Cruising Vacations Are Back- The 5 Best Family Cruises 2021

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jul 21,2021

Whatever happened to cruise vacations during the pandemic? They just stopped!


After months of CDC’s “No Sailing” orders recommending against all kinds of cruises, it is now back stating its guidelines about the necessity of health and safety precautions for both passengers and crew members on a cruise ship to curb the spread of Covid-19. After all the plans and guidelines, on June 26th, 2021, Celebrity became the first cruise line to sail from the ports of the United States since the outbreak. 


Cruising is finally back! 


Several cruise lines are slated to sail from Seattle to Alaska with a weekend-long itinerary, along with some of the best family cruises 2021 for the Caribbean and European vacations. 


Taking a cruise vacation with family


Families love cruises, from parents to grandparents and even kids. We all love cruising since they offer everything, from activities to accommodations, meals, and other activities, in an all-inclusive family deal which is considerably less than what usual vacation resorts charge. 


Favorite Family Travels 


The best way to enjoy family cruises is to go to either Alaska or Europe. These are the two best spots where everyone in the entire family, grandparents, grandchildren, and the parents, can get assistance for all kinds of enjoyment. Cruises are an easy way to get everyone on board and get qualified assistance to reduce the overall stress of traveling in groups considerably. 


Currently, families see surges in value pricing and other additional amenities, especially for cruises in 2022 from cruise lines like Princess and Holland America. 


Bucket List Cruise Vacations:


Before the pandemic began in 2020, over 30 million people were projected to travel on cruise vacations globally. However, the plans dampened in March 2020 after all the restrictions came into effect. 


Currently, many cruise companies, after the lifting of restrictions, are offering cruise vacations in a new manner: bucket list cruises to locations such as Antarctica or the Galapagos. 


Antarctica has many all-inclusive family cruise deals this year, ideal for children as young as eight years in age, and are great for senior travel as well. Atlas Ocean Voyages and others are just a few cruise options available to people. Moreover, these cruises also offer their own charter flights to ensure smooth journeys. 


For Galapagos, Quasar Expeditions offers special family cruise deals with various discounts, yachts, sumptuous delicacies suitable for people of all ages, and other unique once-in-a-lifetime activities to bring families closer. 


But, what about the restrictions?


To mitigate the further spread of Covid-19, the FDA has ensured the availability of vaccines like Pfizer for ages 12 and above. Since many teens will be vaccinated for the summers, it’s the right time to get on board for a vacation. 


For families cruising on-board this year, this comes as a piece of great news since unvaccinated children and parents, or for that matter, anyone, will not be a part of the cruise. 


Is there a Family Cruise 2021 happening for you?


Like Crystal, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Windstar, Celebrity, and Seabourn, many major cruise lines are going to cruise from various locations in the US to vacation destinations. 


Some cruise lines like Windstar, Crystal, and Norwegian require passengers and crew members to be vaccinated before travel begins. Other cruise lines will administer free Covid-19 antigen tests on the pier side before embarking on the journey. A negative test will, of course, be necessary to get on board the cruise. 


Some cruise lines like Royal Caribbean encourage more and more young people to get on board with a negative Covid-19-PCR test and valid proof of the same. 


Five Best Family Cruises in 2021


Of all the top cruises offering great deals in 2021 for a fun-filled family vacation, Leisure Travel Guide has concocted the best five cruises for you and your loved ones. 


1. Disney cruises



When it comes to family cruises, Disney Cruise Lines are the first to come to our minds. The ships cater to children exceptionally well, which means parents and grandparents have enough time to spend their vacation in peace as well. 


On an average Disney cruise ship, you are bound to find parties, musicals, kid-friendly classes, movies and games, a water play area, and much more. You think this will be just enough, but there is more for everyone. 


Disney cruise lines even welcome 3-month old babies, and of course, in their typical Disney style. No detail is left for anyone, from a stroller to a sterilizer, or anything for your kids; it will be delivered right to your cabin. 


Speaking of cabins, Disney offers the coziest family cabins and staterooms, best of all the cruise lines. 


2. Royal Caribbean 



If you cannot seem to capture Disney’s attention, Royal Caribbean has something similar to offer. The cruise line has delved into styles of Hollywood grandiose. The cruise line is under a contract with DreamWorks, producers of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and even Barbie, creating themes of some of their ships based on these movies. 


They also offer parades, 3-D films, entertaining shows, excellent meals, and much more for passengers of all ages. 


Royal Caribbean also offers different dining options for adults and children, so the parents and grandparents can enjoy their vacation leisurely. At the same time, kids can have their fun over dinner with other children. 


Cabins and staterooms for families in Royal Caribbean are spacious and can easily accommodate a family of six. 


3. Norwegian Cruises 



Norwegian cruise lines are another perfect option with the best concepts created for families. Freestyle cruising is the best way to remember Norwegian cruise lines. Families are free to do what they want, whenever they want. So if you are traveling with larger families, you can accommodate everyone’s needs without stressing over dinner time. 


Norwegian cruise lines offer various activities, arts and crafts programs, video gaming options, sports activities, and other theme-catered nighttime events. 


4. Holland America 



Though Holland America does not offer extravagant lifestyle activities and attractions like others on the list, there is a lot to be said about the cruise line for what it provides. From clubs to Olympics-style competitions, swimming parties, soirees, and karaoke, there are many classical attractions that Holland America offers. 


The cruise line holds amazingly well, not just for adults but for kids and teenagers. 


A separate secret passageway takes you to the Loft, an entire deck dedicated only to younger passengers. Holland America also houses nightclubs, juice bars, and waterfall-themed swimming pools, with some great discounts for people traveling with larger families. 


5. Carnival Cruises 



When it comes to talking about the best family cruises 2021, how can anyone forget Carnival? The name justifies the adventure you are about to go on a voyage. One of the least expensive cruise lines, Carnival is ideal for families traveling on a budget. The cruise offers parties, music, and all the recreation you are looking for on vacation. 


There are dedicated children’s areas with usual kiddy activities, just like others on the list. 


A feature that sets Carnival apart from others on the list is their social networking onboard called Fun Hub. It is a shipboard intranet portal offering younger passengers and millennials insider information on daily activities and features. Carnival also houses epic waterparks, waterslides, and suspended-in-air rope activities. 


So, what are you waiting for? For having a gala time on your next leisure travel vacation, opt for any of the above cruises and set sail with your loved ones to get a break! Happy sailing to you! 


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