Snacks That Goes Perfect With Cocktails: Time To Rock The Party!

Author: Megha

Are you wondering how to make your cocktail party successful? While hosting the party, the important thing is not the length of the guest list or the songs you play. The real thing that fascinates the true party lovers is the snacks you serve.  Nothing is better than food that brings people closer to each other. Welcoming people with delectable meals makes them happy and happy guests make the party better.


Whether you are hosting a meeting or a dinner party or Saturday night, finger-licking snacks go perfectly with every cocktail you enjoy. Ranging from classic finger food to delicious little bites, the cocktail party food items are tasty, enjoyable, and mouth-watering. To help you out in making your party successful, we have compiled a list of delicious snacks that goes perfectly with every cocktail you savor. A perfect mix of cocktail and toothsome snacks will ensure that all your guests are satiated. 


Chile-Toasted Marcona Almonds



We surely vote for this mini dose of chile-toasted Marcona almonds that pairs perfectly with everything from bubbles to traditional cocktails. This super easy snack is made of almonds that get plenty of heat and are topped with crushed red pepper. They are cooked in oil which offers them a rich and crunchy texture. Serving them with cocktails is the best you can do. Make sure you add them to the menu and offer yourself the best snack with your cocktail. 


Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers



If you want something simple, easy, and flavorsome, then these cream cheese jalapeno poppers are a perfect choice. This spicy snack tastes fantastic with cocktails. They are prepared with bacon wrapped around the jalapenos and then loaded with lots of cheese. The poppers offer creamy and spicy flavors that make them a perfect party appetizer. To uplift the flavors of the poppers, they are topped with smoked salmon, crispy fried onions, and various herbs. It's time to spice up your appetizer with this impressive cocktail party food item.


Roasted Figs with Goat Cheese



Whether as a balanced snack or a cocktail food item, you can savor it with everything. This warm and melty snack has a perfect blend of savory and sweetness. This roasted fig with goat cheese is drizzled with honey which offers it a toothsome taste. For enhancing its flavors, you must sprinkle rosemary over it and offer your taste buds an everlasting taste. If there can be an appetizer that is as impressive as its beauty, this would definitely be it. Trust us! It is the most delicious snack to uplift your cocktail party. 


Pancetta Fontina Cheese Puffs



What could be better than warm cheese puffs? Pancetta fontina cheese puffs are popularly known as Gougeres which is a famous snack from french cuisine. People love to savor these special cheese puffs with classic cocktails. They are special kinds of cheese puffs as they are prepared with the same dough as cream puffs and filled with Gruyere cheese which offers it a fantastic taste. These salty, brownish, and crisp puffs are perfect companions for cocktails. Serve this when your party starts and you’re good to go!


Baby Potato Bites



Baby potato bites are a perfect excuse to enjoy potato skin with amazing cocktails. Serving these potato bites with sour cream and bacon enhances the whole flavor and makes it tastier. While preparing these potato bites, they are baked until the skin gets crispy which offers it a great taste. To make it more amazing, you can garnish it with various toppings. The incredible taste of baby potato bites makes this dish the star of every cocktail party. 


Chicken Cheese Balls



This tasty and easy appetizer is perfect to enjoy with your favorite cocktails. Loaded with cheese, this snack is crispy and a treat to the taste buds. People love to serve these balls with different sauces which enhances their flavors and provides a balanced taste of every ingredient. With so many herbs being used while preparing this snack, the chicken cheese balls provide a bust of flavors in the mouth. These delectable cheese balls are a perfect addition to your cocktail party food menu. Believe us, this classic snack will never disappoint.


Spinach Artichoke Zucchini Bites



This tiny finger food appetizer is an item to serve with the cocktail. The tender zucchini and melty cheese offer an addictive taste. Being served warm with artichoke dip provides it amazing flavors of cheese, cream, and spinach. Together with fantastic taste, this snack is loaded with veggies which makes it healthy to eat. With every bit of spinach artichoke zucchini bites, you will be pleased with the number of flavors. Make sure to savor it with a delectable cocktail and enjoy a great taste. It’s tempting to go with this snack on your next cocktail party and overdue the home-cooked food.


