A Guide To Hungarian Wine: Time To Enjoy The Ultimate Glass Of Wine

If there is something better than Hungary’s tremendous and varied attractions, it’s definitely the food and drinks. The local delicacies and drinks in the country are worth tasting on the Hungary vacation package. Apart from the local cuisine, it is the wine that you will find in every nook and corner of the country. The locals love to enjoy a splendid glass of wine with every meal. 


The country is known for producing some really exceptional wines. Hungarian wines are not just famous in their country but are renowned worldwide. It's been thousands of years since the country has been offering rich wines of the same quality as Italian, French, and Spanish ones. Looking back at the history of wine, we can see that Hungary was once a significant contributor to wine production in Europe. Hungary has a history of over 100 years of wine growing, and Hungarian wines are appreciated by wine connoisseurs worldwide.


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We strongly suggest all wine fanatics plan a Hungary vacation package just to enjoy wine. As someone said, “Tasting wine where it’s created is the most exciting thing.” Furthermore, we suggest everyone to visit the wine districts or regions in the country by going on the wine tour and participating in the wine festivals. 


If you are genuinely interested in Hungarian wine, read this leisure luxury travel guide thoroughly and personalize your own wine tour. It’s time to experience the drink in the country that is known just for it.  


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1. Wine Tourism: Explore The Best Wine Regions

     - Tokaj Wine Region

     - Balaton Wine Region

     - Eger Wine Region

     - Somló Wine Region 

     - Upper Pannon Wine Region

2. Top 5 Hungarian Wines To Try On Hungary vacation package

3. Hungarian Grape Variety

     - White Wine Grape Variety

     - Black Wine Grape Variety


Wine Tourism: Explore The Best Wine Regions


The Hungarian wine culture can be defined by its diversity, originality, and exclusivity. The wine production in the country is extensive, with six wine regions, further divided into 22 wine districts. All the wine-producing areas present many stories of winemakers, which makes visiting them on the Hungary vacation package a surreal experience. Here, in this leisure luxury travel guide, we have penned down some of the prominent wine regions worth visiting on the Hungary vacation package.


1. Tokaj Wine Region



Tokaj is one of the best wine regions in Hungary. It is located in the country's north-eastern corner, close to the Slovak border. This region is known for its long, pleasant fall season and mists originating from the Bodrog River. The weather here is ideal for producing flavorful wine. The Tokaj wine region is recognized as the gold standard for other regions in the country. It is one of the world’s oldest wine-producing areas and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beyond this, the region is home to the world’s first rot wine, i.e., Tokaji Aszú. If you are booking a Hungary vacation package, make sure you plan to visit Tokaj Wine Region. 


Top Wines Of The Region: Tokaji Aszú and Furmint

Soil: Clay dominated red, yellow, brown, and white soils


2. Balaton Wine Region



Next, we will discuss the Balaton wine area, where the atmosphere is ideal for vineyards. It is home to Central Europe's largest lake - Lake Balaton. The lake reflects a lot of sunlight and generates sufficient humidity, which is favorable for the production of wine. Balaton is the most complex wine region in the country. Travelers want to include this region in their Hungary vacation package because of the numerous active and gastronomical offerings. Whether you plan a hike on the mountains of Balaton Uplands or simply wish to discover the wine districts, Balaton Wine Region is a must-visit for all wine lovers. 


Top Wines Of The Region: Jánoshegy Riesling, Olaszrizling Hegybor, and Frizzante

Soil: Loam soil with weathered basalt


3. Eger Wine Region



The Eger Wine Region lies in the north of Budapest. It is Hungary's most impressive and driest wine region. The weather conditions here are apt for providing the wine with excellent acidity and aromatic richness. After Tokaj, it is clearly the best wine region in the country. Grapes of several sorts are produced on the hilly terrains of Eger. In fact, a 30 million-year-old wine grape fossil was discovered in the region. Therefore, if you visit the Eger wine region on your Hungary vacation package, you can get your hands on native textured white wines, light reds, and blended reds from the past. 


Top Wines Of The Region: Egri Bikavér red blend and Egri Csillag white blend

Soil: Brown forest topsoil covered with volcanic rhyolite and limestone


4. Somló Wine Region



Situated on the foothills of an extinct volcano, Somló is the smallest wine region in the country, with just 300 hectares of the total territory. Regardless of the size, it is a fascinating region for travelers to discover on Hungary vacation packages. For centuries now, Hungarians have believed that the wines produced in the Somló wine region have an excellent effect on various diseases or disabilities like anemia and paralysis. Although all the wines from this region are remarkable, it is notably known for its smokiest and fiery white wines.  


Top Wines Of The Region: Juhfark

Soil: Volcanic soil with clay, sand, and loess


5. Upper Pannon Wine Region



Among the best five wine regions to visit on your Hungary vacation package, next, we have the Upper Pannon region. It is one of the finest wine regions in the country and has been associated with wine for ages. The Upper Pannon region is a true jewel in Hungary due to its cultural diversity and diverse terrain. In addition to this, the region enjoys a cool climate because of which the vineyards in the area produce a wide range of vibrant wines that are highly acidic. Along with this, it is a region where the harmful consequences of global warming are less noticeable, making it an ideal location for producing wines.


Top Wines Of The Region: Pinot Noir

Soil: Alluvial brown forest soil


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Top 5 Wines To Try On Hungary Vacation Package


Hungarian wines are exceptionally rich with diversified grape varieties and excellent wine-making practices. Wine in the country is categorized into different styles based on its type, aging period, wine-making technique, sugar value, etc. If you are booking a Hungary vacation package, we highly recommend you uncover your favorite wine location and let your tastebuds savor some wonderful wines. There is a large assortment of wines from which you can pick. To help you out, in this leisure luxury travel guide, we have identified the best five wines that you must sample on your vacation to Hungary.


- Tokaji aszú

- Egri Bikaver

- Kekfrankos

- Cabernet Franc

- Juhfark


Hungarian Grape Variety



With wine being one of the most popular beverages in the country, the grape variety here is pretty intriguing. Several types of grapes are grown in Hungary and are well-known around the world. Over 223 kinds of grapes are grown on a vast land of 65,000 hectares in Hungary.


All wine enthusiasts who want to learn about the distinctive Hungarian grape varieties must look at the list below. This leisure luxury travel guide will walk you through a variety of grapes that are used in Hungarian wines. 


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White Wine Grape Variety:



White Grapes are the most common type of grapes in Hungary. This variety is used for preparing white wines and sparkling wines. In Hungary, a total of 114 types of white wine grapes are authorized, covering 70% of the vineyard land, or 45,589 hectares. There are some unique varieties of white wine grapes that are native to Hungary and are not grown anywhere else in the world.  Some of the most popular types of white grapes grown in the country are listed below.


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Black Wine Grape Variety:



Currently, 45 varieties of black wine grapes are authorized in Hungary. When compared to the white variant, this number is significantly lower. Only 30 percent of the total area of vineyards is planted with black wine grapes, which equates to 19,670 hectares of land. They can make outstanding red and rosé wine from black wine grapes. Here are some of the most commonly planted black grapes in the country. According to the plantation proportions, these top varieties of black grapes account for 96% of the total cultivation. 


Blauburger Cabernet Franc
Menoire Portugieser
Kadarka Nero
Pinot Noir Szekszárdi Bikavér
Syrah Redy
Villányi Franc Cabernet Sauvignon
Zweigelt Turán

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