How to Pick the Best Bag for Your Next Business Travel

If you do a lot of business traveling, you would know how understanding the art of picking the right travel bag can make the difference. Business traveling is different in several ways from leisure travel — like you are going to carry along some essential documents on a business trip, unlike on a luxury vacation. You might carry some crucial electronic gadgets like laptops, business travel attire, and other necessary items. And, so that you can safely transport these delicate items to your business travel trip location, you’ll need the right travel bag that fits your requirement. Another critical difference is the time you spend at the airport— this time spent at the airport is different for a leisure vacation & business travel trip. 


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Business travelers often spend more time at the airports— that would necessarily mean that you must have a travel bag that would easily accommodate the special purpose cargo without causing it to get damaged. The right business travel luggage can share a lot of your stress. So, whether you are in a job that requires you to travel often or have been going on business travel trips for an extended- period — this business travel guide is for you. There are plenty of travel bag brands specializing in designing business travel-friendly briefcase, carry-ons, and garment bags. Let’s move on to discover the right way to choose the right travel bag for your business travel. Here we go:


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How to Pick the Best Bag for Your Next Business Travel Trip


Before discussing the important points that you must consider, we would like to help you get ready to hit the right spot. Business travelers get it al,l wrong because they do not have a clear picture of the preliminary preparations. So, I have prepared a couple of questions you must answer yourself before booking your trip — and this will mean that you are all ready to discover more about choosing the right business travel bag. Here we go:




Questions you must ask yourself about your business travel trips:



- What kind of business traveler are you? 

- Does your job require you to travel once a week, month, or year?

- How long do you stay on every business travel trip?

- What weight do you usually carry on each of your business travel trips?

- Does your carry-on luggage comply with the airline’s protocols?

- How much apparel/clothes do you typically have in your bag?

- Do you know the right way to unpack the luggage once you reach the destination?

- Do you like emptying your travel bag and arrange your clothes in the closet or do you prefer them to be in the suitcase itself?


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Questions you must ask before finally buying a business travel bag:



- How do you prefer carrying your luggage? Do you pull, drag, or roll it?

- Will the internal organization serve the purpose and have enough space to accommodate everything?

- Are you sure the travel bag you’re considering buying can accommodate all your clothes & other items safely? 

- Can you carry the luggage with ease even after it’s all packed?

- Do you think the luggage you are considering buying has the kind of internal organization you need?

- How secure is the design of the luggage when closed? Does it have a zipper system or uses latches?

 - Is the luggage made with durable materials?

- Does the locking system of the luggage secure it against theft?

- What brand is it, and what is their warranty policy?

- Is the wheel-case interface sturdy enough?

- Have you checked out the volume of the luggage in liters?


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Essential Considerations When Choosing Business Travel Bag:


In the philosophical light, we can say that if packing depicts your artistic aspect, then choosing luggage showcases the mindfulness you have learned over the years. This aspect of a trip can be a gamechanger for business travelers— it can either make it or break it. And, you know why we are even saying that— they are traveling across countries & cities thousands of miles every year. And, they have to consider many things when choosing a business travel bag — we’ve tried to put forth a few of them. It can help you get the right business travel bag for your next trip. Let’s see what to consider:


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Length of Your Journey:  For how many days are you going to be on this trip? Is it for a day, week, or month? Answering these simple questions will make a lot of things easier— like for a day trip, a lightweight carry-on would do, but for a week-long trip, you would need a sturdy suitcase with proper internal organization. So, before you decide to buy your travel luggage, confirm with your boss— the duration of your trip. 


Mode of Transportation: How will you be traveling? Are you taking a flight or traveling via road? If you have opted for air travel— will it have multiple layovers, and will you need to ride a bus or taxi at several points? If you are taking several types of transportation on your way— you’ll undoubtedly need an easy-to-handle backpack duffel or maybe a wheeled backpack or a lightweight carry-on. In a nutshell, you’ll need a travel bag that can fit into the overhead compartment, and you can easily carry it through your bus & taxi rides.


Weight You will Carry: This aspect will directly correlate with the length of your journey and the kind of business travel. Like if you are traveling for a more extended period, you’ll have to carry a sturdy, big & high-quality backpack— because then you’ll have more pairs of clothes and also other items. By saying the kind of business travel, we mean, if it’s just about signing a deal, in which case you’ll need to carry along a couple of high-end electronic items or maybe a couple of physical papers. 


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The Right Business Travel Bag


1. Make sure Your Business Travel Bag can Accommodate Your Laptop.



Your laptop is an essential item on any business trip. You should only choose a bag that can easily accommodate your laptop safely. If it’s a short trip, the best way is to get a backpack with a pouch and laptop sleeves so you’ll not need any extra bag for carrying your laptop. Laptop sleeves protect your laptop from any damage with its cushiony cases and protect it from any type of external damages from weather or bumps. 


2. Backpacks with expandable zippers are Ideal.


Backpacks with expandable zippers can allow you to carry more items as you can expand when required. Bags with expandable zippers will not only help you take the essential items but also make you comfortably bring back home a couple of gifts and souvenirs from your business travel trip. 


3. Choose a Water-resistant Business Travel Luggage.



We can’t control the weather— you never know when it starts raining. Isn’t it hard to imagine trying to catch a bus in Chicago on a rainy day with a non-water-resistant travel bag on your travel trip? Isn’t it scary? So, why take the risk? Buy a water-resistant travel bag that would keep your meeting attire, laptop & other essentials safe. Ask for a backpack that incorporates an extra rain cover for an extra layer of protection for your computer & other electronic items. 


4. Get Backpack with hideaway Straps.


You’ll require to head for a meeting just after landing at the airport directly on many business travel trips. So, if you are traveling with a business backpack having hideaway straps, you can easily make it look like a suitcase. 


5. Inspect Closely the Internal Organization



Ensure that there are individually divided areas in your travel bag so you can easily store your clothes and other items. These divided areas can be pockets, zippered dividers, or packing items. 


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Choose Right Business Travel Bag


The idea is to choose a travel bag that can accommodate everything you need to carry on your business travel trip. And, more than everything, you should know how to keep your packing list minimal. 



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