Want to Discover Albania? Check out These Top Festivals

Author: Sonali Pathak

Are you looking to learn new historical facts and witness some incredible natural sights? Curious to know more about the spectacular architecture & the cultural heritage of Albania? Book your Albania vacation package to catch some of the top festivals in Albania so you can experience & know more about the Balkan country in the past & present. 


Be it the natural beauty, the architectural abundance, or the history— Albania has everything. Catch the sun at the Albanian Riviera, spend time at the Berat Castle, or try a game at the Qemal Stafa Stadium— it’s all fun and enriching at the same time. Albania has so much more to offer than what we usually think. 


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And, that’s not all — Albania celebrates some of the most exciting festivals that you would not witness anywhere else in the world. This slice of paradise will take you through its colonial past when you get to experience a few of its enthralling festivals. So if you are booking your Albania vacation package anytime soon, make sure you get to experience at least a few of the interesting ones. Albania majestically combines its rich culture, untouched coastline, & historic towns, making it one of the most beautiful travel destinations for festival lovers. 



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Here we’ve created a list of top festivals in Albania that might help you with your Albania vacation package. 


1. Korça Beer Festival



When: August

Where: Korçë

Spans: 5 Days


Korça Beer Festival is the most significant public event in Albania, which takes place for five days. More than 100,000 people participate in the festival. The spectators get to witness a considerable crowd, mainly because of the free entry, a massive variety of different beers & the special music concerts happening around the country. So, it’s a great experience if you are looking to plan your Albania vacation packages during August.


In 2010, the festival also received the Albania Tourism Award. The Korca Beer Festival was first organized in 2007. Over 14,000 pints of beer are served during the festival. Korca is the name of the town that hosts the festival, and it’s the oldest & most loved brand of beer in Albania. Besides beer, you can also participate in live music, traditional food, and dance performances during the Korça Beer Festival.


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2. South Outdoor Festival



When: April

Where: Borsh, south Albania

Spans: 4 Days


The South Outdoor festival is the celebration of everything that one can enjoy outdoors. The festival celebrates tradition, culture, music, culinary & more. It’s a 4-day event during which incredible outdoor activities take place. Travelers from all over the country come to witness, participate, & join this celebration. 


It’s a great experience especially for people who are traveling to Albania for the first time. Book your next Albania vacation package around April so you can be a part of this fantastic celebration. The South Outdoor Festival takes place in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism. The aim is to promote Albania tourism through different activities like music, sports, art & nature.


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3. Kala Festival



When: September

Where: Dhërmi 

Spans: 7 Days


Kala Festival is a boutique festival celebrated on the gorgeous beach of Dhërmi located on the Albanian Riviera. During this celebration, many activities are happening — from sumptuous food to several wellness activities, and so much more. This year, the Kala festival will take place from September 1 to September 8. Also, Dhërmi, with an already romantic atmosphere, makes the festival way more exciting. The festival was first organized in 2018, after which it became a huge hit, attracting people from across the globe to witness the Kala Festival celebration. What can be a better way of knowing Albania closely than an authentic experience? Book your Albania vacation package in September— it is when many other festivals are happening across the country. 


This popularity and merrimaking moments have made Kala one of the best summer beach festivals in Europe. During the day, the participants enjoy exploring the paradisiacal beaches, music, wellness activities, great food, and more. And, the night is all about amazing celebratory ambiance with DJs, live acts, and dance parties. While the festival was canceled last year because of the pandemic, Albanians are already excited about the Kala Festival 2021 celebration.


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4. Dita e Veres



When: March 14

Where: Elbasan, Tirana

Spans: 1 Day


Did you know there’s a festival that was celebrated (in some form) even before the birth of Christianity? Initially, the Dita e Veres was popular in Elbasan, which slowly spread through the country. Today, Dita e Veres is all about family traditions in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. According to a ritual, Albanians wear a traditional bracelet made by weaving together red & white thread. They remove the bracelet at the end and hang it around a tree as a symbol of good luck. 


The festival is also called Summer Day, which celebrates the end of the winter season and symbolizes hope & happiness with a new beginning. Dita e Veres was declared a public holiday in Albania in 2008. People also keep a clump of grass wrapped in soil and the roots in their homes to bring good luck. Albanians enjoy a unique cookie called ballokume along with their friends and family. 


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5. Tomato Festival



When: September

Where: Shengjergj village

Spans: 4 Days


The Tomato Festival might not be as famous in other parts of Albania, but it is celebrated every year in Shengjergj village in the month of September. Like many other Mediterranean coastal areas, the Shengjergj village still considers tomatoes to have the same aroma and flavor because of their organic nature. And, that is the reason the locals celebrate with so much love & zeal. If you are planning to book Albania vacation packages somewhere in September, make sure you attend this festival. You can get along with locals, wander around and try some delicious Albanian food. 


Also, it’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a family vacation and take part in paragliding, kids’ shows, and barbecues. The Shengjergj village is conveniently located a short distance away from the capital city of Tirana and you’ll enjoy the drive through the breathtaking Priska pass. The Tomato Festival also has plenty of dance performances displaying the culture and tradition of Albania. And, apart from the music & folk dance performances, you can also grab hold of beautiful souvenirs that you can take home. 


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6. ION Festival



When: September

Where: Dhërmi, Albania

Spans: 8 Days


ION is a week-long festival celebrated in the Dhërmi village located on the Albanian Riviera. As many as 3,000 like-minded people gather around to enjoy this yearly musical festival. ION is a different kind of celebration, it’s not just a festival but it invites locals & tourists for an authentic holiday experience. The entire week is packed with several activities, excursions & experiences. Massive parties with electronic music are organized all through the village. 


If you are planning to book Albania vacation packages, you’ll get to see & know a lot about Albania & its people. It’s a four-day festival, which presents a lot for its people — from high-octane parties to super-energetic music. The festival will truly mesmerize you until sunrise for all four days during the celebration. 


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7. Albanian Independence Day



When: 28 November

Where: Tirana

Spans: 1 Day


Dita e Pavarësisë, the Independence Day of Albania, is celebrated every year on November 28. The country gained independence from the rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1912. It is the most important public holiday in Albania, as it marks the beginning of a new era in Albania after hundred years of Ottoman Empire rule. No matter which city, state, or village you have in your Albania vacation packages itinerary— you’ll see something interesting happening around during this time. 


Several concerts, musical programs, and ceremonies are organized all through the country. The capital city, Tirana, raises the Albanian Flag in the presence of the President, Prime Minister, and other Government officials of Albania. People visit and honor the graves of the martyrs. You can witness the scene of celebrity singers & dancers all through the country, especially if you are in Tirana. You’ll see many people on the street wrapped in Albanian flags to show pride for their country. And, most of the concerts and musical performances are organized in central Tirana and are free— so it’s going to be fun if you have bought your Albania vacation package in November. 



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