Best Beer Capitals In The World: Checkout & Plan A Leisure Vacation!

Author: Megha Agarwal on May 17,2021

“Food and Drink is the main focus of every vacation.” I firmly believe that it's food and drink that helps to learn about the destination- its culture, traditions, and history. Among a plethora of drinks that people enjoy all across the globe, Beer remains the most popular choice. Some people genuinely like to plan their leisure vacation around their favorite breweries or beer destinations just to enjoy a perfect sudsy sip. And as the craft beer scene is thriving around the world, believe me, nothing can be better than planning a vacation to one of the best beer destinations. To help you plan a trip around the beer, I did a lot of research and came up with this article. Here are the 10 best beer capitals in the world that your taste buds are surely dying to visit. Add these to your leisure travel package and relish an unforgettable drinking experience.  


Read on and discover! 


Beer Capitals To Visit On Leisure Vacation


1. Prague, Czech Republic

2. Brussels, Belgium

3. San Diego, California

4. Portland, Oregon

5. Seattle, Washington

6. Munich & Berlin, Germany

7. Denver, Colorado

8. Melbourne, Australia

9. Rome, Italy

10.Tokyo, Japan





Prague - one of the most stunning cities in the world, is an ideal leisure vacation destination for polishing a few pints of beer. This city is all packed with fantastic beer bars that you won’t even require to walk a couple of blocks to enjoy a frosty glass of beer. In case you want to indulge yourself in the world of beer, then you must attend Prague's 17-days Czech Beer Festival. With over 700 beer brands pouring domestic beer, attending this festival, you will definitely have the best time on your vacation. 


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Are you aware of the fact that Belgium produces over 350 different types of beer? Well, Belgium might look small to you, but believe me, the beer history here is quite impressive. If you want to derive pleasure from some notable brews on a leisure travel package, then you must visit Brussels. The capital city of Belgium- Brussels, is renowned for its fruity, lambic beer, which you must grab on your leisure vacation. The beer here is different from any other beers that you have ever tried. So, make sure you stop by and enjoy a couple of glasses.


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Home to over 154 breweries, San Diego, is one of the leisure vacation destinations that are close to the heart of all beer connoisseurs. This city has 15-barrel breweries offering mouth-watering beers and excellent food to pair with. The beers in this city are perfect for enjoying long afternoons at the beachside and delectable Mexican cuisine at any of the top restaurants. To enjoy beer, there are ample beer bars that will ensure that you won’t come back thirsty from your vacation. With so much to offer, add San Diego to your leisure tour package and savor a few frosty glasses of beer.


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Another beer hotspot on the list is none other than PORTLAND. It is a place where you are likely to get beer in every hook and nook. In Portland, you will find endless craft beer producers showing their creativity since 1980. Beer tours and tastings are aplenty in Portland, which offers an experience like never before. Together with ample craft breweries than any other city, the Chinese restaurants in Portland brew their own rice larger. If you are a beer connoisseur, then Portland is the perfect leisure vacation destination for you as it offers tasting rooms, beer tour buses, taprooms, pedal lounges, pub tours, bottle shops, and everything that you might be looking for.  


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You might have heard of Seattle as a perfect leisure vacation destination for coffee lovers, but to your surprise, Seattle is quite popular for its beer too. It is a city that houses more than 200 breweries - most of which are completely unknown to the world. Right from beer fest to year-round beer selection, the city has a lot to offer your taste buds. To enjoy a succulent glass of beer, you must go down to Ballard, Fremont, and SoDo. There you will find various excellent stops that deserve special attention by all the beer buffs. 


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How can I complete the list of beer capitals without mentioning Germany? When we talk about beer and Germany, Oktoberfest is the first word that comes to our mind. Undoubtedly, it is one of the world’s best beer festivals, but trust me, the beer culture in Germany is much more than this fest. Munich is one of the cities in Germany that is worth keeping your eyes out for. In Munich, The Augustiner Keller is the best and oldest beer garden that you must add to your bucket list. Right from the traditional beer halls to outdoor beer gardens to ultimate beer bars, Munich is perhaps the best leisure vacation destination for enjoying a few pints of astounding beer.


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Next on the list, I have another famous beer capital of the world- Denver. This city has over 150 different breweries, which include the world’s biggest and largest single-site brewery - Coors. On your Coors factory tour, you will get to know that it brews 1.5 million gallons of beer each day. Yes, the number is quite impressive! This is the reason why people book a leisure tour package to Denver for the Beer pilgrimage each year. Along with this, each year, this city hosts the Great American Beer Festival, which calls hundreds of people from all over the globe to enjoy some unimaginable beer style. 


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Melbourne is one of the beer capitals in the world, which mostly tops the leisure vacation destination list of all beer enthusiasts. Generally, people won’t think of Australia as a country with the best beer city, but in reality, this is the country that ranks fourth in terms of alcohol consumption per capita. In Australia, Melbourne is famous for its impressive craft beer as well as culinary scenes in the world. The beer bars in the city are perfect for ditching the sun and enjoying your laid-back afternoon by sampling a couple of beers. 


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Although Italy is world-famous for its luscious Wine, the beer in the country is quite prominent. The beer story in Italy was started 20 years ago in Piemonte, Lombardia, and Veneto. But the real passion for beer in Italy erupted in Rome. In the last few years, Rome has shown a significant boom in the production as well as popularity of craft beer. Today the number of beer lovers in Rome is surprisingly high, with hundreds of beer bars and a significant number of beer shops. Definitely add Rome to your leisure vacation destination list and explore some of the hidden beer gems in the city. 


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Last but not least, I have TOKYO for you on the list. It is one of the best leisure vacation destinations for all beer lovers. It is the place to explore the influential and unique beer culture of Japan. To get a taste of Japan’s most popular breweries, you must plan a visit to Hitachino Brewing Lab. It offers an unmatchable beer experience that you can’t miss on your leisure vacation. Along with this, try some Japanese artisanal beer and enjoy a vacation like never before. 


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