The U.S. Passport Tips: A Guide For A Smooth Travel!

Traveling abroad is a lifetime experience that you will never forget. It will make you come back with more confidence, an expanded viewpoint, and a better lifestyle. Exploring a foreign land is no less than learning about different aspects of life. However, to get this fantastic foreign experience, the first thing that you need is the “Passport”. A passport is a legal document that serves as proof of citizenship. Beyond this, it is a ticket to discover a new world. Regardless of age, every traveler is required to have a passport to fly in the air. A lack of a passport is a barrier to flying and a new experience. If you are a U.S. citizen, you must have a valid passport to fly from the airlines and escape in an unknown world. 


Due to several factors, applying for a U.S. passport is a tedious and complicated procedure. But here we are to make it easier for you. If you are planning to book US airlines on your next vacation, you must review the given article. This article will introduce you to some important US passport tips that you must keep in mind while applying for a passport. Along with this, the article will take you through the application procedure. Read further and get ready for an enjoyable flight.


US Passport Tips That You Need To Know While Applying For The Passport


The process of applying for a new passport is way more tedious and complex than one ever thought off. While applying for the passport, the applicants must be very attentive to the minor details as silly mistakes will result in a delayed process or a hold on your application. But you need not worry. We are here to help you in making your process seamless. Whether you want to make the process hassle-free or you have some queries, you’re at the right place. These US passport tips will eliminate the drawbacks and help you get the passport in one-go. 


1. Get A Perfect Passport Photograph



The number one reason for the delayed procedure is the inappropriate photograph. The U.S. department has very strict guidelines when it comes to the photo of a passport. While you apply, make sure you submit the latest photograph or photo no more than 6 months ago. Also, the photo must be in perfect light and prescribe size as well as quality. Along with this, you must ensure that you get clicked without the glasses. Remember the requirements and obtain the right photograph.


2. Provide The Valid Documents



There are several documents that are required to be submitted while applying for the passport. These documents might differ with the age of the applicant. So, always reach out to the official U.S. travel website and look at the list of documents. Make sure you submit only the documents that are mentioned by the authority. Submitting any of the documents that are not considered valid by the travel authority will result in the rejection of your application.


3. Carefully Specify The Reason For Urgent Travel



In general, the authority requires the travelers to submit the passport application at least  4-10 weeks before they travel. If you are providing the department a time of more than 4 weeks for processing the passport, no reason is required to be specified. However, in case of emergency flying, you have to provide a valid reason for the trip. So, you must be very careful with the reason as it might put the application on hold.


4. Always Carry The Photocopies of the Documents



Even if it is not mentioned in the process, you must always carry the photocopies with you. It’s no harm to be prepared with everything that might be needed while submitting the documents. For the first-time application, it is always required to go in-person and submit the documents to the authority. While you are out for submission, you must carry the photocopies of your DS-11 form and other documents. 


5. Read The Instructions Thoroughly While Filling The Form



To apply for a new passport, a DS-11 form is required to be filled. Every blank in the form should be filled out completely and correctly. Applicants should always recheck the information before submitting the form. Along with this, there are a few instructions that the authorities require the applicants to follow. So, you should always start by reading the instructions and then move to the next section. The most prominent instruction is to not add a signature to the form. Make sure you read it all before filling the form.


6. Cross-Check All The Documents



Being the most vital part of the passport application, you must always be extra cautious while submitting the documents. It is always suggested to cross-check and ensure that you have all the right documents with you. Not just this, even when filling the form, you should always double-check the details that you have entered. Even a single mistake in the form will require the applicant to follow the process all over again.


U.S. Passport Application Process


Keeping the aforementioned US passport tips in mind, you can proceed further with the application process. Follow the application procedure outlined below and enjoy a lovely ride with US airlines.  


1. Fill The Online Form DS-11


The very first step of the process is to download the U.S. passport application form i.e. DS-11. To get the form, move to the official website of US travel. You can either use the online form filler or download the pdf and fill the hardcopy.


2. Gather the Required Documents


After filling the form, you have to gather all the documents that are required to be submitted with the application. Documents like evidence of citizenship, parent’s awareness or relationship evidence, valid ID, parents ID, and more should be gathered. Read the list on the official website to know the requirements. 


3. Click The Passport Photograph


Next, you have to put on a good smile and get your passport photo taken. The photo plays a vital role in the application process of a U.S. passport. So, you must be really careful with the above-mentioned US passport tips. 


4. Learn About The Passport Fees


For getting the passport, a fee is required to be paid to the U.S. government or travel authority. The passport fee consists of an application fee as well as an execution fee. Being a first-time passport applicant, you must always calculate the fee beforehand to be ready with the amount. To calculate the exact amount, you can use the online fee calculator that is available on the official website. 


5. Submit The Application In-Person


Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, you have to submit all the required documents with fees to the U.S. travel department. While applying for the first time, the submission is needed to be done by the applicant himself/herself. Make sure you carry all the documents along with the passport fee. 


6. Wait For The Processing Time


In general, the passport takes approximately 2-4 weeks to get ready. It might also get delayed or put on hold in certain situations. Once you are done with the submission, you have to wait for the specified tenure to get the passport. Till the time, you can track the status on the official website. 


We hope that this article will assist you in making the whole process simpler. These US passport tips must be remembered while applying for the passport. Get your passport ready and fly with the US airlines for an unforgettable experience. 


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