Airlines Coronavirus Latest Guidelines: Know Before You Book

The mayhem coronavirus has caused, is still not over. And we’re still getting flooded with advice from authorities to follow the coronavirus guidelines. So whether you are traveling, catching a bus, going to the supermarket, or staying home— it makes sense why authorities are concerned about updating the coronavirus guidelines.”Proper prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen; it’s preventing things from happening in the first place.” — that looks very true today.


While a lot of leisure travelers have already started creating their “travel bucket list,” others are still concerned about safety while flying. To ease flyers, air travel agencies have made necessary changes and taken steps to make sure no one gets affected. 


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Last year, when the pandemic outbreak took place, air travelers struggled to get their refunds. Later on, airlines came up with several measures to fight this unexpected situation functionally. For example, many international airlines offered travel credits, which also led many flyers to turn to the Department of Transportation. In a similar vein, COVID-safety has been a matter of concern for air travelers since the pandemic outbreak. 


This article will be throwing light on the most recent measures different international airlines have been implementing. This will help you find the right spot for yourself to fly, making your journey a healthful, happy, and healing one. Read & bear with us to know what’s there for you:


1. Air New Zealand



A few months back, the Kiwi carrier announced restricting passengers and reduced it by a significant percentage. Lately, the airline has also updated many of its travel requirements and regulations. Air New Zealand says you have to be wary of all the travel requirements of where your journey is starting and where it will be ending. In a broader perspective, this knowledge of the requirement would include Pre-travel testing, Declaration forms, quarantine arrangements at the destination, Pre-travel quarantine, and passport details. If you are booking your air travel anytime soon, make sure you take care of these guidelines.


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Here are some changes Air New Zealand has announced in its services in the air and on the ground


Inflight food: A part of the services has been temporarily stopped that might increase interaction between the crew staff and the passengers. The Business premier menu has some changes (be informed). However, you can still receive special meals by making a request. 


Cleanliness: To make it safe for air travelers, the airports, aircraft, and lounge areas are being cleaned more frequently. The airline says it is using antiviral products recommended by WHO. Hand sanitizer and surgical masks are also available onboard for air travelers. 


Wearing face masks: Every passenger has to have their face covered before reaching the boarding gate. It is a prerequisite in all the flights operated by Air New Zealand. While it’s great if passengers can wear their face masks, the air carrier will also make masks available for their air travelers. For more information on travel requirements with Air New Zealand, please visit their website. 


2. American Airlines



Recently American airlines made an important announcement with regards to coronavirus safety while traveling by the air carrier. American Airlines Group Inc. came up with its pre-flight coronavirus testing program. With this, the carrier is offering a 15-minutes self-administered testing kit for international air travelers. Every passenger can order the kit via eMed and have their test done 72 hours before boarding the flight. The airline says it wants passengers to focus completely on making plans for their trip & unwinding without worrying about where to get the tests done in the first place. 


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Lately, the air carrier has also reduced its flight capacity massively by around 75%. American Airlines has partnered with the VeriFLY™ health passport app to make it easy for air travelers to fly without worrying about their safety. The air carrier is making regular updates to the flying requirements, so you must keep yourself updated by regularly visiting the AA official website


Here are some flying restrictions the air carrier has put in place:


The first thing you’ll have to confirm during check-in would be whether you have had no COVID symptoms in the past ten days or not. 


Face Covering: You have to wear a face mask, from the moment you enter the airport at the starting point to the airport at the destination. You cannot take off your mask (for a longer time) without reason, at any point in time during your journey with the air travel carrier. If anyone is found not adhering to the rule, they will be denied traveling with American airlines in the future and will have to face heavy penalties. 


List of masks acceptable: Ski masks, Gaiters, Balaclavas, masks with vents or exhaust valves, masks with lace fabric or mesh, Scarves, and Bandanas.


Not Allowed: pods/tents, Ozone generators, Portable electronic air fresheners, Portable electronic air cleaners, medical devices, Ozone generators.


3. Cathay Pacific



To help governments contain the virus’s spread and make sure travel gradually increases with passengers not worrying about getting infected, Cathay Pacific has been following all the precautionary measures as directed by WHO. In addition to that, the airline has several restrictions every air traveler is required to follow. 


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No Entry for Passengers Showing Symptoms: Those passengers showing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed entry into the airport. You must stay back home if you have:


Fever, cough, muscle ache, or sore throat. 

Have been with a COVID-19 patient within the last 14 days.

Been suffering from COVID-19.


Note: If you have recovered, make sure you are carrying along a certificate confirming your recovery.


Face masks: It is compulsory to wear a face mask at all times, whether you are in-flight or on-ground (if you are above two years of age). You’ll have to wear your mask during check-in, boarding, inside the aircraft cabin, in the lounges, during disembarkation, and as directed by the staff.


When you can take it off inside the flight: While you have to wear your mask at all times during the flight, it can be taken off only for a short span when you are eating or drinking. 


Bring your own: You will have to bring your mask when traveling with Cathay Pacific that you will wear throughout the journey. Don’t use masks with exhalation as they are not generally as effective. It should be such that it can perfectly cover your nose and mouth. 


What’s not Allowed: Personal air-purifying shields are not allowed on board for some obvious reasons. 


4. JetBlue



In the light of COVID-19, JetBlue has certain restrictions and rules in place to keep the passengers safe. The group’s safety measures are designed keeping in mind the guidelines from CDS in relation to the spread of the virus. To make sure that passengers are getting affected at a point in time during flying, the airline is taking the following steps:


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- They are conducting continuous temperature checks on all the crew members. They are being given the flexibility of availing paid sick leaves and are always directed to wear masks.

- The touchpoints are restricted, with more space between two rows of seats. 

- The surfaces are being cleaned at regular intervals. 


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