An Ultimate Guide For Cooking On Leisure Travel

Author: Megha Agarwal on Apr 30,2021

When we are away from home, regardless of how much fun we have, we end up disturbing our lifestyle. Even if we try to stay and eat healthy at home, a few days on vacation just ruin everything. We are beyond our comfort zone on our holidays, subject to different atmospheres, suffering from lack of sleep, and having days filled with activities and strolling. This makes traveling one of the times when we need to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Especially, long-term leisure travel especially takes a toll on our bodies. So, you must ensure that you eat right to stay fit while traveling. But, you must be wondering HOW? How to keep up with good health when we get to eat junk over and over again? Worry not! We are here with the solution, and it is- Cooking While Traveling. Believe it or not... cooking on vacation comes up with instant gratification and lots of benefits. 


We understand that eating outside food for a long time makes you feel awful. That is why we have curated all the information that you need to know if you are planning to cook on your leisure travel. Join us and explore some tips, precise recipes, and much more to prepare yourself for cooking delectable meals. Just like exploring, cooking on vacation is a way to make the most of your time and have the best experience possible. 


It’s time to enjoy the flavors of home while you are on the road. 


Everything You Need To Know For Cooking On Leisure Travel


1. Tips To Cook Great Meal While Traveling

2. Essential Items To Have In Traveling Kitchen 

3. Simple and delicious recipes for travelers

4. Benefits of Cooking When You Travel


Tips To Cook Great Meal While Traveling



Do you want to prepare your own meal on your leisure travel? Whatever your reason may be, cooking while traveling is the best bet. So, in case cooking is on your travel agenda, here are some promised tips to make it work. These travel tips and tricks will make your cooking on leisure travel a breeze. Use these tips and enjoy the process of cooking. 


1. Plan Your Menu Before Hand: This might sound to you like a no-brainer, but it is imperative to plan everything before you leave for your leisure travel. And when it comes to cooking, being ready with a menu is of utmost importance. You don’t need to have a detailed menu. Just a rough idea in mind will be of great help. It will keep you organized and will save a lot of time. So, plan out all your meals and be ready with a menu on the go!


2. Pick The Accommodation With A Kitchen: One of the most important tips is to find lodging that includes a kitchen. Having a kitchen will make your cooking much easier and more fun. Whether you rent an apartment, pick a cottage, or choose a hotel, you just need a kitchenette. This will reduce your stress of gathering all the kitchen tools, which is, undoubtedly, a hectic task.  


Note: Didn’t find suitable accommodation or a place with a kitchen? Fear not! You can go ahead with simple recipes that won’t require any cooking. Yes, there are a lot of no-cooking meals that are healthy, easy to make and taste delicious.


3. Never Through The Leftovers: This is one of the brilliant tricks that will make your cooking on leisure travel much more effortless. If you are on vacation and choose to cook by yourself, you don’t need to prepare all the meals. You can just cook once a day and enjoy the leftovers in another meal or the next day. To keep your leftover fresh, you can pack them in a ziplock bag or a container and consume them with just a little heating.


4. Pack Healthy Snacks In Your Bag: Snacks play a vital role in travel. They are great to enjoy in between the meals and help in reducing the stress of cooking. There is no dearth of snacks available in the market that you can carry with you. It is recommended to pack a few healthy snacks in your bag. You can also use some snacks like peanut butter, dried fruits, etc., in your recipes. This will save you from eating junk food along with keeping your tastebuds happy. 



5. Keep Your Travel Kitchen Kit Ready: One tip that you must keep in mind while planning to cook your own meals on your vacation is to pack the tools. Right from the species to tools to cutlery, you must purchase the required items for your travel kit. Investing in containers and tools every time you travel is of no use. So, keep aside a bag with all the items and grab it whenever you leave for a vacation. 


6. Carry Basic Food Items: No matter where you are traveling to, you must have a few essential food items ready with you. Without having the basics, it is nearly impossible to cook some delicious food. This will include items like oil, salt, seasoning, coffee, milk, bread, etc. Even if you can’t carry these items with you on a flight, you must buy them from the local market. Having these items is a must. 



7. Eat And Cook Like Locals: If you are traveling and decide to prepare your own meal, you don’t need to stress over copying the same diet as at home. Due to the different time zone, availability of ingredients, and your schedule, it is difficult to replicate the diet. Hence, it is recommended to imitate the local food of your destination. Using the same cooking style as locals and preparing the local cuisine, it will be much easier for you to get the ingredients. 


8. Keep Various Recipes Handy: If you want to make your cooking on leisure travel a memorable experience, you must get the right app or extension. It will offer you a plethora of recipes in one place and help you manage them easily.  One such extension that will be your best on your vacation is AlRecipes.” Install it and get your hands on a library of tasty and simple recipes to cook.



9. Simplify The Meals That You Need To Cook: If you are into cooking, then you might find this tip useless. But trust us, it is of great help. When you are cooking on leisure travel with limited tools and kitchenware, it is not possible to come up with creative recipes every day, especially within the available time and fewer resources. So, it’s better to simplify the recipes and try to cook appetizing meals that won’t require much effort.


Bonus Tip: Always start slow with your cooking and figure out what works the best for you. You are not required to cook all the meals with creative and delicious recipes. Even if you prepare a few meals on your vacation, you will reap the benefits. 


