5 Best Airlines to Fly Internationally in Business Class

 Fly Internationally in Business Class

Oops! Is your back hurting? There isnt enough legroom? Feel stuck in the middle seat? When its taking your blood, sweat & tear in earning that money, why travel uncomfortably? If you are looking for the best airlines to fly internationally, you have landed at the right place. Traveling in business class is for you because you deserve it. 


In 2021, when were hoping to start traveling after the coronavirus outbreak, were going to be more critical of everything than ever. A lot of air travelers will have a sweet spot for business class. They might think its going to keep them safe & healthy. And, were sure, if youre reading this, its because you are looking for the best airlines to fly internationally in business class. 


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We know you want everything perfect from health & safety to comfort. Many airlines have updated their flying rules and have come up with a couple of gratifying experiences for air travelers. The concept of Business Class airlines has come a long way. Over the years, airlines have been exploiting the benefits of catering to business fliers. Be it the lounges, seats, in-flight entertainment systems, amenity kits, food, dedicated flight attendants everything counts in finding the best airlines to fly internationally. 


5 Best Airlines to Fly Internationally in Business Class


If you are planning to fly in 2021, this article is going to help. Weve done some real research through surveys, in-person interviews, and experiences to bring this list of best airlines to fly internationally in business class. We would recommend you go through this article till the end if you are planning international air travel any time soon. Lets take a look at the list: 


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1. EVA Air




We found that EVA Air is one of the most underrated airlines in the world through our research. We asked a couple of our leisure vacation experts to fly through the EVA Air business class. And, we got some surprising results about 80% of our experts said that EVA Air is one of the best airlines to fly internationally in business class. And guess what? Almost none of them had any complaints at all. 


EVA Air calls its long-haul business product Royal Laurel. From the specifically private seats that are arranged in 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration to the fabulous Taiwanese catering, everything is just what you expect from a business class flying experience. The seats have 78 bed length, an 81-87 pitch, and are 26 wide. The beds are incredibly comfortable, and youll get the Rimowa amenity kits. EVA Airlines is the only airline that provides pajamas & Rimowa amenity kits to its passengers. And, if you keep yourself informed before booking your flight, you can earn hefty Eva Air points & miles. The Star Alliance carrier has almost nothing to complain about. 


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2. British Airways


British Airways


British Airways is one of the best airlines to fly internationally, and it makes travelers happy about going on long-haul flights. Its when you get the opportunity to do absolutely nothing and enjoy the comfort; you would assuredly love it. Its like there are no interruptions; you can lie back all comfortably, catch up on your favorite movie, and sip a few shots of champagne. 


To fly, to serve thats the tagline of British Airways, and it rightly justifies the tagline. The British airline was the first to have introduced flat-bed seats, and every single day it is coming up with something to evolve its business class premium product. The airline is the founding member of the Oneworld alliance. According to this, the fliers can earn Avios points with its many partners. Conversely, British Airways also allows members of the other alliance to earn and redeem points & miles. 


From the quick and efficient check-in to its fast-track security and the extremely exciting lounges everything is of excellent quality. The crew members are amicable, and they will guide you for everything throughout the flight. Youll be getting a navy Elemis bag with products on the flight, consisting of a pen, earplugs, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, and a navy eye mask. You also get a series of Elemis products that consists of face moisturizer, a cleansing wipe, hand lotion, and lipstick. 


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3. Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways QSuite ticks off all the criteria for being the best airline to fly internationally in business class. Qatar Airways QSuite is best for traveling with the family and is also the best for solo air travelers. From fantastic bedding to the best-in-class amenities to the highly comfortable, fully lie-flat seat with direct aisle access, unparalleled services, and world-class catering services, its everything you need to fly king size. 


The seats are  79 long in bed mode and 21.5 wide. The seats are not that big as many other airlines, but they are designed to make you feel like you are sitting in the lap of the clouds. Through the Qatar Airways QSuite journey, you get extreme privacy with sliding doors, many storage compartments, and a seat that features do not disturb signs. One feature that makes us call it one of the best airlines to fly internationally in business class is the QSuites in the middle, which people traveling in groups can convert into a 4-person cabin. 


Also, Qatar Airways is a part of the Oneworld Alliance, and passengers can use points & miles from British Airways, American Airlines, and more. There are a lot of awards you must research before booking your trip with Qatar Airways. 


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4. Singapore Airlines A380 business class


Singapore Airlines A380 business class


The Singapore Airlines A380 business class rolled out last in 2006, updating their business premium products. It has double beds, the same as the Qatar Airways QSuites. And, some massive technology upgrades will undoubtedly add to your flying experience. The blazing high-speed Wi-Fi, along with their signature Book The Cook service and phenomenal inflight entertainment, are some of these benefits. According to air travel experts and editors at leisure.com, this is one of the best airlines to fly internationally.


Singapore Airlines A380 business class is the first airline that provides the new first-class suite. It will have access to the Air New Zealand lounge or the SilverKris Lounge. The seats in the flight are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, with 28 seats in a smaller cabin at the rear of the upper deck, and the other 50 seats in the large center cabin, just behind the first-class. 


Singapore airlines do not provide a kit, but you can find some items in the lavatories, including shaving kits, toothbrushes, earplugs, and eye masks. In addition, you also get high-end bedding to use during the flight that includes two pillows, a mattress cover, and a comforter. They may also have Singapore-branded teddy bears, so ask the crew if you are traveling with kids. 


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5. ANA




The ANA business class is one classic example of how the Japanese welcome people. All Nippon Airways (ANA) business class seats are arranged in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration, and it features direct access to the aisle. All seats are 62 in pitch, 21 wide, and have fully lie-flat beds adding to passengers comfort. And like various other airlines, ANA offers a great sleeping surface, a large inflight monitor, large footwells, tasty Japanese cuisine, and bedding. The airline also provides a decent business class amenity kit. There are too many reasons we call it one of the best airlines to fly internationally in business class. 


Throughout the flight, youll enjoy a top-notch business class experience. And, one of the best things about All Nippon Airways (ANA) is that air travelers can easily book their flight with points and miles. So, with ANA business class, youll get fantastic food, comfortable beds, top-notch services, making it a memorable experience. All Nippon Airways (ANA) has been ranked among the seven best 5-star Airlines by Skytrax, and ANA business class is consistently ranked among the best. It has always been rated high for its staff, seats, comfort, amenities, and food. 




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