The Budget Traveler's Guide For Cheap Air Travel

Author: Megha Agarwal on May 03,2021

Gone are the days when people preferred to travel just for their work. With the development of social media, we are all aware of the uniqueness of the planet and want to go the extra mile to experience it. But the major hindrance we all face is BUDGET. We all try to make vacation affordable? And in case we won’t be able to do so, we end up putting off the travel. Undoubtedly, travel comes with a high cost, but with a bit of smartness and knowledge of travel tips, you can save money and make the vacation inexpensive more than you can imagine. And the first expense we incur is- AIR TRAVEL! It is the most expensive part of the trip, and we constantly keep on making efforts to make it cheaper. However, it is not a difficult task if you know where to look! The path of booking a frugal flight is daunting due to the availability of countless search engines, endless deals, and constantly changing prices. But with some key tips, you can save yourself from frustration, wasting a lot of time, and spending a huge chunk of money on air travel. 


Through this article, we are going to guide you with the tips that will make you learn the art of cheap air travel. If you follow these tips, you will no longer be the person who spends much on your travel. Review the complete article. It is imperative for you to be aware of the travel tips and tricks to save enough money on your travel. 


Get inspired to explore the world without putting a hole in your pocket. Pin these tips; they are going to be really helpful. 


1. Search For Your Flights Privately- Keep It Secretly



Has it ever happened that the prices of your flight got increased when you searched for it again? Well, this happens. You might think you are crazy, but No...the prices tend to change when you search for it a couple of times. This is because of the browser cookies. Every time you search for a flight, the website increases the fare. This is why we suggest keeping your searches secret. Wondering how? By using incognito or private browsing windows. Every time you open an incognito window, the cookies get rest and offer you a clean slate to do your search. So, keep your search super-secret and enjoy cheap air travel. 


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2. Don’t Believe The Myths Of Air Travel- Must Ignore Them



When we speak about cheap air travel, there are so many misconceptions. In fact, if you look for flight deals or cheap flights, you will come across tons of them. And we believe that too. But in reality, there is no such ninja technique, and following these myths will only lead you astray. Some of the common myths that believe are cheaper flights on Tuesday, incognito tab leads to a reduced price, there is a specific date to book the ticket and more. If you are someone who is looking for inexpensive travel, then please don’t get trapped. These are just the myths. 


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3. Search For A Range Of Dates- Be Flexible 



One of the essential travel tips that you need to know if you are looking for cheaper air travel is- to be flexible. Yes…if you are rigid with your travel dates, then you might end up paying more for your flights. There are many factors that control the price of the tickets, like the time of the year, number of travelers, destination, route, and more. Hence, it is advised not to limit your choice and keep a range of dates for your travel. This will help you pick the most suitable date and offer the flight at the least cost. 


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4. Avoid Peak Travel Time- Choose The Off-Peak 



You must be aware that flights charge high during peak times. But do you know that prices go as high as double the usual rate? Well, this is the reason we suggest avoiding the peak travel time and enjoy your vacation during the off-season. Even if you have planned a vacation during the festival or a peak time, it is best to make the booking at least 3-4 months before your travel. Remember, the peak time changes with the destination. In a nutshell, never choose the time when everyone is traveling, else you have to pay extra for the ticket.


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5. Check On Different Search Engines- Comparison Is Important



Search Engine places a crucial role in cheap air travel- much more than our imagination. Different search engines have inflated different prices. Hence, it is crucial to look through different search engines and compare the prices to enjoy the best bet. Also, there is no such thing as the best search engine. So, you have to search a few and choose the one which offers you the best price. Some of our top picks are Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Flights, AirWander, and JetRadar. With this in mind, spend time on your search if you really want to enjoy a budget-friendly trip. 


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6. Collect Air Travel Miles- Use Points For Free Travel



If you are a frequent flier, then air travel miles will come in great help. It is #1 way for avid travelers to enjoy free or cheaper travel. In general, when you travel a lot, you earn reward points. But in case you don’t have the points, you need not fret. We have a solution- sign up for reward programs. By doing so, you will get points along with travel perks that will help you upgrade your flights, free transport services, access to lounges, and more. To enjoy budget-friendly travel, all you need is to be smart with your money. 


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7. Book Connecting Flights- Extra Efforts For Lesser Price



A little hassle is all you are required to do for affordable air travel. If you are flying on your vacation and it involves a transfer, you must be paying less for your ticket. But it is not suggested to book the layovers that include hours of wait. This is a good option only if you plan to spend a few days at your additional destination. There are ample websites to add another destination to your trip. Some of our favorite sites include AirWander and kiwi. Remember- booking a connecting flight is undoubtedly extra work, but you will definitely enjoy the benefits by saving a lot of money.


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8. Book Deals Immediately- Don’t Wait for More



Most of us neglect low-cost flights in search of an even cheaper alternative. But in reality, this results in losing the offer that we are getting. Hence, we highly recommend you book the flight whenever you are getting a good deal. This is just because we never know for how long the offer will be valid or till when the seats will be available at the lower price. Believe us, whenever you are getting a deal, you must. It is definitely worth grabbing to enjoy inexpensive air travel. 


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9. Mix and Match Airlines- Make Smart Choices



This might sound to you like a no-brainer, but you don’t know the power of mix and match airlines. Booking your flight with an airline will offer you limited options that include the airlines and their partners. On the other hand, if you opt to book different airlines, for instance, one airline from your source destination to layover and another from the layover to the final destination. This will help you save a lot of money while traveling. For this, you can look at the websites like that will help in piece together your flight by finding the cheapest options. Use this hack; you might end up stumbling onto a fantastic air travel deal. 


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10. Make Booking At Right Time- Not Too Early Not Too Late



There is an optimum time for everything, for booking the air tickets too. If you have decided the destination and travel time, then the best option is to make the bookings well in advance. However, it should not be too early, like a year or too late, like just a few days before travel. You must look for the optimum time for making the booking which is usually two to four months before your travel. This is the time when the chances of getting great deals are high. To make better air travel choices, it is best to look for the previous travel trends. Trust us; it is definitely worth your time. 


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