one. 


8. Chilly Pad



Florida is where — the water isn’t going to be particularly cool! And, even if you take a dip into the ocean or a pool, it might not cool you down unless and until some wave of chilly air is flowing through. So, how would you cool yourself down when the weather particularly is killing you? The chilly pads are a great way to chill down a bit. They are handy pads that you can wrap around your neck, head, or arms. They are reusable & easy to use — you can cool down whenever you are out & about using these chilly pads. 


9. Deodorant Wipes



You can’t avoid the heat & humidity when you are enjoying outdoor activities on your vacation in Miami. It can sometimes leave you in sweat, making you feel tired— for anyone to enjoy the activities this way is pretty impossible — these deodorant wipes will help at that moment making you feel fresh, reviving the energy inside of you so you are all into it — enjoying every bit of whatever you are doing, making most of your family vacation to Miami. In fact, you can carry these wipes everywhere you are traveling. They can even be used by people with sensitive skin as they come wrapped individually in pieces. You can use one or two to freshen up and get ready for the next activity. 


10. Swimsuit Cover-Up



Swimsuit Cover-Up is important and particularly on your family vacation to Miami— but we often don’t care. For instance, when you are lounging up around the poolside or relaxing on the beach, wearing clothes all over would not make you feel light. So, if you have a pretty lightweight coverup that you can wear for sun protection, it would make you relaxed the way you have wanted. And, you can throw it around when you are running over to grab a drink or for your lunch.


11. Water Shoes



While we often do not pay heed to these items like Water travel Shoes— they play an important role inside your travel bag. You don’t want to slosh around in those soggy shoes— on your family vacation to Miami, whether you are strolling through the shores or making your way along with the tidal pools and reefs, you need supportive, comfortable, self-draining shoes that won’t wear off & making you feel uncomfortable through your much-awaited trip. You can wear these water shoes while snorkeling, swimming & hiking. Some of these water shoes also have holes for water & sand to drain out. 


12. Beach Bag with Cooler



A beach bag with a cooler is essential on your family vacation to Miami. When your beach bag also has cooler weather, it makes your beach vacation awesome. This kind of beach travel bag has plenty of space for storing different items including drinks & snacks along with other beach items. So, when you have your beach bag with you, you can always help your family members feel refreshed when they are chilling at the beach. 


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