Essential Items To Have In Traveling Kitchen 


Here’s what you should pack in your leisure travel kitchen kit. Review the list and find out which gear you want to travel with. These items will make your travel much more accessible and help you survive your long vacations saving your sanity as well as money. 


Chef’s Knife Wine Or Cocktail Travel Kit
Portable Grinder Or Blender Reusable Wrap
Measuring Cups Collapsible Silicone Bottle
Ziplock Bags Easy-beezy Snacks
Instant Food Packets Collapsible Bowls And Mugs
Cooler Bag Seasonings
Kitchen Multi-tool Containers


If you are looking to buy any of these items or want to check out more options, you must visit the home and kitchen section and the Food and Grocery section of leisure. You will get amazing products that will take your cooking to the next level. Must purchase before you leave for leisure travel. 


Simple And Delicious Recipes For Travelers


Food and delicacies are usually expensive in the touristy area. So, it seems sensible to cook your own meal. Whether you are planning your leisure travel just for a couple of days or going on a month-long vacation, it is always good to cook yourself. Here are some recipes that are uncomplicated and can be prepared in no time. Let’s have a look.


1. Pasta: 



Pasta is a go-to easy, and delicious meal. Cooking pasta is quite an easy task, and you can also store it for your next meal. The beauty of pasta is that you just need to switch up the sauces or flavors, and you will be ready with an altogether new dish. It is one of the easiest recipes to try on leisure travel. 


Ingredients: To prepare your pasta, you need a packet of pasta, a few veggies, sauces, and seasonings. 


How to make it?: All you need to do is boil the pasta, saute the vegetables in oil and add sauces to it. You can use the sauce as per the type of pasta you want to cook. Finally, toss the pasta and add some salt and seasonings over it. Now, you are good to go!


2. Salad: 



When we talk about cooking on leisure travel, how can we skip salads? Salads are the most convenient meal to have. Even if you don’t have a stove or oven, you can still prepare a mouth-watering bowl of salad for yourself. The best part of the salad is that you can prepare them with basic ingredients and further dress them up in endless ways. 


Ingredients: Lots of favorite veggies, oil, seasoning, cheese (optional), lemon juice (if you want tangy flavor), and meat (if you are non-vegetarian).


How to make it?: Take a bowl of chopped vegetables and meat. Then, mix a little oil in it. If you want a tangy treat, you can add lemon juice or vinegar. Grate a cube of cheese over your mixture of veggies. Lastly, complete your bowl of flavors with some salt and pepper or some seasoning of your choice. You can use sauces also to make it more delicious.


Tip- The leftover salad can be used the next day with bread. It will make a great sandwich.


3. Meat: 



Next on the list, we have MEAT. If you think you can’t go fancy on a budget, then here we are with an ultimate recipe. There are many ways to prepare lucious meat with just a few ingredients on leisure travel. You can even store your meat in a refrigerator and use it multiple times. This will save you from cooking more often and help you enjoy a delectable meal.


Ingredients: Meat, veggies (like onion, carrot, capsicum, etc.), lime juice or vinegar (only if you want tanginess), salt, pepper, olive oil, chili, red wine (optional). 


How to make it?: To prepare toothsome meat, you have to put meat in a ziplock bag and add all ingredients over it. If you want, you can add wine too. Mix everything well and keep it aside for marination. If you want it to be more flavorsome, you can put it in the fridge overnight. Now, you have to keep everything in a grill or a pan and cook it nicely. If you want to have your meat with gravy, you can take canned tomatoes and prepare sauce out of it with all the other veggies. Finally, you can add your marinated meat to it. 


4. Beans: 



If you are looking for something cheap and healthy yet delicious on your leisure travel, then beans are the best choice for you. It is a go-to meal and is quite filling too. Aside from easy-to-prepare and cheat, beans are a great source of nutrients. If you think beans won’t taste good, then look at the recipe. It will surely change your mind. 


Ingredients: Rice, beans, veggies, pepper, salt, herbs, and chicken (optional).


How to make it?: To prepare beans, you have to take a large bowl and toss all the veggies and rice into it. Then, add your herbs like a pinch of thyme, pepper, and salt. Mix the chunks of chicken in it. To make it soupy, add a few cups of water or broth and put in the dried beans. Finally, bring it to a boil and cook it on a simmer flame for a few minutes. And you are done. 


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Benefits Of Cooking When You Travel


If you are someone who doesn’t like to cook, then the concept of cooking while traveling might be a little hassle to you. Of course, it will take away lazy luxury out of traveling, but the benefits overshadow the extra work, efforts, and time you invest. Here are the benefits that you will get from cooking on your leisure travel. Without a doubt, it is one of the best decisions you can make. Let’s take a look at the benefits:


1. Cooking on your own will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you are traveling around the world.


2. It will help you lose a few inches. Skipping on junk will let you reduce weight along with keeping you healthy.


3. Your diet will include more fresh fruits and vegetables. By cooking yourself, you can skip the use of excess oil and enjoy a good meal. 


4. Your digestion will improve. When we are traveling, the biggest problem we face is indigestion. Due to many oils, spices, and junk, our digestive system gets upset, and we face a lot of issues. 


5. And most importantly, you will save a lot of money when traveling… believe us… a lot of money. When we are traveling, a huge chunk of money goes into the food. So, cooking on your leisure travel will help you make your vacation a budget-friendly travel.   


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