Travel Kitchen Kit- Items You Require For Cooking While Traveling

Author: Megha Agarwal on Sep 07,2021

On your vacation, live like a gypsy but eat like a king.


If you are a full-time traveler, digital nomad, or house-sitter, eating out every meal will put a hole in your pocket and take a toll on your health. The best way to deal with it and make the most of your vacation is to cook while you travel. The concept of cooking while traveling is getting popular these days. With more and more people traveling, not just for leisure but as a full-time job, it becomes essential to keep yourself fit by not eating out. 


The key to successful cooking while traveling is a kick-ass travel kitchen kit. When we talk about kitchen kits, we don’t mean the cooking equipment or utensils that require a large bag or trucks to carry. Here we are talking about a portable travel kitchen that can easily fit into your backpack. Trust us, by traveling with just a few essential items; you can prepare mouthwatering food regardless of your location. 


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If you are planning to cook while traveling, this is the article for you. We have put together a list of essential travel kitchen kit items to make your cooking on vacation a whole new experience. Believe us; there’s nothing more annoying than getting halfway through the recipe and realizing that your travel kitchen kit is missing something important. So, be prepared and eliminate eating out or fetching takeaway without worrying about what to eat or how to cook. 



Tip: Before you go out for portable travel kitchen shopping, take out some time and learn about your preferences or requirements. The items you need to pack depending upon the length of your journey, the food you prefer to cook, and your eating habits. 


Read this article and let it guide you while packing your travel kitchen kit. Believe us, with the right tools, making food-on-the-go becomes accessible. 

Here it goes. Cooking while traveling might look like a lot of hassle, but honestly, it’s not!


Must-Have Items In Your Travel Kitchen Kit

- Storage Bins

- Sharp Chef’s Knife

- A Multi-tool With A Peeler

- Measuring Cups

- Spice Kit

- Coffee/Tea Brewing Basket

- Flexible Spatula

- Reusable Wraps/Bags


1. Storage Bins/ Containers



What do you do with the leftover food while traveling? Throw ‘em? Well, no. There’s a lot that you can do with it. To save your leftover food from turning into waste, all you need is to carry storage bins or containers. Buy sturdy plastic containers because they serve a lot of purposes. This is one of the travel kitchen kit items that will take away the biggest worry of storing your leftover food. We highly recommend you to buy the ones that can collapse and are microwave-friendly. They are easy to pack and can be used for multiple purposes. 


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2. Sharp Chef’s Knife


Knives are one of the essential tools that are a must-have in a kitchen, whether it’s a regular home kitchen or a portable travel kitchen. It takes the top spot on the list of essential utensils. However, while you are buying one, make sure you try the chef’s knife. It is one of the knives that can literally cut everything that too quite neatly. Chef’s knives are sharp, solid, and durable. With a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the items that you must add to your travel kitchen kit.


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3. A Multi-tool With A Peeler



Peeler is one such travel kitchen kit item you can live without, but having one makes the food prepping experience pretty simple. Investing in a good peeler will come in handy. To make it more affordable, you can go for a multi-tool peeler. It is a 12-in-1 or 6-in-1 tool that includes a grater, zester, crusher, knife, small paring knife, fork, peeler, bottle opener, corkscrew, etc., in just one tool. This makes carrying so many tools a lot easier, and you will get so many items in just one that will save you from buying everything separately. 


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4. Measuring Cups


This travel kitchen kit item is for all the serious home cooks who prefer to cook delicious meals even while traveling. For such travelers, measuring cups will be pretty helpful. Investing in this item will help you stick to the recipe without worrying about the imbalance of ingredients. Also, various sizes of measuring cups are available that are portable, traveler-friendly, and inexpensive. So, add this to your portable travel kitchen and enjoy cooking like a professional even when traveling across the globe.


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5. Spice Kit



Spices are something that makes food ready to eat. There are ample spices used in cooking, from the basic ones like salt, pepper, chillis to the spices used to add a twist to the food like cumin, garlic powder, etc. Carrying all these spices on vacation is quite a daunting task. However, with the help of a spice kit, you can easily take with you a few spices of your choice. A spice kit is a travel-friendly kit with stackable mini jars or boxes that you can fill up with spices and add to your portable travel kitchen. This travel kitchen kit item is perfect for all the foodies to enjoy a great taste even on vacation.


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6. Coffee/Tea Brewing Basket


The next item is a must-have for all the travelers who can’t start their morning or spend their day without having a cup of coffee and tea. There are ample options available in the market for coffee or tea making, and one of the most common tools is AeroPress. It is a great tool that will take your coffee-making experience to the next level. However, the only drawback is it is not convenient to carry. On the other hand, the coffee/tea brewing basket is portable and easy to carry. It is a steel basket that has filters and can fit perfectly into any mug or glass. Apart from its durability, this basket is perfect for serving two individuals. So, all the tea or coffee drinkers, grab this travel kitchen kit tool with you and enjoy your drink anytime, anywhere.


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7. Flexible Spatula



All the cooks out there must be aware of “Spatula.” However, it is not an item used in every dish you make but is ideal for preparing sauces or creams. The flexible spatula’s come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. You can pick whatever material you like, but the most preferred ones are rubber and wood. They are lightweight, can be used both in non-stick and other utensils, and are affordable too. Next time, while gathering travel kitchen kit items for your portable kitchen, make sure you look for a flexible spatula and get your hands on one that you like the most. 


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8. Reusable Wraps/Bags



You cannot underestimate the importance of reusable wraps or bags. If you are cooking while traveling, these reusable bags will come in handy. You can use these wraps to store your food or carry prepared meals with you. Having these, you can prep your food the night before you leave and keep them stored without worrying about it. These reusable wraps or bags are also perfect because they can be used multiple times with some cleaning and later be recycled. You can easily clean them with a dishwasher. They are smaller and foldable; they can be easily carried with other travel kitchen kit items. 



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