8 Cocktail Instagram Accounts That Are Worth Checking Out

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 03,2022

For the past few years, the cocktail world is exploding online. Social media platforms, especially Instagram, are filled with everything from exquisite glassware to unusual garnishes to great cocktails. It is one of the best platforms to get inspired by a wealth of bartenders, bloggers, and amateur drinkers alike.


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To help you find the best cocktail Instagram accounts, we’ve scoured a list of some incredible accounts. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for tiki beverages, classic cocktails, or limitless variations on the G&T; you are covered by bartenders, photographers, stylists, and cocktail enthusiasts. With these best cocktail Instagram accounts, it’s time to shake things up in your feed with whimsical drinks. 


Have a look at our top picks. They are perfect for your viewing pleasure and whet your appetite for some booze. 


Cocktail-centric Instagram Accounts To Follow

1. @theweekendmixologist

2. @gardencocktails

3. @onedrinkaday

4. @gastronomcocktails

5. @moodymixologist

6. @servedbysoberon

7. @thecocktail.blog

8. @whats.marisa.drinking


1. @theweekendmixologist



Let’s begin the list of best cocktail Instagram accounts with a great addition, The Weekend Mixologist. This is one of the accounts that post pictures of beautiful cocktails together with unique recipes. Barlow Gilmore, the owner of the page, focuses on the classic drinks but with a twist. He tries his best to keep things simple with drinks like Japanese Swizzle and a Coffee Old Fashioned. When you check the account, you will find creative libations that will make you fall in love with the drinks.


Page Run By: Barlow Gilmore

Link: Weekend Mixologist


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2. @gardencocktails


True to its name, The Garden Cocktails is one of the best cocktail Instagram accounts featuring garden-inspired cocktails in a lush, New York City balcony setting. This is one of the best cocktail Instagram accounts that majorly features kitsch botanical drinks packed with shrubs, tinctures and teas, and more. The cocktails that you will get to see here are perfect for whipping up on a summery Saturday afternoon. Some of the great drinks you will get to see are mid-winter coconut margarita with lemon, grapefruit, and coconut water.


Page Run By: Stacie Grissom

Link: Garden Cocktails


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3. @onedrinkaday


Are you a gin and tonic lover? If the answer is yes, this is one of the best cocktail Instagram accounts you need to follow. This account will help you to up your garnish game. The owner of this page keeps the drinks simple but innovates them with creative garnishing. Along with garnish how-tos, they also post easy and delicious cocktail recipes. Make sure you follow this page and please your eyes with ample variations of beloved classic cocktails. 


Page Run By: Aussie Hee Chung

Link: One Drink A Day


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4. @gastronomcocktails



This is one of the best cocktail Instagram accounts that offer recipes of drinks that can be enjoyed all the time, whether before, after, or during the meals. The account is run by Jay & Leah, a couple known for bringing a cocktail collection that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. To better enjoy mixing cocktails, they also share recipes of alcoholic delicacies that will turn the whole experience into an unforgettable memory. Some of their famous recipes include brandied cherries and homemade amaretto marshmallows.


Page Run By: Jay and Leah

Link: The Gastronom


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5. @moodymixologist


Moody Mixologist justifies its inclusion to the list of best cocktail Instagram accounts. Amy Traynor runs this account, and she is known for styling her drinks so beautifully that you can’t take your eyes off the beautiful cocktail glass. The account is filled with delicious drinks, eye-pleasing photographs, garnish tutorials, amazing recipes, and a lot more. To know more about cocktail recipes and Amy’s creativity, you must check out her blog. So, all the cocktail lovers, look out for some astounding stuff on this Instagram account. 


Page Run By: Amy Traynor

Link: Moody Mixologist


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6. @servedbysoberon


Matthias Soberon is the owner of Served By Soberon. He’s a Belgium-based home bartender and is quite famous for his cocktails, rum & photography. He has a wide array of cocktail lists, right from fresh and fruity drinks to a perfect blend of rum, pineapple, ginger, and lime. Unlike other pages, it provides its viewers with product reviews, event summaries, and more. Follow this account, and you will get one cocktail recipe every day, which will help you treat your taste buds with something new every time. 


Page Run By: Matthias Soberon

Link: Served By Soberon


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This is one of the best cocktail Instagram accounts to check out for those who want some extra-creative concoctions. This page is owned by a Denmark-based home bartender Morten Karag. He is a mixologist, reviewer, and creator who is renowned for creating classy, colorful cocktails. The cocktails he makes are mostly skew herbal and effervescent, which are perfect for enjoying on a spring day. He has also started his own mixology blog, which will help you take a deeper look into the cocktail world. 


Page Run By: Morten Krag

Link: The Cocktail Blog


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What’s Marisa Drinking, one of the best cocktail Instagram accounts, can be perfectly described as a feed full of rainbow cocktails. This account is a true definition of #Instagrammable. The account creator prepares bright and cheery beverages with lighter spirits like gin and fruity, refreshing mixers. To beautify the drinks, the creator garnishes the drinks to perfection. Beyond this, you'll be surprised to know that the drinks you get to see on this page are easy to make at home. So, without giving a second thought, head to one of the best cocktail Instagram accounts and follow it. 


Link: What’s Marisa Drinking


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Final Words

These are the eight best cocktail Instagram accounts that have made their names on this social media platform by sharing rapturous cocktails, helpful tips, amazing recipes, and more. Trust us; these Instagram accounts will offer you the kind of cocktail experience that you won’t get anywhere else.



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