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All set for your Albania vacation? Are you sure? Not really, shopping must be on your checklist— you want to bring some fantastic souvenirs back home, isn’t it? Confucius once said, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart!” And, today, when I have traveled through many of the spots on the map, I can say you can’t miss any of them. I read somewhere, “There's nothing more thrilling than arriving in a new place on your own and feeling the sense of possibility and excitement that brings with it.” — and I felt it, that’s so true. So, when you are booking your best Albania vacation packages in 2021, after so long, it's a sin to forget to explore the best shopping places in the country. Can you? I’m sure you can’t!


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Tirana being the center of Albania’s commercialization, it’s commendable, how it today stands as a major player within only a brief period from when the country became a free market from a communist economy. You have to spend a whole day understanding how easy it is to shop around the capital city — but then you have to be adept enough at the best shopping places in Albania. We conducted a small online survey to get an idea from our travelers & to help you choose the best Albania vacation packages in 2021 — most of them said the sales associates are welcoming and will guide you in the right direction. 



Top Shopping Places in Albania

1.Universe Shopping Mall

2.Tirana East Gate (TEG)


4. Myslym Shyri

5. Toptani Shopping Center

6. Old Bazaar (Pazari i Vjeter), Kruje

7. Ring Center


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While we can’t expect anything like New York's Fifth Avenue, you can find most of the top brands within different shopping places in Albania. Your shopping experience in Albania can be a fantastic experience for its proximity to Italy’s culture. In particular, you can find imposing quality Italian shoes in various markets across the country— and the best part is that they will cost you about one-third of what they might cost in other parts of Europe. In Tirana, the capital city of Albania, Rr. Myslym Shyri and Tirana’s Bllok district are some of the top shopping places. Albania has developed into a good shopping place in Europe in a pretty short period— you can see several shopping galleries & malls. Picking the right Albania vacation packages in 2021 is a significant part of making it happen. This article will take you through some of the top shopping places in Albania— let’s see what’s in store for you!


1. Universe Shopping Mall





Address: Highway Tirana - Durres, Km 6, Tirana, Albania

Working Hours: 9:00 AM t0 9:00 PM

Phone: +355 42 380 100



The Universal Shopping Centre (QTU) is located somewhere around the western part of the city center. It is spread in an area of about 13,600 square meters, and many do not know that it is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. You can easily catch a free shuttle from the National Museum to the QTU, which takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The shopping center began functioning in 2005 October — and whether you want to enjoy some time with your friends or family, or maybe you want to shop, this is one of the best places in Albania. And, there are plenty of entertainment options for children. The bus station is located just in the proximity of QTU, and buses depart & arrive every minute until 8:00 PM. If you are looking for ideas before booking Albania vacation packages in 2021, check out our page. 


2. Tirana East Gate (TEG)




Address: Rruga Nacionale, Autostrada Tiranë - Elbasan, Tiranë 1045, Albania

Working Hours: 9: 00 AM to 9:30 PM

Phone: +355 4 239 5001


Tirana East Gate (TEG) is the biggest of all the shopping centers in the country. If you wish to spend some time shopping around, there is no better place than TEG— you will find most of the top brands here, including LTB, PULL & BEAR, Zara, Bershka, and Zara. This place certainly offers a lot more than just making a pick for the best brands on the city’s outskirts. The 42,000 square-meter commercial centers are inundated with various inviting cafes, supermarkets, and a multitude of other leisure facilities. The mall has as many as five restaurants, 10 bars & cafes, and 180 shops within two floors. In addition to the brands, there are also some local brands of fast-food restaurants, including Kolonat. You can easily catch a bus, with four bus lines connected super conveniently connecting the mall with the city. Tirana East Gate (TEG) can be a great pick for shopping in your Albania vacation packages in 2021.


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3. CityPark





Address: SH2, Vorë 1032, Albania

Working Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM

Phone: +355 4 237 6424



Citypark Albania is another of the top shopping malls in the country. Featuring the impeccable class of sophisticated designs & international style— you can enjoy some best moments of your Albania vacation packages in 2021. Since Albania began recovering from its tumultuous economic past, there have been various international standard developments taking place, and Citypark is one of them. Most leisure vacation travel packages will have you visit through this laidback, beautifully built mall— whether you wish to shop for the best souvenirs or get entertained on a family vacation, this is the best place, according to editors & travel experts. The Citypark features around 180 shops, entertainment areas, hotels, and supermarkets. 


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4. Myslym Shyri




Website: N/A

Address: Tiranë

Working Hours: All Day

Phone: N/A

Email: N/A


If you wish to get a little deeper & learn about Albania’s culture, plan a visit to Myslym Shyri in your Albania vacation packages in 2021. It is the most popular shopping street in the Bewitching Balkan country. Whether you are looking out for shoes, Albania clothes, or any other products, you would find them on either side of the street. And, the good news for frugal travelers is that they are available at reasonable prices— most of these products are exported from Italy & Greece. Myslym Shyri is often called a walker’s paradise, and you don’t have to depend on your vehicle to get around along the street. And, the best part is the greenery all through the road that makes the shopping experience refreshing. Some of the best Albanian parks are located in the street’s proximity, including— Sheshi Skënderbej, Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania, and Parku Rinia. 


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5. Toptani Shopping Center




Address: Rruga Abdi Toptani 1001, Tiranë, Albania

Working Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM

Phone: +355 4 454 0999




With a distance of about 400 meters from the city center in Tirana, the Toptani Shopping Center is easily accessible. Covering seven floors, in an area of about 12,790 m2, the mall features around two restaurants, five cafes, and 80 shops. The underground floor is made the parking area, which accommodates about 600 vehicles at a time. It is a much-loved shopping space for travelers as well as for the locals. This is one of the parts of the recent developments ( post-socialist chaos) of the country. Toptani Shopping Center is another place you can add to your shopping spree destination in the Albania vacation packages in 2021. Whether you wish to enjoy some wonderful time sitting amidst the great architecture sipping on a cup of coffee or wish to window shop around the high-end brands, Toptani Shopping Center is the apt place to consider.


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6. Old Bazaar (Pazari i Vjeter), Kruje



Website: N/A

Address: Rruga Albanopolis, Kruje 1501 Albania

Working Hours: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Phone: N/A

Email: N/A


If you have Kruje in your itinerary included with your Albania vacation packages in 2021, wandering around the fantastic old Bazaar is just crazy. Old Bazaar (Pazari I Vjeter) is one of the top highlights of any leisure vacation travel packages in Albania. It was the first shopping experience for the Albanians after the socialist chaos. However, it's not too big with just two blocks, but it’s pretty charming and the perfect place for you to pick some unique souvenirs. Shopkeepers are sitting on either side of the street, and they will keep inviting you to visit their stores. You would see some incredibly unique items in most hops, including Kilims, dowry chests, old wooden bowls, utensils, and furniture churns. 



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7. Ring Center





Address: Ring Center, Tirana, Albania

Working Hours: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Phone: +90 212 657 55 55



Ring Center is one place where shopping is just what any shopaholic will wish through their leisure vacation travel packages. It is one of those Albania’s centers where shopping is of the European standard. It’s one place, I always ask people to add to their Albania vacation packages in 2021. More than that, its location, just about a 500-meter distance from the city center, makes it easily accessible. Within an area of 55,000 square meters, it comprises 70 shops, many cafes, bars, a health center, and a 3,800 sqm hypermarket. The sophisticated concept with which the Ring Center is built offers the perfect space for travelers and locals to shop around and get entertained incredibly. Tirana Ring Center is among one of the most conveniently accessible shopping centers in the capital city. 



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