Cheese and Garlic Crack Bread



Nothing can be a better centerpiece for a cocktail party than cheese and garlic crack bread. Trying this sort of crack bread will change your whole perspective of garlic bread and urge you to try again and again. Along with the flavors of garlic bread, it savors the taste buds with lots of mozzarella cheese. With every piece of this cocktail party food item, you will enjoy a blast of cheese, garlic, herbs, and lots of butter. Accompanying it with your favorite cocktail is all you can do to uplift your experience. 


Chili Lime Shrimp Cups



If you think salads are off-limits for a cocktail party, then you surely haven’t tried chili lime shrimp cups. It is a flavorful snack whose bite is totally irresistible. These small little shrimp cups are prepared with lime sour cream, spicy arugula, delicious guacamole, and then topped with juicy chili-lime baked shrimps. The chilis provide it a spicy tint, lime enhances everything, and arugula keeps it fresh. Serving this with cocktails makes people eat it more and more. It is a great appetizer to be enjoyed while having the best time with the favorite cocktail.


Thai Chicken Meatballs



Thai chicken meatballs are packed with flavors that make it an amazing finger food to serve with cocktails. Serving the meatballs with dipping sauce enhances the taste buds and lets the people taste more. The sweet, smoky, and salty taste of the Thai chicken meatballs is so addictive. To provide it a Thai flavor, plenty of garlic, ginger, chilies, and coriander is being used to prepare these meatballs. With so much in it, these meatballs taste amazing. It is a great example of a perfect cocktail party snack.


Crab and corn fritters



This is an impressive snack to serve with the cocktails. Serving the guests with crab and corn fritters is the best way to get a party started. The natural goodness and the nutritional benefits of corn are a perfect addition to the fritters. It offers a great taste when served with cocktails. These great fritters are fully loaded with corn, crabs, and cajun species. Serving these toothsome fritters with dipping sauce just amps up the flavors and the whole vibe of the cocktail party. 





Serving this cocktail snack will offer a stylish start to your evening. To make this flavor-packed starter more appealing to the taste buds, you must enjoy it with delicious toppings. This luscious snack is an antipasto from Italy. It is made up of garlic bread and can be enjoyed with multiple toppings. From grilled ricotta to smoked beetroot to avocado and roasted veggies, this can be enjoyed in different ways. Serving it will leave every guest satisfied and urge them to come back for more.


Chicken Drumsticks



Chicken drumsticks are a deliciously spicy, super-crisp, and tangy flavored appetizer. It is made up of chicken legs which are considered to be the best part of the whole chicken. This delicious cocktail party food item is not just great in taste but also a great source of protein and nutrients. Serving chicken drumsticks with a tangy chutney to go alongside offers a great experience. Savoring succulent and juicy chicken drumsticks with appetizing cocktails will surely bring tears of happiness.


Masala Sausage Rolls



It is not surprising that these Masala Sausage Rolls always hit the cocktail parties. It is a perfect blend of earthy Indian species and offers it a taste that you can’t forget. Serving them at the parties will make the guests as happy as they are while enjoying the cocktail. The masala sausage rolls are beautifully spiced and rolled with thin layers that offer it a crispy taste. Since people love to enjoy tasty snacks to consume with their cocktails, serving sausage rolls is the best choice you can ever make. It's time to up your appetizer game with these rolls.  



Gone are the days of serving the traditional chips and salsa, it's time to order different and unique appetizers. People love crispy, crunchy, and pickle snacks to consume with their cocktails. If you are planning to host a party, read the aforementioned list and order these snacks to serve the guests with the best. These cocktail party food items will tend the people to taste more and more. Happy boozing and eating!


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