8 Most Famous Alcoholic Drink Bars To Visit In Seattle

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 12,2021

Forget about the beer and wine, Seattle is stepping up its game with amazing cocktails. The cocktails that this city offers highlight the exceptional talent of the bartenders and the rich culture. No matter if you are a traditional drink lover or a cocktail connoisseur, Seattle is a perfect destination that has truly revolutionized drunkenness. To help you out in picking the best bars in the city, we did our homework and came up with a list of the best bars to enjoy alcoholic drinks. 


Welcome to our guide of the hottest spots that are perfect to savor scrumptious drinks in the city. This list features the 8 most famous alcoholic drink bars. Review the list and pick the ones that you want to visit on your next vacation to Seattle. Enjoy Drinking...!!!!


Most Famous Alcoholic Drink Bars You Must Visit In Seattle

- Roquette

- Essex

- Rob Roy

- Rumba

- Liberty

- Bathtub Gin & Co.

- Canon

- Needle & Thread


Apparently, it was quite a difficult task to pick the best drinking bars from such a great array of options, but we did our best for you! Here’s a brief rundown of our picks of the most famous alcoholic drink bars in Seattle. From top establishments to laid-back bars, we tried to cover the best. Visit these bars and quench your thirst for appetizing cocktails.


Let’s Take A Look!!!




Roquette is a new addition to Seattle’s cocktail scene. This amazing bar is opened by a renowned bartender- Erik Hakkinen with an outstanding menu of creative cocktails and wines. This is amongst the most famous alcoholic drink bars in the city which is a great place for all the drinkers who love the old-school vibe. The Roquette has vintage lighting, cozy sitting booths, and innovative palm tree artwork on the wall. Someone said it right- We all deserve an alcoholiday! - Take a day off and enjoy a luscious drink in the city. 




“Cocktails are like a present you give to yourself.” It is one of the finest cocktail-making destinations that is known for using exemplary ingredients. It is a tiny but quaint venue that is a must-visit to enjoy some of the best productions of Seattle. From sparkling cocktails to fernet, the Essex is one of the most famous alcoholic drink bars that are great for everything. Not just the craft cocktails, this bar also offers mouth-watering wood-fired delicacies. Next time when you are in the city, must try this marvelous bar. 


Rob Roy


It is one of the most innovative and top-notch cocktail bars in Seattle which is a go-to place for serious drinkers. Rob Roy is famous for serving its customers with creative cocktails like rum blend, pineapple Jungle Bird, rum-based Gunpowder Punch, etc. To pair with its flavorful drinks, this place offers a casual atmosphere with cozy and dark space. After a long hectic day of strolling in the city and enjoying top attractions, this is the place that you must visit for relaxing and sipping some of the best cocktails. 




On the list of the most famous alcoholic drink bars, Rumba is a great addition. This amazing bar is greatly influenced by the ‘50s-era Cuban drinking scenes and is loaded with an array of rums. Here you can enjoy lip-smacking tropical-inspired cocktails. Enjoying these drinks in island-styles sitting is the experience of a lifetime. On the West Coast of the city, this bar has an extensive range of cocktails and spirits with more than 200 bottles lined up in the racks. This bar is known for using rum in almost everything that it offers. If you are a rum lover, then this bar is for YOU!!!




Perched on Capitol Hill, Liberty is a favorite bar for the industry and local individuals for decades now. This bar is one of the most famous alcoholic drink bars in Seattle that is known for making everything in-house. With this, Liberty offers the customers some innovative infusions that are made with pure homemade ingredients. The bar runs with a motto of making everything from scratch on its own. This ensures the cocktail lovers will only get the best. If you want to try something unique, visit this bar when you are in the city. Its delectable sushi compliments its cocktail menu the best. Although you will find it a strange combination, it is worth trying!!


Bathtub Gin & Co.


With an unmarked entrance in an alley, finding this bar might be a little difficult for you. But once you’ll find it, its offerings will definitely surprise you. This is one of the most famous alcoholic drink bars in the city which is known for its mouth-watering and creative cocktails like bourbon, lemon juice Death Star, maple syrup, and more. Bathtub Gin & Co. is a small 2-floor building that does have high-end decor but a tin ceiling. However, its outstanding menu and a great array of gin lure people to visit this place. Must visit this bar on your vacation. You will be surprised to see an actual bathtub (as the name suggests) in the middle of the bar. 




If you ask one of the most respected bars in Seattle, you will surely hear the name- CANON! It is an amazing cocktail/whiskey bar in the city that is highly known for its great selection of whiskey and long spirit menu. On your visit to this bar, you will get to enjoy drinks right from the rare to vintage to innovative to classics. This bar has everything that is required for a thrilling cocktail scene. Beyond this, what lures the drinkers is an apothecary-style decor and retro ambiance. If you are looking for a place to enjoy your glass of drink in an outstanding space, this is the bar that you must-visit. 


Needle & Thread


Inspired by the traditional Prohibition craft, Needle & Thread is amongst the most famous alcoholic drink bars in Seattle. This bar is a hidden place behind the old bank vault door and is full of sophistication and eye-pleasing decor. Together with the leather couch, shining chandeliers, and dark ambiance, this place offers artistry cocktails made by passionate bartenders. Drinking cocktails will help you learn about the history and culture of America. To accompany the luscious cocktails, this place offers a large selection of snacks that are great to enjoy. 



Here we come to an end. These are our top picks of bars in Seattle where you must grab a drink on your vacation. In the city, some of the bars focus on one single drink, while others are the ones with a focus on variety. Some take inspiration from the past, while others depend on their innovation. Irrespective of what they look at, one thing that they have in common is that they made drinking quite a special experience. If you too want to experience something unique, you must visit these 8 most famous alcoholic drink bars on your vacation. Happy Drinking!!! 

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