The Golfer's Bucket List: 7 Best Golf Vacations On A Budget

Do you require inspiration to plan a budget-friendly golf excursion? Want to go on a relaxing vacation and enjoy golf without breaking the bank? Is cost stopping you to enjoy a noteworthy golf vacation with your buddies? If your answers to these questions are YES, then you are at the right place. At, our editors came up with some recommendations for the best golf vacations on a budget. We all know that playing golf can be very expensive and requires you to pay for arms and legs for a single round of games. However, there are plenty of places that just ask for a little fortune to enjoy golf on your vacation. If you are unaware of those places, you must review the given list. For all the avid golfers, this is the ultimate list that will introduce them to the golf vacations that are a perfect combination of affordability and quality. Plan a vacation to these destinations and enjoy the best golf game on a budget. 


Read the list. It’s time to pack for the ultimate golf vacation!


1. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail- Alabama



More than a decade ago, when Alabama was looking for options to increase its tourism and wanted to change its status to a Retirement Destination, it came up with the solution- Golf...Golf...Golf!!! Today, there are over 11 golf sites across Alabama, 26 golf courses, and 468 championship holes. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail provides the golfers with special offers, packages, and memberships which makes it one of the best golf vacations on a budget. To make the service more accessible, this golf trail provides the option to customize the package as per the style and affordability. You can pick any of the courses that match your style and the date when you want to play the game. Together with the booking of the course, you will also get access to various discounts on hotel packages which makes it more cost-worthy. So, if you are looking for a bargain-priced golf package, then no one can compete with Robert Trent Jones. Book now and have fun!!!


2. Myrtle Beach- South Carolina



When you drive north from Florida you will reach an outstanding golf destination- Myrtle Beach. It is undoubtedly one of the finest locations for planning golf vacations within a limited budget. This place is home to 100-plus premier golf courses that are perfect for having the experience like never before. Here you can choose from different golf packages which also includes accommodation, lunch, and gift card. With so much to offer- that too at an affordable price- this destination was titled as “Golf capital of the world” or “Birthplace of the golf package”. Apart from the abundance of budget-friendly lodging, this place has a lot more to offer. Being close to the beach, here you can also enjoy the scenic views and plethora of flora and fauna. If you are on the east coast and want to relish a lifetime golf experience then look no further than Myrtle Beach. Believe us, this is the best you can get.


3. Orlando- Florida



Next on the list of best golf vacations on a budget we have- Orlando. Beyond Mickey Mouse, this place has a lot more to offer. Not just Disneyland, Orlando also offers the best of world golf courses. This mecca of golf has over 200 different courses and 18-holes. Added to this, Orlando experiences a comfortable climate year-round which makes all the days ideal for playing golf. Although golf here is not very expensive, you can make it more budget-friendly by choosing the right time. Choosing late autumn and winter vacations might ask you to pay a few extra bucks due to the higher traffic. However, if you plan in the summers, you can enjoy this outstanding game at an affordable price. In the city, the best golf spots are Dubsdread Golf Course and Orange County National. You must plan a golf trip to Orlando, there is an abundance of golf waiting for you. Believe us, Orlando is a serious competitor for the best golf trips. 


4. San Diego- California



Just like other golf vacations on a budget, San Diego also has a plethora of golf courses for every golf lover. Although this place is known worldwide for its luxury resorts, any budget can enjoy their vacation and golf in the city. Here, you can get your hands on over 90 golf courses which makes the selection of the best quite a difficult task. Among all the golf courses, the reasonably priced and the best remains the Coronado Golf Course. If you are on a budget-friendly vacation then no other golf course can be better than this. It is perched on the San Diego Bay shores which offers breathtaking views from the golf course. At this place, you can enjoy the game at $50 approximately which will cost you around $150 if you go anywhere else. Not just the cost-worthy, the golf courses in the city are unarguably a once-in-a-lifetime experience to enjoy the game. Always remember- “Practice as you’ve never won and Play as you’ve never lost.” Book one and enjoy the game!


5. Palm Springs- California



When we talk about the best golf vacations on a limited budget, Palm Springs is an outstanding name that you will get to hear. This valley has a diverse golf terrain with more than 124 staggering golf courses which are the highest in the whole world. Although this place is known as a spa destination, the golf experience here is also unbeatable. Here you will find golf courses for all levels of players ranging from beginner to expert as well as for all the budgets. To get your hands on the best deals and great opportunities for golf, you must plan a vacation to Palm Springs in the summer season. Among all the golf courses, the best and affordable in the valley is undoubtedly Desert Princess Palm Springs Golf Resort. It features 27 golf holes that are perfect for all levels of players. Not just the golf, this valley is also known for shopping, hiking, biking, and more. If it sounds interesting, do plan a vacation. You will surely have a good time.


6. Pinehurst- North Carolina



If you want to challenge your golfing skills, no other destination can be better than Pinehurst. Just like Myrtle Beach is popular as the “Golf Capital of the World”, Pinehurst is famous as the “Cradle of American Golf”. Started back in 1985 with its first cottage, this city has now expanded itself into a renowned golf course destination in the world. If you are on a hunt for one of the best golf vacations within a budget, then visiting Pinehurst will be worth your time. Although there are not many golf courses in the city like others, they are great to experience. There are 9 outstanding golf courses to choose from that offer amazing play-and-stay deals. The packages here not just include the game but also the accommodations and dining which makes them budget-friendly. Here you can have a fun gaming experience without spending a ton of money. If you are an avid golfer, this is the place that must be on your bucket list. 


7. St. George- Utah



St. George is one among all the other best golf vacations on a budget that is hard to beat. It just takes two hours to reach St. George from Las Vegas. This is the place where you can enjoy the game of golf with a backdrop of red canyon walls and lava rocks. Along with the great backdrop, here you can play golf with a fee as low as $50. This amount might also go down in the summer days when the temperature gets high. Saint George is popularly known as the Golf Capital of Utah. At this golf destination, you will find unique 18-hole golf courses which might cost you more if you won’t plan your vacation carefully. However, if you are a price-conscious golfer who wants to enjoy the game without breaking your bank then you must plan for Sand Hollow Golf Resort, Southgate Golf Club, Sunbrook Golf Club, etc. These are not just the cheapest but also the best golf courses in Utah. So, on your next vacation to Utah, do count golf even if you are traveling on a budget. 


These are the 7 best golf vacations on a budget for all golf lovers. The aforementioned list has all the destinations that are ideal for couples, families, and even for a solo vacation. Review the list, plan an excursion, and enjoy a fantastic golf vacation. 


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