9 Best Restaurants: The Most Instagrammable Eateries!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 22,2021

Nowadays, there are several factors to be taken into consideration while choosing a restaurant. From food to decor, everything plays an important role. Together with quality food, people love to enjoy natural light, pretty decor, and an aesthetic vibe. People find it worth flying around the world looking for a place that can easily go viral on social media and that can offer an Instagrammable dining experience. Right from the colorful dim sims to dining in an igloo, there are numerous restaurants that look attractive on Instagram feed. If you are searching for the same, this article is for you. We have rounded up a list of the 9 best restaurants that offer gorgeously-designed decor with magnificent dishes that are great for taking pictures. Review the list and enjoy dining while clicking outstanding pictures for your ‘gram.  


1. Pietro Nolita



Pietro Nolita is a pink paradise that has been popular amongst Instagrammers for a long time. It is all decorated in pink color that compliments best with the toothsome Italian food. Nested in New York City, it is pink in color both from inside and outside. Not just the decor, the walls, plates, napkins, and everything you will get here are pink. With so much pink, this is one of the best restaurants which is perfect for Instagram photos. Also, it has several pink spots where you can get clicked for your ‘gram. If you are into retro aesthetics, then this place also has a jewel box inspired from the ’80s which is a great companion for the pictures. Beyond the decor, it serves outstanding food to the customers. It is specialized in Italian cuisine and offers amazing risotto, grilled octopus, gnocchi, ravioli, and several other food items. The flavorsome meal and cute decor make Pietro Nolita a perfect restaurant for all the social media buffs.


Where: New York, USA


2. Catch



The most Instagrammed restaurant in the United States is Catch LA. In Los Angeles, people love to get dressed and click at the right place. One such place where you can get clicked is Catch. This is amongst the 9 best restaurants for Instagrammers where they can find various spots to click outstanding photos. Not just the interior, the exterior is also Instagram-worthy with a flower-filled walkway. The whole restaurant is covered with sea plants and offers an open air-dining area which adds to the beauty of the restaurant. From the dining area, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. In this restaurant, you don’t need to pose alone. It is visited by a lot of celebrities, which will help you pose alongside the celebs for your Instagram. Apart from the breathtaking dining area, this restaurant too has an open kitchen. From the kitchen, you can enjoy magnificent views of downtown LA. 


Where: Los Angeles, USA


3. Sketch



The Sketch is a perfect fusion of the restaurant and the art gallery. This beautiful piece of architecture is Instagram-worthy with a dusty pin interior that looks no less than a theme park. This place has five different spaces all of which are worth visiting. Here you will get plenty of spots to get clicked for your ‘gram. It starts with a beautiful forestry entrance, then comes an artistry pink gallery, then a lecture room followed by two Michelin-starred restaurants. Every space of the Sketch provides a spectacular backdrop that is great for clicking. Amongst all the spaces, the most iconic remains the art gallery. This place has so much going on with multiple pink-colored velvet booths, amazing pink walls, outstanding dining, and more. Along with the decor, it offers delectable food with numerous options to choose from. From mouthwatering tea to vegan items to gelatin-free, this one of the best restaurants that lure visitors. 


Where: London, UK


4. Habanera



In the heart of Madrid city lies this gem called Habanera. It is a place of fusion of Cuban Colonial amazing architecture and Mediterranean glamour. The beauty of this place makes it on the list of the 9 best restaurants for Instagram lovers. It has rich floral patterns going on everywhere. To complement it the best, it has black and white geometric flooring. From the floor to the ceiling, it is all covered with greenery. With this, it also has bamboo light fixtures and multiple designs of cushions. This makes this place lively and surprisingly Instagrammable. Every corner of the restaurant is worth clicking for the ‘gram. With this, the menu of the Habanera is also amazing. It has a lot of options to spoil the customer but in Spanish-style. Tapas is the specialty of the restaurant and is a must-to-try item. Other than this, it is known for its flatbread pizzas, hamburgers, freshly cooked pasta, cannelloni, and much more. 


