Cooking While Traveling: Delectable Recipes for Travelers

Food helps travelers to deeply connect with the destination and get to know it all better. It is inherently related to culture and tradition. It brings people closer and lets them share and communicate with each other. While on the way to explore the destination, travelers are usually dependent on the top restaurants and cafes for their dining options. Even though it is good for the taste buds, it affects the body negatively. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle even on the vacation is a must. If you too want to consume better while traveling, you must cook some fun recipes. Cooking will help you enjoy a balanced diet together with having an amazing experience.


If you are health conscious and looking for some amazing homemade food recipes that will help them feel at home even when they are away from home, then you must review this article. We have bought some amazing recipes from all over the world to your plate. Make sure you try these wonderful recipes for an appetizing, safe, and exhilarating experience. These recipes for travelers will surely leave your tastebuds searching for more. 



Gallo Pinto (Rice and Beans)


It is one of the most popular recipes in Central American countries. It is a nutritious and fiber-rich meal that will help you regain your energy after a tiring day of exploring. Along with an easy-to-prepare recipe, it is a hearty meal that will savor your taste buds with amazing flavors. 


Ingredients: Rice, Tiny and dried red beans, Cooking liquid, Onions, bell pepper, and Cooking Oil.


How To Prepare:

1. Start the process by washing the beans with water. Make sure you remove all the waste from it before you start cooking.

2. Add the beans to a large skillet and pour some water into it. Water should cross over the beans. Turn on the gas and bring the beans to a boil.

3. Once the beans get a boil, simmer the flame and leave it for one and a half hours. When you turn the flame to the medium, add two spoons of salt to it. This will help in better and quicker boiling of the beans. 

4. Alternatively, cut the vegetables that you want to add. In general, onions and bell peppers are used in the dish. 

5. After your vegetables get chopped, add some oil in an empty utensil and heat it until it gets hot. Then, saute your chopped vegetables in the utensil and fry them for a while. 

6. Lastly, add the fried vegetables to the boiled beans without removing the water from the beans. Add some cooking liquid into the preparation along with a pinch of salt. Keep it on a medium flame for a few minutes and you are done with your Gallo Pinto. 


Enjoy the flavors of Central America with their traditional and finger-licking dish. 



No-Bake Berry Cheesecake Bites


You are not likely to get complete cooking tools when you are away from home especially while staying in a hostel or a hotel. In such situations, simple and easy recipes come in handy. If you are in search of something refreshing and sweet that can be healthy too, then you must try this recipe out. This creamy delicious dessert will help you enjoy your day better. This is one of the amazing recipes for travelers that is small and can be easily enjoyed while exploring on your vacation.


Ingredients: Graham crackers, sugar, cream cheese, butter, vanilla extract, berries, and melted chocolate. 


How To Prepare:

1. Start the cooking process by mixing the butter, sugar, and crushed graham crackers altogether. Keep stirring until it gets hardened and combined.

2. Once you are done, place it on the inner linings of the cupcake pan. Next, you have to take the cream cheese, vanilla extract, and sugar together and whip them until the mixture becomes soft and fluffy. 

3. When your whipped cream cheese mixture is ready, add it inside the crust lining. 

4. After that, garnish your cupcakes with berries or add more toppings as per your taste. 

5. Put your cupcakes in the fridge for a few hours and add some melted chocolate on top of them before you take them out to taste. 


In just a few minutes, you will get ready to savor your sweet tooth with the best. 



Mint Lemonade

One of the most popular drinks and recipes for travelers, Mint Lemonade is perfect for calming you down on the hot summer days. Since traveling is all about strolling on the roads and exploring new destinations, it becomes essential to keep yourself hydrated and sip in some amazing drinks. 


Ingredients: Lemon, Mint, Sugar, Water, and some Ice.


How To Prepare:

1. To make a lip-smacking mint lemonade, you first have to take a glass of water and pour it into a wide utensil. Add some sugar into it, according to your taste and love for sweetness. 

2. Put the utensil on the gas and heat it until the sugar gets dissolved.

3. Once all the sugar gets dissolved, you have to leave it to cool. 

4. Next, you have to squeeze a lemon into it. If you want your drink to be more bitter, you can squeeze more than one lemon.

5. Top your drink with a few leaves of mint and ice cubes. If you want to add a rich flavor to the drink, rather than stirring the drink, blend it for a few minutes.

To enjoy your drink chilling cold, keep it in the refrigerator for an hour. 


It just takes a few steps to prepare a mouth-watering energy drink. With the above recipes, you will get ready with your drink. Must try this recipe and enhance your taste buds. 




Hummus Club Sandwich


If you are looking for something healthy to eat, then nothing can be better than a Hummus Club Sandwich. Along with a high proportion of calories, it is one of the best recipes that can be prepared without putting in a lot of effort and tastes great at the same time. 


Ingredients: Yogurt, Water, Lemon juice, Sesame seed paste, Ground cumin, Salt, Garlic cloves, Chickpeas, Wheat bread, Tomatoes, Onions, Lettuce, Cucumber, and Alfalfa sprouts.


How To Prepare:

1. The very step of the process is to combine 8 ingredients. This will include ingredients namely yogurt, water, lemon juice, seed paste, ground cumin, garlic, salt, and chickpeas.

2. Blend all the 8 ingredients and make a smooth paste out of it. This will prepare your delicious home-made hummus in just two steps.

3. Now, take a slice of the whole wheat bread and spread one tablespoon of hummus over it. You can add more of the hummus as per your taste.

4. Finally, slice all the vegetables and add a few slices of them over the hummus. Cover your appetizing sandwich with another slice of bread and cut it before you consume. 


This simple and quick-to-make sandwich is a perfect meal after a great day of strolling on the streets. 



Cooking some toothsome meal will make you feel fulfilled and satisfied along with saving a lot of money on your vacation. This is an outstanding collection of recipes for travelers. The list has some of the recipes for delicious, simple, and toothsome food that you can easily cook yourself while you are traveling. These recipes will tempt you all the way and force you to cook more. 

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