Hi Folks! These Are The Budget-Friendly Resorts In Maldives

Author: Megha Agarwal on Apr 08,2021

“Off to ocean... It’s time to lose your mind and find your soul.”


Maldives white sand beaches and tranquil blue water makes it an ideal tropical paradise. It is a destination that enthralls guests year-round to relish the sun-kissed beaches, iconic lagoons, sparkling seas, and much more. But whenever we think of a trip to the Maldives, we usually take our time and look into our wallets to see how much a trip would cost. We too understand- the Maldives seems like a pricey destination with luxurious resorts. But that’s not true. Yes, there are ample luxurious resorts in the Maldives, but you can find a few budget-friendly resorts too. We did thorough research and came up with this myth-busting leisure travel guide. Reading this article will make you understand that- Yes, affordable resorts exist. It will surely prove to you that to enjoy the Maldivian paradise, you don’t need to break your bank. 


Through this leisure travel guide, we bring to you the list of the top 8 budget-friendly resorts which guarantee a great holiday experience in the Maldives without putting a hole in your pockets. These budget resorts are all-inclusive water villas with all the modern amenities and amazing adventurous activities. The resorts will give you the best bang in a few bucks. Carefully look at the list, they are actually the fantastic deals


Take your flip-flops, pack swimwear, and immerse yourself in a fun-filled beach vacation. Remember- “The tans will fade… but memories will last.”


With this, let’s take a look at the resorts…


1. Embudu Village Resort



About: It is a dream tropical escape destination that is specially designed for providing the guest peace of mind. This resort has an ongoing success story and today it has become one of the best budget-friendly resorts in the Maldives. Although it might not seem a luxury to you, it has everything that you are looking for.


Offerings: What’s better than a holiday with a little pampering? If you want to take out some time for your own and enjoy a relaxing vacation on a budget, then Embudu resort is the best. It has all the required amenities like a swimming pool, gym, tranquil island views, water fun activities, and much more. 


Price: Starting from $90.6 (Without Taxes)


Address: Embudu Village South Male atoll, 20012, Maldives


Website: Embudu Village Resort



2. Eriyadu Island Resort, North Male Atoll



About: It’s time to plan a perfect escape with Eriyadu Island Resort. This splendid resort is nested on a vast island of 475,000 square feet and is of typical Maldivian style offering warm hospitality and a memorable experience. You must choose this resort if you are luring for a relaxing vacation. 


Offerings: The guests booking Eriyadu Island Resort for their vacations get to enjoy a plethora of activities that are perfect for a memorable experience. Here you will get to enjoy the garden spa, swimming pool, exceptional cafe and bar, water activities, and more. Along with this, it is a great fitness and wellness center that is a must-visit. 


Price: Starting from $102.31 (Without Taxes)


Address: North Male' Atoll Kaafu Atoll, 08210, Maldives


Website: Eriyadu Island Resort


3. Reethi Beach Resort, Baa Atoll



About: Reethi Beach Resort is an unspoiled setting in the Maldives which welcomes you for an unforgettable experience. This place is one of the best budget-friendly resorts which is highly popular among travelers for its first-class comfort in a unique Maldivian-style setting. 


Offerings: Amidst tropical forest, Reethi Beach Resort is not just a 5-star resort but also an ultimate spa and wellness retreat, private excursion villa, and water sports complex. Right from villas to dining to water sports to other facilities, this place is an ideal vacation spot. 


Price: Starting from $162 (Without Taxes)


Address: Fonimagoodhoo, Baa Atoll, Maldives


Website: Reethi Beach Resort


4. Meeru Island Resort & Spa



About: “On earth, there is no heaven...but there are pieces of it.” One such piece is Meeru Island Resort & Spa. Surprisingly, this eye-pleasing resort is one of the cheapest and budget-friendly resorts in the Maldives. It is placed on a tropical island and all surrounded by turquoise lagoons, white-sand beaches, and scenic views. 


Offerings: This 32-hectare wide resort is a rustic destination with a wide range of amenities. Visiting this resort is an ultimate experience of all: sea, land, and air. Here, at one of the best budget-friendly resorts, you can enjoy a lot of fun activities like golf, live music, movie night, cultural dance performances, beach volleyball, a kids-wading pool, and a lot more.


Price: Starting from $348 (Without Taxes)


Address: North Male' Atoll, Republic Of Maldives


Website: Meeru Island Resort & Spa


5. Kandima Maldives



About: Kandima Maldives is much more than a mere resort. It is an exceptionally stylish resort that represents itself as a “tropical activity jungle”. Visiting this resort is a life-changing experience with extraordinary hospitality and offerings.  


Offerings: This beautiful resort is packed with ample offerings like yoga classes, water sports, weekly DJs, appetizing food, and much more. Here you will also get to enjoy a jacuzzi or infinite swimming pools. It is a place where you can enjoy a lot of perks during your stay in the Maldives. 


Price: Starting from $ 363.05 (Without Taxes)


Address: Dhaalu Atoll Kandima Island, 20066 Kudahuvadhoo, Maldives


Website: Kandima Maldives


6. Kurumba Maldives, North Male Atoll



About: This upscale resort is one of the oldest places to stay in the Maldives. It is a beautiful setting surrounded by majestic coconut plantations and white-sand beaches. Kurumba is a place full of surprises. Once you visit this dreamy resort, you will surely come back with a smiling face.


Offerings: This is a place where every moment counts. Right from fun-filled water sports to lively entertainment to traditional activities, this is the place that will please everyone. Must visit this resort, it has much more than you think.


Price: Starting from $224 (Without Taxes)


Address: Vihamanaafushi, North Male Atoll 08340, Maldives


Website: Kurumba Maldives


7. Summer Island Maldives Resort, North Male Atoll



About: “It is the place where dreams become reality.” You can describe this resort as ultimate relaxation and peace. It is one of the beautifully designed budget-friendly resorts where you can run barefoot on white-sand beaches and enjoy magnificent views. Must visit this resort, it is an out-of-the-world experience that is within your reach.


Offerings: This is a beautiful property on a fantastic island where you can spend your long lovely days amidst beautiful water. The amenities here include a sundown sailboat, fishing, adventurous activities, barbeque dinner, and whatnot.


Price: Starting from $290 (Without Taxes)


Address: North Male Atoll, 20012, Maldives


Website: Summer Island Maldives Resort


8. Gangehi Island Resort & Spa, Ari Atoll



About: Nested on a pristine and quiet island, Gangehi Resort offers pearl white sand, lush foliage, splendid view, beautiful coconut palms, and clear blue sky. It is an authentic Maldivian-style Resort which is one of the best budget-friendly resorts which is designed for an ultimate experience.  


Offerings: This overwater villa provides the most beautiful rooms with all the modern amenities, private access to the beach, ultimate garden view, and more. They also have their own restaurants to dine in and various activities and spas for relaxation.


Price: Starting from $265 (Without Taxes)


Address: Gangehi Island 09120, Maldives


Website: Gangehi Island Resort & Spa


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