US and Wine: Learn Before You Leave For Your US Vacation!

The United States of America (US) happens to be on the top spot on every traveler’s bucket list. And if you are a wine lover, then you simply cannot ignore a US vacation. Though California might be the ultimate destination for wine tasting in the US nevertheless, there are other regions too for sipping some award-winning wines.  The saying that “Every glass of wine has a story to tell” is very accurate for wine lovers. Just a sip of wine, and you will be able to know the region from where it comes. But still, visiting vineyards and tasting some rich and exotic wines is a different experience altogether. 


This luxury travel guide will help you convert your US vacation to an unforgettable wine vacation with some of the best wine destinations to visit. Here we have compiled for you a list of some of the best vineyards, wine bars, and some exciting wine festivals that you should not miss visiting during your vacation. Together with this, you will also get to know more about wine in the US. Review the article and satiate your thirst for some fantastic WINE!


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Everything That You Need To Know About Wine On Your US Vacation


1. History Of Wine Making In The US

2. Facts About USA's Wine Consumption

3. Wines That You Must Try On Your US Vacation

4. Best Vineyards To Enjoy in the US

5. Top Wine Bars In US To Quench Your Thirst

6. American Wine Events That Are Great To Experience 


History Of Wine Making In The US


A lot of us plan for a US vacation not only because of its scenery but also because the US happens to be one of the liveliest countries in the world. And if you are a wine lover, then visiting the US has to be on your tour list. The US happens to be one of the best wine-producing countries in the world. As of today, all the fifty states in the US are known to be producing some of the best and exotic wines. However, the history of winemaking in the US is a very interesting one. The Americans had to struggle a lot in order to establish and maintain their current reputation in the winemaking industry. The modern American winemaking industry is the result of the hard work put in by a lot of people like Captain John Smith.


The earliest production of wine in the US dates back to the 16th century when European settlers came in and started wine production using native grapes known as “Muscadine.” The early settlers tried to plant classic grapes that were used in the European wineries for brewing some of the finest wines of the era. However, this idea failed miserably in the US due to the harsh climatic conditions and endemic diseases. Despite Thomas Jefferson’s failed attempt at establishing a winery, popping up of wineries all over the east coast and midwest continued. And today, the US is one of the best wine producers in the world.


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Facts About USA's Wine Consumption


Wine is a drink that suits a variety of occasions. It can be consumed as an aperitif, or it can also be served as an accompaniment to the three-course meal, or it can simply be used to hang out with friends. Along with the variation in the consumption of wine, it also varies in color ranging from deep, intense red or glistering whites to pinkish blush. 


The consumption of wine in the US has increased significantly over the years. It is believed that the US produced over 800 gallons of wine in the year 2019. 


If you are on a US vacation, you just cannot miss consuming a glass of wine. Here are some startling facts on wine consumption in the US.


1. People of the US Drink More Wine than Anyone Else: Though the US might not be producing as much wine as France, Italy, and Spain, that does not mean that the consumption there is also lower than in these countries. The US recently leapfrogged France to occupy the top spot of wine consumption.


2. The number of Wineries in the US is Multiplying: In 2020, the total number of wineries producing wine in the US was over 11,000. The number has grown by over 50 percent since 2009. Today, there are so many wineries that you will get tired of visiting them on your US vacation, but in the end, some of them will still remain unvisited.  


3. The US Vine Bearing Area: The US uses around 408 hectares of land for grapevines. The US share of the global vine bearing area stands at just around 5.5 percent. 


4. Winemakers Around the World Wish to Sell Wine in the US: The Americans consider themselves lucky because winemakers from across the globe believe the US to be the most valuable wine market. Though China and Germany are growing, they haven’t been able to replace the position of the US.


5. Most American’s Buy Wine from Grocery Store: Where do you get your wine from? Certainly not from a grocery store. But more than 50% of Americans look forward to a grocery store for quenching their thirst for wine. 


6. Fear of Wine Consumption: It is interesting to know that while there is a large population of Americans who cannot imagine their life without wine, there are some who have a fear of wine consumption. The fear of wine is known as ‘Oenophobia.’ 


7. The stem is for a Reason: Everybody has their own way of holding their glass of wine. But did you know that the wine glass should always be held from the stem? Well, this is to avoid the hands raising the temperature of the wine? Well, keep this in mind when you try wine on your US vacation.


8. Spitting Wine is Not Awkward: If you happen to attend a wine tasting festival in the US during your US vacation, then do not frown seeing people spitting out the wine. People often tend to take a sip of wine, hold it in their mouth for a couple of seconds and then either spit it out or swallow it depending upon the taste. It is an acceptable way to know if the wine is good or not. 


