Albania Vacation Package: Top Hotels Across the Balkan Country!

Albania is one of the friendliest destinations in Europe! With just a population of 2.8 million, it makes for a fantastic vacation, all away from all the commotion. From the epicure to the history buffs and the beach lovers— there is something for everyone. But in times we live today, just booking the best Albania vacation package would not get the job done before anything else; read the CDC travel advisory and Albania travel advisory thoroughly. So that’s when you’re ready to go— book an Albania vacation package, know about the best places to travel in Albania, book the top hotels in Albania & go about the other aspects of your vacation. 


For decades, this beautiful Balkan state was not as popular among tourists as it is today. But, you have so much to discover now— from the mountains to lakes to several magical beaches. And, there are plenty of options when it’s about booking top hotels with your Albania vacation package. Whether you wish to stay in Saranda, Tirana, the capital city, or any other parts of the country, there are many options. We have rounded up some of the top hotels in Albania. This list would help when you would finally look out to book an Albania vacation package. We have created this simply as your Albania leisure travel guide focusing on the top accommodation options in the Balkan country. 


Albania Vacation Package: Top Hotels to Book Across the Balkan Country!


Albania’s rich history, unique culture, splendid architecture, amazing scenes, magically magnificent beach life, and spectacular mountains make it one of the top destinations on any European vacation. Let’s see the accommodation options available when booking an Albania vacation package. 


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1. Palace Hotel & SPA



Location:  Durrës


Hotel Website:


Palace Hotel & Spa, the 5-star hotel located in Durres, faces the Adriatic sea and is one of the top places to stay on your Albania vacation. If you want to visit in and around Durrës, then this is one of the best options. When you are looking for an Albania vacation package, do consider Palace Hotel & SPA. The hotel offers its guests plenty of luxury amenities, including — Spa, a piano bar, an outdoor pool, a private beach, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool. Its located conveniently, just about 30 minutes from Tirana’s airport. All rooms & suites are inclusive of sofa seating, a minibar, a flat-screen satellite TV, and air conditions— and the staff is extremely amicable. Whether you are booking a luxury Albania vacation packages or going for a business trip or family vacation— Palace Hotel & SPA has to be one of the best choices in and around Durrës. We thought including this hotel in this leisure travel guide will help our readers with their dream vacation. 


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2. Maritim Hotel Plaza



Location: Tirana


Hotel Website:


Located conveniently in downtown Tirana, the Maritim Hotel Plaza is one of the most loved hotels in Albania. From business travelers to luxury vacationers, all eyes on this luxurious hotel when booking Albania vacation packages— and for plenty of obvious reasons. The Maritim hotel is within the business & shopping district of Albania.  Top attractions like Opera and Ballet Theatre, the famous Ensemble Theatre, the House of Parliament are in proximity of the hotel. Whether you are a business traveler, a luxury vacationer, or a solo traveler— the newly built Maritim Hotel Plaza is a perfect choice. 


3. Hotel Brilant



Location: Tirana


Hotel Website:


Located just about 6 km from Newborn Monument, Hotel Brilant includes all the necessary amenities you would ever imagine to be in an Albania vacation package. The hotel has everything you need, from Michel-starred restaurants to a magnificent garden, free private parking, and free WiFi. The family rooms in the hotel are all air-conditioned, equipped with flat-screen Television, and are inclusive of everyday breakfast. And, some of the top tourist attractions are located just about in the proximity of the Hotel Brilant—  Skanderbeg Statue, which is just about 7 km from the hotel & Emin Gjiku Ethnographic Museum, which is just about 8 km from the hotel. And, the bus station is also located in the vicinity — within half a mile from the hotel, from where you can get buses to the top cities, including Berat, Gjirokastër, Vlorë, and Tirana. Isn’t it a great deal to have it included in your Albania vacation package? 


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4. Hotel Vila Aleksander Berat



Location: Berat


Hotel Website:


Are you planning your stay in Berat? Ask your Albania vacation package expert to book your accommodation at Hotel Vila Aleksander Berat. Located just about one kilometer from the heart of Berat in Mangalem, the Hotel Vila Aleksander is very close to the castle of Berat. The hotel has been built inside a house belonging to the 19th-century. The UNESCO protected area was rebuilt & renovated in a traditional style with wrought iron, wood, and stones. Overlooking the Osum River, there are two terraces where guests get an opportunity to relax & rejuvenate. Some of the top tourist attractions are in the hotel’s proximity, including — Berat Castle, about 0.1 km away, Quarter Of Gorica, just about 0.5 km, Kisha Shen Triadha, and the National Ethnographic Museum a few meters away. This leisure travel guide specifically aims to help you with the best accommodation options in different parts of Albania & Hotel Vila Aleksander Berat is undoubtedly one of those options. 


5. Hotel Sole



Location: Tirana


Hotel Website:


The hotel Sole is a boutique-style property styled with flamboyant bars, an impeccably designed dining area, and free Wi-Fi in the hotel area. The hotel rooms include a cable TV, a private bathroom with a shower, complimentary toiletries, and a mini-bar. Besides, Hotel Sole has laundry facilities, ironing, excellent room service— and more. The lobby area is so designed where guests can relax & rejuvenate.  Jungceylon Shopping Center & Patong Beach are just about 5 minutes & 10-minutes away from the hotel, respectively. Some rooms include private balconies and include Thai-style wooden furniture. At Hotel Sole restaurants, you get Thai & Italian dishes— and an array of drinks in a relaxing atmosphere. Tirana is an excellent option that most Albania vacation package experts would recommend. 


6. Hotel Magllara



Location: Saranda


Hotel Website:


Located in the heart of Sarandë, just about 700 meters from Maestral Beach and about just a few steps away from Saranda City Beach, Hotel Magllara is one of the top choices when you are looking for Albania vacation packages. The hotel rooms include a terrace, free private parking, and more. Besides, it features air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi all through, and all rooms have private bathrooms— all rooms have a flat-screen TV and a desk. One of the top attractions of Albania, Sarande Main Beach, is just about one km away from Hotel Magllara. And, travelers staying in the hotel can visit the check out Saint Charalampos Orthodox Church, which is just about 0.2 km from the hotel. Gerthela and various seafood restaurants, including La Petite, Mare Nostrum Cuisine, and Bar Restaurant Limani— visitors often love to visit. If you plan to stay in Saranda, ask your Albani vacation package agent to book your accommodation at the Hotel Magllara. We could not have thought of not giving a mention of Hotel Magllara in our Leisure travel guide when we talked about the best hotels in Albania. 


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7. Hotel Utopia



Location: Ksamil


Hotel Website:


Hotel Utopia, located just about 3.9 km from Butrint National Park in Ksamil, features all the essential luxury amenities. All rooms include a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a desk, and the hotel is inclusive of swanky bars. The visitors get an opportunity to enjoy the sea views with all rooms inclusive of balconies. The rooms have a wardrobe, air-conditioning, and the hotel staff is extremely amicable. What else would you expect from any Albania vacation package?? The city center, National Park, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Albania are close to the Hotel Utopia. The hotel has a swanky bar where visitors can enjoy their time, and it also offers an opportunity to sink in the exciting view. 


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