Incredible Restaurants For Outdoor Dining in Los Angeles

Author: Megha Agarwal on Feb 02,2021

From the center of wildness to the metropolitan night, Los Angeles has several gems for an open-air dining experience. When the weather is suitable, nothing can be better than enjoying dinner outside. With delicious food under the sky, the experience becomes unforgettable. Whether you are looking to enjoy under-the-tree dining or a beachside view with your meal or dining up in the hills, you must review the given article. We have picked the best dining restaurants in Los Angeles that make you visit again and again. Although the options are endless, these are the finest alfresco restaurants that you must visit. 






This al fresco restaurant is extended to two floors over a splendid historical building. Highlighting the nearby offices and neighboring Pershing square, this restaurant offers a beautiful bird’ eye view of the miles. Perch is all about the beautiful aura and is perfect for the french rooftop dining experience. Dining here will let you witness the beautiful sunset which transforms the downtown LA offices into amusing castles. The outdoor patio has tables around the greenery that gives the customers pleasure and the fireplace brings warmth and comfort. With amazing city views, live music, cold weather, and french gourmet this restaurant is idyllic for a lovely dinner date. 


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L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele



This iconic Naples import is the world's famous and oldest pizza outlet. It has gained Hollywood popularity when Elizabeth Gilbert toured these restaurants in her memoir- Eat, Love, Pray. Other than the Hollywood recognition, this restaurant was largely known to people for its authenticity and versatility. This LA hot spot is all lined with white and blue tiles, tall trees, and exuberant foliage which gives it a classic vibe. Along with the beautiful dining area, the centerpiece of this alfresco restaurant is the exhibition kitchen that welcomes the customers upfront. The tree-lined back windowed kitchen showcases the wood-fired pizza process. Beyond this, pizza at L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is stunning too. 






One of the breeze-filled and finest dining restaurants in the city, A.O.C., offers an impression of an Italian villa in Los Angeles. At A.O.C, french landscapes meet Napa and provide the best outdoor dining experience of the two different worlds. To add a layer of beauty to the restaurant, they own an olive tree that shades the dinner plates. The wide umbrellas at the restaurant offer the diners the cover on a sunny day and fire lamps provide warmth on a chilling night. Together with the beautiful scenery, Suzanne Goin’s freshly prepared meals are the cherry on the cake. The colorful plates and shareable dishes of A.O.C. are even more picturesque than the beauty of the restaurant. 


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The new Mediterranean idea, Momed, is a beautiful alfresco dining spot lying along the railways and lets the diners hear the horn blast from time to time. The alluring contemporary design, fresh and sophisticated cuisine, and creative outdoor setting lure the people to visit Momed. With white and grey tiles and a wooden front, the concrete patio of Momed is just amazing. It has plenty of open patio space which is all covered with marble seatings, wooden tables, and white wicker chairs. When it comes to food, Momed embraces the simple and natural flavors of various Mediterranean countries with their own vibrant twist. While dining here, you can expect some creative and non-traditional cuisine that will relish your taste buds. 






This courtyard restaurant is one of the loveliest and attractive dining spots in the city. Being located in the heart of Beverly Hills, this restaurant enhances dining with splendid views all around. The retractable roof, outdoor fireplace, olive trees, and white table clothes offer an unforgettable dining experience at Spago. It is the place where you can spot various celebrities dining with their loved ones, and paparazzi surrounding them. The Spago is well-known for its iconic menus and exceptional quality of service. Dining in here will leave you awe-struck with the delectable cuisine and hospitality. Involving yourself with salmon flatbread and a plate of handmade agnolotti is the best thing you can do here.


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Nobu Malibu



Nobu Malibu, one of the finest alfresco dining restaurants, is a beautiful place that will take you to a magical land. This waterfront restaurant faces the Surfrider Beach and Malibu Pier that lets you relish the sand footprints and scenic views while enjoying the delectable cuisine. The patio of Nobu Malibu features timber all over the wall and plenty of natural light. Witnessing the pounding waves, breezy vibes, and bonsai trees from the lounge seats uplift the whole experience of fine dining. Not just the insane setting on the beach, this spot presents flavorsome Pan-Asian food. The menu of this famous restaurant is designed by chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Its yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño and black cod with miso is the food items that are as stunning as the surroundings. 