9. Consumption of Wine Among Women is Higher: Women are said to be more inclined towards the consumption of wine as compared to men. They have fewer enzymes in the stomach lining, which is needed to break down the alcohol molecules. 


10. Best Antioxidants: Consuming a wine of glass during your US vacation will help you maintain the level of antioxidants in your body. Wine is said to have the same amount of antioxidants that you might get after consuming 20 glasses of apple juice or seven glasses of orange juice.


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Wines That You Must Try On Your US Vacation


If you are on a US vacation, you cannot simply miss enticing your taste buds with some of the most flavourful wines. Though California owns an 80% stake in US wine production, the other countries are also not far behind. You can grab a glass of authentically produced wine in all 50 countries of the US. Here we share with you an exclusive and luxury travel guide with the details of some of the best wines that will certainly entice your taste buds while you are on a US vacation.


1. Cabernet Sauvignon



Cabernet Sauvignon is a kind of small grape with thick skin. This wine is loaded with the flavors of blackberry and cherry. The wine is prepared with a high seed pip to fruit pulp ratio of 1:12. However, the temperature of fermentation plays a vital role in attaining the results. More fruit flavors are maintained at lower temperatures, while at the higher temperatures, the wine gets a deeper color, and more flavors can be extracted. 


2. Chardonnay



With lots of intense fruit flavors, including melon and apple, this Chardonnay wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks. It is said to be the second most sold wine in the US after Cabernet Sauvignon. The flavors of wine differ depending upon the amount of charring that the oak was treated with.


3. Pinot Gris



Coming with an abundance of tropical fruit flavors and pleasing acidity, it has a balanced finish. This Pinot Gris wine is said to go well with fish or blue cheese. This wine has a lot of variation depending upon the region and winemaking style. 


4. Syrah



This wine is said to be the first choice of many civilized headbangers who are on a US vacation. This wine comes with rich and explosive flavors along with a tobacco-like aroma. 


5. Zinfandel



Produced originally in Croatia, Zinfandel is dry to sweet pink colored rose wine. This wine offers rather velvety cherry and plum flavors with a pinch of a spicy finish. 


6. Pinot Noir



Coming with an earthy aroma and loaded with blackberries, blueberries, dark cherries, and plum- Pinot Noir could taste good when fresh. But in case you wish to enjoy a more complex finish, then you should wait for 5 to 10 years. 


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Note: Though the Covid-19 outbreak has changed many things across the globe, one thing that hasn’t changed is the consumption of wine. The post-Covid era would certainly see a lot of people planning US vacation, which would contribute not only to the US tourism industry but would also do a lot of good to the wine industry in the country. 


Best Vineyards To Enjoy in the US


While Europeans may seem to be hefty consumers of wine, one cannot simply neglect the growing of vineyards in the US. These best vineyards in the US must undoubtedly be on your to-do list while you are on a US vacation. In our luxury travel guide, we will share some of the best vineyards in the US that you must visit on your vacation. 


The credit of setting up wineries and vineyards in the US goes to the Brotherhood wineries. They have been operating successfully since 1839. And with the growing number of vineyards and wineries, they have started getting recognition and tourism as well.


Do not miss visiting the following best vineyards in the US during your US vacation. 


1. Cristom Vineyards- Salem, Oregon


Home to eight estate vineyards planted their first vines in the year 1997. 4 of these estates are dedicated to the production of Pinot Noir. This winery is loved for its sustainable approach and natural winemaking process. Apart from all this, the primary reason for this vineyard being our top pick is its private vineyards and estate tour. This vineyard also gives its visitors the liberty to order premade picnic baskets that are full of Oregon-made treats; one can munch on these in-between wines.


2. Becker Vineyards- Stonewall, Texas


It is said that everything in Texas is bigger and the Becker Vineyards seem to have taken this statement to their hearts. The impressive thing about this vineyard is that it is known to promote, use, and crush only Texas-grown grapes, which is why it is known to crush more Texas grapes than any other winery in the state. 7 varieties are grown on a massive 56-acre estate. During your US vacation, plan a tour of this vineyard during a seasonal grape crush. 


3. Linden Vineyards- Linden, Virginia


An hour’s drive from Washington DC, this vineyard is located amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains. The unfiltered wines from this vineyard stand out completely. This vineyard has a few strict house rules, as a result of which it is said to have a laid-back atmosphere. 


4. Wolffer Estate- Long Island, New York


If you want to spend a relaxing day along with some great wine during your US vacation, then the Wolffer Estates is the best place where you should go. Along with the sweeping vineyards and tasty wines, you also get to munch on some lip-smacking cheese and charcuterie plates. 


