Top Restaurants In Washington, D.C.: 8 Standout Dining Options!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Feb 17,2021

Washington is a state with plenty of natural resources. Together with the availability of seafood to locally produced meats and organic vegetables, the state has several talented chefs who are creative enough to transform the ingredients into delectable dishes. With its superiority, Washington has become a powerhouse in the world of restaurants. With so many outstanding dining options, it becomes important for travelers to pay a visit to some of the great restaurants and enjoy the unforgettable taste in the state. Want to enjoy the best meal on your vacation? If yes, then this article is for you. Here in this article, we have covered the top restaurants in Washington D.C. that attract people worldwide. Regardless of what you want to enjoy on your vacation, in the nation’s capital you will definitely find the masterpiece. With this, get started with the list of dining options.


1. Seven Reasons



Seven Reasons is a fashionable and pricey Latin American restaurant that is great to enjoy a hearty meal by the chef Enrique Limardo. This is one of the top restaurants in Washington D.C. where every dish you see on the menu comes with the printed instructions. To enhance the taste of the dishes, the restaurant offers numerous containers that are filled with vibrant sauces. The beautiful preparations at this restaurant lure the customer to uncover different dishes. The chef of Seven Reasons keeps on changing the menu as per his creative imagination and this offers the customers a variety of options to enjoy at this restaurant. Some of the worldly dishes here are Wagyu carpaccio, caviar in a gem of a tart, a vegetarian jelly tomato salad, smoked carrot puree, and more. When it comes to the cocktail menu, it is filled with rum and vodka to offer the southern flavors to the customers. 


2. Thamee



If you have never witnessed Burma’s vivid aromas, then you must plan a visit to one of the top restaurants- Thamee. On the H Street NE lies this outstanding eatery where you can enjoy the traditional dishes of Southwest Asia with a classic influence of Thai, Chinese, and Indian flavors. Thamee is the only Burmese restaurant in the entire state. This restaurant is highly famous for its classic desert called falooda and several Burmese snacks. Here you can find plenty of creative food items that are busted with flavors. To better suit the flavorsome and creative dishes, Thamee offers a vivid range of colorful cocktails. This restaurant aims to familiarize the world with Burmese culinary traditions. Apart from mouth-watering dishes, this restaurant has a casual and bright ambiance which completes the good and enhances the customer’s experience. Must visit this restaurant and taste the lesser-known cuisine. Mingaba! Welcome!


3. Anju



The second creation by the Fried Rice Collective is no other than Anju. The dishes here are prepared by Chef Danny Lee and Scott Drewno, who fuses the traditional Korean flavors with contemporary techniques. With the delectable cuisine, this restaurant provides the customers with a remarkable dining experience. Behind the experience is the passion of Chef Drew Kim for the great hospitality. Anju, amongst the top restaurants in Washington, exposes its past life with the help of its cuisine. Under the supervision of Chef Angel Barreto, this restaurant is able to take Korean cooking to a level that can’t be seen anywhere else in the state. The blend of modern cooking with the traditional flavors helps to yield delightful and mouth-watering dishes. Among all the dishes this restaurant serves, people love to enjoy the fried chicken with jujube mole, barbeque white sauce, and crispy gochujang sauces. With a lot to offer, this restaurant is a perfect dining option to try in Washington.


4. Thip Khao



Thip Khao is recognized as a traditional Lao kitchen in Washington D.C. which is a beautiful creation of the mother and son team- Seng Luangrath and Boby Pradachith. They both have a strong desire to share with the world their Lao culture, hence, they come up with great traditional cuisine. This restaurant is great for all the heat-seekers as this cuisine is highly known for the heat. The menu at Thip Khao is called a “Jungle Menu'' which highlights the dishes made of chili and sriracha sauce ingredients. Although this top restaurant is a great choice for all spice lovers, they also provide their customers with an option to select their level of spice. In case, you don’t want to burn your tastebuds with the chilies, you can select the low level of spice. For hitting the order at Thip Khao, you can consider their specialties like rice-cured tilapia, crispy chili glazed wings, the grilled tongue of beef, and fiery Lao papaya salad.


5. Call Your Mother



Another great restaurant on the list of top restaurants in Washington D.C. is Call your Mother. This restaurant is run by Andrew Dana and Daniela Moreira who have a lot of creative ideas for the customers to consume the carbs. Here, you can enjoy the classics with a unique twist. The aim of the restaurant is to serve its customers with moments that can uplift the everyday mood and make the day special. The restaurant- Call Your Mother declares itself as a “Jew-ish Deli'' which has expanded itself very quickly. To enhance the dining experience of the customers, this restaurant offers an open view of its kitchen and numerous pictures of Candian rapper Drake. This helps the customers to pass their time after ordering the meal. Amongst all the offerings, this restaurant is highly recommended for za’atar bagels, whitefish croquettes, Doughnut, and salmon cream cheese. The whole menu of this restaurant is a special take of Moreira on Jewish cuisine. 


6. Rooster & Owl



Rooster & Owl is a top restaurant in the state that is known for combining Asian, Italian, and Middle Eastern cuisine. This restaurant is run by a team of husband and wife named Carey and Yuan Tang. Visiting this restaurant will let you enjoy an ultimate dining experience in a comfortable and social environment. One of the main factors that distinguish this restaurant from others is its approach to a customizable menu. Here, customers can build their own 4-course meal menu which paves the way for sharing. The options to choose for the meal varies with the season as the restaurant is seasonality driven and focuses on the local produce. Before serving the dishes to the customers, this restaurant conceptualizes all its meals and runs a taste drive to ensure fine dining and memorable taste to the customers. If you want to take your dining experience to the next level, you must visit this restaurant. Let the professionals lead your way and offer you the dining that you have never experienced. 


7. Maydan



To feel the ultimate sense of wonder, you must pay a visit to Maydan. It is one of the top restaurants in Washington D.C. where you can enjoy an Arabic table setting with shared plates. Apart from the delectable meal, this restaurant also pays great attention to its exterior and interior. This restaurant is all wrapped up with the alley on the front door with patterned tapestries. This renders the exterior setup of the restaurant a welcoming vibe. On the visit to this restaurant, the first thing that captivates the attention of the customers is the gigantic fireplace. This is because the Maydan chefs cook numerous dishes over the open flame which is great to watch by the customers. The Maydan is one such restaurant that highlights the flavors of the Silk Road through its fresh cuisine. The dishes here not just taste good alone but also complement the drinks. Come to this restaurant and enjoy a beautiful combination of North-African and Mediterranean flavors. 


8. St. Anselm



St. Anselm is an American restaurant that serves the finest grilled dishes in the whole Washington D.C. This restaurant is devoted to serving the customer with great ingredients that are smartly cooked into numerous varieties of dishes. Unlike other top restaurants, St. Anselm is a sleek hot spot with offbeat decor that enhances the experience of the ultimate cuisine. They believe in paring their mouthwatering dishes with friendly service and modern settings which makes this restaurant a complete package. Visiting this restaurant, you can enjoy not just the astounding delicacies but also the electric wines and classic cocktails. On your visit to St. Anselm, you must start off your dining experience with their specialty- Grilled Oysters. The chef of the restaurant prepares the oysters with smoked herb butter that provides it a distinct flavor. 


In case you don’t know, the nation’s capital- Washington D.C. has become a top-level culinary destination that is filled with the top restaurants. From timeless classics to mod bistros, locally influenced menus to international cuisine, the above-list has it all. Review these best finds in the state and enhance your vacation with an unforgettable dining experience.  Regardless of what you want, you will definitely find something on the list that will suit your needs.  

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