Places For Shopping In Los Angeles

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 22,2020

Los Angeles is considered as the heaven hub of haute culture. When you claim that money cannot buy happiness, did you not look for shopping places in Los Angeles? Fashion and Los Angeles go together, so be ready if your credit cards are maxed out at the below-mentioned shopping destinations and best places to explore in America.


1. The Citadel: is the best place for outlet shopping in Los Angeles. The place has uptown clothing stores and exotic places to dine with your pack. Find your perfect outfit at the Citadel and refine your styling. The Citadel always offers an amazing discount so don’t worry about spending your entire salary in the glass-door shops.


2. Abbot Kinney Boulevard: Looking for the perfect place to purchase bohemian and vintage items? Then Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the perfect place for you. The place is lined up with stunning vintage stores and boutiques. The boulevard is not only known for boutique centers but even for delicious food. It can be considered as one of the coolest shopping places in the US.


3. West Third Street: Shop til you drop! This phrase is taken very seriously by the shoppers at West Third Street. The street is lined up with over a hundred stores including boutiques, restaurants and shopping stores. The place is a perfect street and is known for its trendy shopping and kick-ass furnishing. You can drop at the place with your girlfriend at noon for the perfect evening. It is one of the most famous shopping places in Los Angeles.


4. 3rd Street Promenade: It is the perfect place for the ones who are looking for luxurious shopping at the fashion destination; Los Angeles. The high profile and fancy stores attract high-class society. Themed cafes and classy restaurants are a must-visit on the upscale shopping street. You never know when you will run into a movie star. The entire place has an uplifting vibe with excitement hung in the air. You might also find street performers who show their amazing talent. Even if you don’t want to go shop there, you must at least take a stroll down the street. This is one of the best places to find out the best inspirational books that can satisfy the soul of readers. 


5. The Commons At Calabasas: the stunning shopping center located in Los Angeles redefines the shopping experience altogether. The center is Mediterranean-styled with fountains and gardens. If you don’t want to end up shopping at this place, you can simply visit the place for the vibe and ambiance. The ones who go for shopping will be offered deals in the extravagant shops. You have a high chance of running into Hollywood actors in the mall.


6. Beverly center: You must have definitely spotted this shopping place in many Hollywood movies and series. The iconic building with eight floors has classy brands including Tiffany, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Dolce and Gabbana. The structure speaks luxury and only luxury!


7. Robertson Blvd: this is the ideal shopping street where a lot of Hollywood celebrities come to buy the best-branded clothes. The high-profile shops such as Mac, Vince, and Chanel have set up their outlets on the street. You should definitely visit The Newsroom on the street.


8. The Outlets at Orange: shopping simply at this avenue will offer you a lot many options. Brands such as Nike, Bloomingdales, Ralph Lauren, and Nike have their outlets at this place which offer you cheap prices for the same branded products. The disadvantage of this place is that it is overcrowded most of the time.


9. South Coast Plaza: is officially the biggest mall for shopping in Los Angeles. The mall has approximately two hundred and fifty outlets, perfect for your shopping spree. It also has fine restaurants. This is one such place where your money will disappear in minutes.


10. The Groove: Shopaholics consider this as your best address for shopping. Right from accessories to clothing, the center caters to all of your fashion needs. The exuberant stores in The Groove vouch for you to splurge all your money. After your credit cards are maxed out you can grab lunch at the gourmet restaurants.


11. Melrose Avenue: Melrose Avenue is all about funky and trendy outfits, edgy boutiques and reasonable prices. The treasures at the retail outlets have something elegant and something funky when it comes to a varying sense of fashion. The street is lined with shops which have crazy imaginations when it comes to shopping. It is the best place to go shopping with your girl gang and probably one of the best places to explore in America. 


12. Montana Avenue: This shopping Avenue has one hundred and fifty shops that sell various kinds of items. The Moondance Jewelry Gallery has jewels that will make every woman fall in love with the precious stones, the Savannah store has the latest clothing in town and the Quilted Monkey has the coolest furniture for your perfect studio apartment. Larrisa Love is all about bathing salts and body goods to turn bathing into a luxurious and soothing activity. Treat your tongue with gelato and some sweet and savory food. The shopping avenue has a number of cafes to hog your favorite delicacies. Choose your ideal Chocó-chip waffles or spicy burritos; as you wish!


13. Boardwalk at the Venice Beach: the boardwalk flooded with sand has shops lined up which sell everything including surfboards, bathing suits, bikini, boogie boards, flip-flops, hippie jewelry, and incense sticks. On weekends, the place is most crowded with girls in bikinis and boys in ripped shorts to shop at the hippie shops.


14. The Santee Alley:  is the most pocket-friendly place in the entire town for shopping. The shopping street in the alley is known as the Fashion District. Vendors can be found selling cosmetics, apparel, footwear, and accessories. The place is open seven days a week and is lively and cheering every day, all day. The bustling atmosphere of the shopping street that resembles the Sarojini market in Delhi. Fashion District is known for outlet shopping where you can actually use your skills at bargaining.


Thus, the above mentioned are the perfect places for your dreamy shopping spree. Visit Los Angeles to redefine your style statement! So, as of now, you have got an idea about the best places to shop and probably the best places to explore in America.  

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