5. Rockside Winery and Vineyards- Lancaster, Ohio


Just 45 mins away from Columbus, this Rockside Vineyard is a family-owned estate. The vineyard is known to plant varietals that can sustain the harsh weather conditions of the area. If you wish to taste some American and French-American varietals, this place must certainly be on your list while you are on a US vacation.  


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Top Wine Bars In US To Quench Your Thirst


Nightlife in the US is said to be one of the most interesting ones. Having said that, it is clear that the US certainly has innumerable wine bars to quench your thirst. These wine bars in the US have everything to make your parties more happening. Here is a list of some of the top wine bars in the US where you can enjoy your evenings during your US vacation. Keep this luxury travel guide handy and have the best time in the country. 


1. Curate- Asheville, North Carolina



The ambiance here is quite similar to a traditional Spanish tapas bar. Serving a celebration of Spanish flavors in both food and drinks, this is said to be one of the best wine bars in the US. The all-Spanish wine list just personifies the flavors of wine found across the country.


2. Covell- Los Angeles, California



You can get to witness an eclectic mix of patrons, including the bearded dudes to the young hipsters to the modern moms. Unlike the others, this trendy wine bar has the power to make a place in the hearts of the people. The moody atmosphere and subdued interiors are the highlights of the bar. The involvement of one of the most fantastic wine crafters of all time, Matthew Kaner, makes it all the more special. 


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3. Barcelona Wine Bar- Atlanta, Georgia



Yet another place in the US to enjoy Spanish flavors, the Barcelona Wine Bar offers a large outdoor fireplace along with other cozy features. The rustic wood walls seem to be quite an innovative interior idea. If you are a wine lover, you must certainly pay a visit to the Barcelona Wine Bar during your US vacation and enjoy some of the finest Red and White wines and some exciting dessert wines. 


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4. The Butcher Shop- Boston, Massachusetts



Run under the supervision of well-known chef Barbara Lynch; Butcher Shop happens to be an unpretentious wine bar located in the heart of South End. If simplicity is what attracts you, then this bar is just the perfect place for you to hang out while you are on a US vacation. Highlighting the old world wines from Italy, France, and Spain, this wine bar also has a range of modern cocktails. 


5. The Four Horsemen- Brooklyn, New York



With a long list of wines that are most inclined towards the French taste, this wine bar also has an excellent menu for snacking spicy charcuterie. This wine bar is the favorite spot for hipsters along with wine lovers and is also liked by LCD Soundsystem fans. 


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6. Coopers Hall- Portland, Oregon



Rated as one of the best classic wine bars in the US, this Coopers Hall wine bar is housed in a former auto body repair shop. In the past few years, the place has gained a rapid reputation amongst Portland's artisan food hubs. The ambiance here is relatively informal, lively, and is infused with an upscale vibe. This wine bar is dedicated to the production of a particular type of wine known as keg wine. The wine menu here is carefully curated, and every bit of this place is equally appealing. 


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American Wine Events That Are Great To Experience


If you are planning a US vacation, then plan it around one of those times when the US holds some of the best wine events, and rest be assured to enjoy your vacation all the more. These wine events are an excellent chance for you to sip some unusual, rare, and edge-cutting variety of wine. These wine festivals showcase a collection of some of the best wines from across all regions. Check out the list of the wine festivals that have topped our luxury travel guide. We highly recommend you to experience these events on your US vacation. Believe us; it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 


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1. Food and Wine Classic: This one of the largest wine events that witnesses more than 5000 attendees. Held for a period of three days during late June, the Food and Wine Classics takes place in the idyllic mountain town of Aspen. The attendees of the festival include celebrities from across the world along with some of the most famed chefs and wine experts. 



2. California Wine Festival: California is known to be the largest producer of wine in the US. The California Wine Festival is a collection of wine festivals held across several cities rolled out under one title. If you wish to experience one of the most significant outdoor wine tasting events during your US vacation, Santa Barbara is the place for you. 



3. Grapefest: While Texas might not be the biggest name when wine production is considered, the state certainly holds some of the most fantastic wine fests. One such excellent wine fest is the Grapefest. Held in the month of September every year for a period of four days, wine lovers from across the country gather here to raise a toast and be a part of some very interesting challenges like GrapeStomp, where a team of 2 stomps 18 pounds of grapes in just two mins. 



4. International Pinot Noir: If you are a lover of Pinot Noir wines, this is the festival for you. This wine festival takes place in the small town of McMinnville, Oregon, in the month of July. Witnessing a collection of Pinot Noir wines from across the globe, this festival’s itinerary includes legendary Salmon Bakes. 



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