Leisure Travel Guide to Picking the Best Albania Souvenirs

Author: Srikanth Krishna on May 06,2021

Souvenirs that connect you with the spirit of the place are great! They make you reminisce and remember the good times — maybe as long as you live. All of us want to pick mementos that remain with us forever, reminding us of all the blessings that came to us in the form of a vacation. If you plan Albania vacation packages, we have got this Leisure Travel Guide to help you pick the right souvenirs in Albania. 


Buying souvenirs must be a part of Albania vacation packages— it’s a fantastic way of keeping those memories alive forever.  You have plenty of pictures to flip through & delve into those beautiful memories from the past. Still, souvenirs are something magical— you look at them every time & there’s an instant connection. 


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An Ultimate Leisure Travel Guide to Albania Souvenirs:


I have traveled to over 20 countries around the world and, with all Albania vacation packages, I always made sure to bring a few pieces of souvenirs. Like on my last trip to Japan in 2016, I bought Tenugui, the traditional Japanese hand towel made of cotton. I have kept ‘Tenugui’ safe in my closet where I have all my souvenirs (as many as 20-25). I have also been on Albania vacations— and you know, I’m a souvenir freak. I thought of sharing my souvenirs suggestion with you. Let’s dive deeper to learn more:



1. Albanian Flag



Before you start looking for Albania vacation packages, it is always good to know about some of the most prevalent aspects of that place. This Leisure Travel Guide tells you about the souvenirs and the most popular things commonplace throughout the country. So, let me tell you, Albanians are incredibly proud of their country — and you’ll feel that almost everywhere. 


The countrymen have their Albanian flag almost everywhere, and you’ll get to hear a lot of stories from the past about the ancient time defenders. The red color in the Albanian flag represents bravery, courage & strength — on the other hand, the double-headed eagle symbolizes the sovereign state of Albania. So, even before you start looking for Albania vacation packages, get your list of souvenirs you would be bringing back home. 


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2. Bunker-shaped Ashtrays



Bunker has a unique connection with Albania! You’ll see them almost everywhere — from the middle of the town to the mountains and along the seaside. There are over 700 bunkers throughout the country. A few of the significant ones are museums with names “Bunk ‘Art” and “Bunk ‘Art 2”. And, undoubtedly, you would want to take home a souvenir symbolizing these bunkers. Once you book your Albania vacation packages, make sure you have read in detail about these souvenirs, so you don’t miss buying them. In the local market, you would see several street shops selling small bunker-shaped souvenirs.’ Not only that, these bunker-shaped ashtrays can make for unique gifts for your loved ones back home. You won’t imagine, but these are some of the top gifts even among non-smokers. 


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3. Albanian Qilim



Qilim or the traditional Albanian rug is one of the most loved souvenirs for people traveling to the Balkan nation. Since it is pretty popular in the country, Albanian Qilims are comparatively expensive. You can easily find the Albanian Qilim in the old bazaar of Kruja, which is just about an hour’s drive distance from Tirana, the capital city. You can also find a beautiful collection of handmade qilim that could be your best Albanian souvenirs. The old bazaar of Kruja is where you will find the most beautiful designs of rugs in different colors. It was where I bought one through Albania vacation packages. And, so I created this Leisure Travel Guide to help you choose the right souvenir through Albania vacation packages.


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4. Homemade ceramics



I thought I should share an anecdote about my own Albania vacation! So it was the last day of my Albania vacation package, and I was outrageously moving around, interacting with the locals, seeking ideas on the best Albanian souvenirs that I can take back home as a token of remembrance, and guess what? I stumbled upon this ‘avid traveler’ who showed 15 Albania vacation packages bookings from the past. And this man told me, “I bought a different souvenir on all of my past 15 trips and named them all like— ‘Albania vacation 2012 Homemade ceramics souvenir’, so they remind me of all my trips to Albania”. That was pretty inspiring! 


He was the one who insisted that I should get a homemade ceramic vase painted with traditional Albanina design. If you also decide to get one on your Albania vacation package, you must visit ZadrimArt. You would find almost all the handmade items from plates to decorative pieces, cups, and much more. 


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5. Çifteli



Çifteli is a traditional musical instrument popular in Albania. The device has just two strings, and it came from Kosovo, located in northern Albania. Almost every Leisure Travel Guide will talk about these souvenirs. You can find them in the local markets very quickly— these are available in all sizes, and these souvenirs are my personal favorite. Gheg people of central and northern Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Southern Montenegro generally play Çifteli. I have heard about this souvenir from one of my friends, and I was sure I’d buy one even before I begin looking for Albania vacation packages. They’re usually used in concerts and weddings in Albia— and by various musicians like Nikollë Nikprelaj.


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6. Knit Wares



Albanian markets fill with knit wares— so if you also love knit apparel like me, this could be one of the best souvenirs you can think of taking back home while booking Albania vacation packages. You would find plenty of elegantly knitted apparel from — socks to small bags and a variety of other handmade clothing. 


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7. Albanian Coffee



I would suggest before you start looking for Albania vacation packages, make sure you know all about the popular coffee culture of Albania. It’s indeed an essential part of Albanian social hospitality & heritage. The Albanian coffee is delicious & is one of the most popular things about the Balkan state. While you’ll find different varieties of coffee all through the country but the best ones are available in quality stores. If someone back home is a voracious coffee lover, this could be the perfect souvenir for you. 


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8. Skenderbeu Cognac



Skenderbeu Cognac is the most popular alcoholic drink in Albania. If you happen to befriend an Albanian, you would know why it’s so popular— Albanians drink it almost every day through Albania vacation packages. I’m sure you would also get this opportunity to savor Skenderbeu Cognac every day as I did. So, why not take some back home as souvenirs or maybe a couple of them to quench your cravings. They are available in all sizes, and you can choose a couple of them as per your choice. This Leisure Travel Guide will further help you with other souvenirs you might like buying on your vacation. 


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9. Hat



You would find many souvenir shops where you would find various sauna hats, and most of them are of durable material— so you don’t need to worry. And, most often, you would need a hat anyways if you are booking Albania vacation packages during summers as it is hot almost all through the day— you can pick any hat for that purpose. But if you are buying one as a token of remembrance, make sure you buy a traditional hat that symbolizes Albania or Albania culture.


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10. Drawing/Painting



Many of us do not know, but Albania has a couple of great artists! You can find some fantastic handmade paintings you can take back home at every local market and shopping spot. On my trip to Albania, I found this painting which depicted an Albanian boy dressed in traditional attire kissing the Albanian flag— it just had touched me at once. A drawing or painting can be a great souvenir because it ostensibly brings in front of your eyes— wherever you have seen it whenever you see it. 


I always suggest my friends looking out to Albania vacation packages to bring a souvenir for me— and most often, I have received paintings. So I have a couple of them and connect with my personal experience with each of those souvenirs. Those who are avid art lovers can visit the beautiful art galleries in Tirana, the capital city— and at Eljan Tanini, you would indeed find a couple of unique artworks. So, be there, explore and then pick one to make you happy keeping in your closet. 


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11. Olive Oil



Do you know Albania creates some of the most incredible olive oil in the world? Yes, it does— and you must bring a couple of them back home. Most of these olive oils are so beautiful in the color that you would not find them anywhere else in the world. In Albania, you’ll get an almost similar quality of olive oil as in Italy. They straight come from the farm into the water bottle container without any external processing— and you know that makes a difference. You are understanding about the right souvenir when in Albania is as vital as booking Albania vacation packages! We’ve specifically designed this leisure travel guide to help readers find the right souvenirs along with suitable Albania vacation packages. 



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