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The Draycott



This is a California-inspired restaurant started by a beautiful couple- Marissa and Matt Hermer. It serves safe and traditional recipes with ingredients from local but with a classic British touch. The alfredo setting of this restaurant is one of the sunniest and most trendy places in the city. To dine in The Draycott gives the diners the vibe of the “Garden Party”. Although it is the chicest spot to dine in, having a meal here is an unforgettable experience. Being operated by a couple, it remains a family-spot to have amazing meals. Driven by delectable European cuisine, this restaurant is a perfect blend of European’s atmosphere and a comfortable day-round atmosphere.  


Alta Adams



This is a kind of homely and relaxing place which is located in historic West Adams of Los Angeles. It offers the diners a robust environment with excellent food and drinks. The gorgeous backyard of this amazing restaurant is lined with stringed lights and bottles of wine. This provides this spot an ideal atmosphere to enjoy alfresco dining. With ample people sitting here, this place is still quiet and offers a comfortable vibe to the diners. As soon as you enter the Alta Adams, you will feel the vibe that will make your whole day. Apart from amazing sitting, the food that this restaurant serves lures the visitors. The culinary view of Alta Adams is led by Chef Keith Corbin and Daniel Patterson. They serve distinct soul food that is perfect bliss for the taste buds. Dining in here is surely a magical experience. 


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Ballast Point Brewing Long Beach



To enjoy one of the great patio views in the city, you must head to Ballast Point Brewing Long Beach. Dining in here offers refreshing breezes right from the ocean with eye-catching spectacular views. This harborside dining spot is a two-story restaurant with fire pits and a variety of mouth-watering cuisine. It is all about the patio and a paradise for water lovers. Having scrumptious meals here with the view of passing boats and splendid sunsets is the best experience you can ever have. Although it is perfect to enjoy every weather with splendid views of Ballast Point, visiting here in warm summers is an amazing experience. This seaside paradise is ideal for sipping in craft beers on summer days while enjoying the cool breezes of the sea. 


The Castaway



The jewel of the patio, The Castaway, is a hidden gem in Burbank. This spectacular hilltop landmark is adjacent to the golf course and offers stunning views of the valley as well as downtown and Hollywood. Together with elegant and sleek architecture, this restaurant offers large windows at every seat to enjoy the sweeping views. The chic and elegant dining room of this stunning restaurant has a wraparound patio that offers an amazing view. Together with casual vibes, it features circular stands and fire-place seats right on the cliff’s edge. Among various dining restaurants, having meals here will be an experience that you will relish in your lifetime. 


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Set in the corner of a simulated desert, this stunning restaurant is a luxuriant and unsuspecting dining spot that resides exclusively on the dirt. The decor of this amazing restaurant is inspired by the deserts which make the people feel like a vacation in palm spring. As you enter one of the best Mexican restaurants, you won’t feel like Los Angeles. It is altogether a different vibe in Salazar. From breezy scenes to colorful chairs, this spot is great for enjoying cocktails. Adding to the beauty of Salazar, ample umbrellas and trees are granting shade to the diners. As soon as the sun sets and the moon comes out, this place turns into a romantic atmosphere. 


E.P. & L.P.



This stunning rooftop bar is all about fashion and interior. This is a musically themed complex with slung sittings to provide the visitors a 3600 view of the beautiful city. This is a famous weekend destination that offers wooden outdoor bars. It offers the guests a multi-level dining experience with the help of award-winning chefs. Enjoying the dining here will offer magnificent views of Hollywood Hills and breathtaking sunsets. The patio here is perfect to evoke the spirit and toothsome meal. Cozying up on the rooftop of E.P. & L.P. surrounded by fire pits is the best experience you can ever get. 


Los Angeles has plenty of al fresco dining spots- including hotels, seafronts, rooftops, and sidewalk cafes. Tuck into our choices of finest dining restaurants in Los Angeles and pay a visit for an incredible experience. 




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