Where: Madrid, Spain


5. Tattu



Chinese-inspired restaurant- Tattu is a perfect blend of custom, trendy cuisine, and interior. The main attraction of this one of the best restaurants is a huge red-colored cherry blossom tree. The tree overlooks the two-story building which is the biggest visual in not just the restaurant but in the whole of Manchester. The aesthetic of this restaurant is award-winning. To add to the beautiful interior, Tattu offers neon purple lighting everywhere. The restaurant is designed to take the visitors into a beautiful tactile adventure. With careful attention to detail, all the spots of the restaurant are great for clicking on Instagram. Apart from a majestic interior, this restaurant is known for its divine food. It offers complimentary Chinese cuisine and several appealing food items. Tattu is known for taking Chinese cuisine to the next level. The most famous items here that every customer must-try are the duck spring rolls and chicken truffle dumplings. 


Where: Manchester, UK


6. Sempre



Moscow is a hub of photo-taking best restaurants which makes it a city for Instagrammers. It has several enchanting restaurants, one of which is Sempre. This restaurant behaves like a wonderland of forests. The whole restaurant is surrounded by green plants and amazing lighting which is ideal for clicking pictures for Instagram. The interior of Sempre is characterized by natural elements like stones and timber. Here, you can get clicked with ample plants that go perfectly with the woodsy tables. The tables look like an original tree which is great to spice up the soul of visitors. Visiting here, you have to enjoy the dinner underneath a canopy of hanging trees. The nature theme amplifies the whole experience. In the restaurant, mosque-looking plants hang upside down from the ceiling. Together with this, it offers photographic cuisine that is worth clicking for Instagram. In the menu of Sempre, black rice confit duck shines out and is a must to taste the dish. 


Where: Moscow, Russia


7. The Grounds of Alexandria



It is one of the 9 best restaurants for Instagrammers. Nested in Sydney, it has something more luring than other restaurants. It contains the remnants of an old factory as well as a large picturesque courtyard. The Grounds of Alexandria is a lot under one roof. It is a cafe, greenhouse, bakery, garden, animal farm, and coffee roastery. Entering this beautiful restaurant gives a vibe of Alice in Wonderland with plenty of suppliers selling boutique items and fresh produce. No matter when you visit this elegant restaurant, either day or night, it will surely offer you something exquisite and magical that can be relished in your lifetime. To enhance the experience, this restaurant surprises the visitors with green beautiful gardens, glowing fairy lights, Instagram-worthy spots, and a lot more. Not just the decoration, the dishes here are great for Instagram. This spectacular restaurant hosts several events for which they turn this beautiful place into a fairy wonderland. 


Where: Sydney, Australia


8. Under



As the name suggests, this restaurant is located underwater. It is one of the best restaurants in the entire Europe that is designed underneath the water. There is no surprise that this restaurant is one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in the world. Halfway down under the sea, this place is perfect for panoramic views of marine life. It is so beautiful and luring that it was rewarded with the tag of “The World’s Greatest Place” by the Times Magazine. This underwater eatery is a semi-submerged architecture that is designed 16.5 feet beneath the surface of the water.  From inside, the restaurant is all decorated in marine style with seafoam wooden furniture in green color that compliments the beauty of water. With this, it has an acrylic window which adds to the experience in this restaurant. When it comes to food, seafood remains the highlight. Right from lobsters to truffle kelp, it has a wide range of dishes. 


Where: Båly, Norway


9. Mandrake Miami



Seeing this restaurant makes the visitors feel like it is designed keeping in mind the “Instagram”. The entire restaurant has an aesthetic that welcomes photo-hungry guests. With cameras in hand, here you can click breathtaking Instagram photos. It has various glitzy spaces that are perfect for the ‘gram. From chandeliers to tables to lighting to furniture, visitors don’t like to leave this place. The pretty decor of this restaurant also includes beautiful flowers and paper umbrellas with neon lights and dreamy chandeliers. Being located on the Miami beach, this restaurant offers stunning views from the outside. This beautiful creation has three sections and all of them are no less than a fantasyland. Adding to its beauty, it has Lacroix chairs, Chinese neon-colored lights, and an oversized faux rhino. When it comes to food, this is one of the best restaurants that serve mouthwatering sushi and delectable Asian-fusion food. 


Where: Miami, Florida


This list of the 9 best restaurants justifies the statement “You Eat With Your Eyes”. Dining in at these restaurants will let you appreciate not just the meal but also the aesthetically pleasing decor. Check out the list and relish a fine dining experience. 

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