Thailand Travel Etiquettes: Learn before Visiting The Land of Smiles!

“New country, new customs – so many ways you can embarrass yourself and others.” – But Not Now!


Are you heading to Thailand? Take care of these travel etiquette tips, and they will certainly enhance your experience.


Thailand is one such country that has something for every traveler. No matter what your traveling style is or what you prefer, here you will surely get something of your interest. The country has a plethora of picturesque sandy beaches, delectable street food, rich culture, intricately designed monasteries, and soothing temples. Once you book any of the Thailand vacation packages, it will definitely become one of your favorite vacation destinations in Asia. Thailand is popularly known as “The Land Of Smiles,” and there are various reasons to justify them. Although Thai people love to smile and are humble and pleasant, hurting their religion or culture might drag you in trouble. 


In this leisure travel guide, we will introduce you to all the etiquettes that are important for you to know before landing on the land of smiles. Right from dining etiquettes 101 to Thai royalty etiquettes –this article will ensure a good time on Thailand vacation packages. You might think that obeying etiquette is a difficult task, but believe us, if you know the correct manners, it is pretty easy and fun. If you are aware of basic manners and etiquette, you can prevent yourself from inadvertently offending someone. In a nutshell, never break the rules in Thailand – else you will end up ruining your vacation.


Digest them before heading to the magnificent destination. 


Etiquettes To Follow On Thailand Vacation Packages

1. Thai Royalty Étiquettes

2. Clothing Étiquettes

3. Dining Etiquettes

4. Greeting Étiquettes

5. Gift giving Étiquettes

6. Business Étiquettes

7. Some Extra Do And Don’ts


Even though people in Thailand are usually forgiving of infractions, knowing the etiquettes will avoid misunderstanding and keep them smiling. Make sure you read all of them carefully and follow them on Thailand vacation packages. We hope this guide will help you align with Thailand’s etiquettes. 


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Thai Royalty Étiquettes



If you have never booked Thailand vacation packages, you might not know that the country is a constitutional monarchy. This means that people here pay high regard to the royal family and hold great respect for them. Even upon arrival at Thailand’s airport, you will get to see various pictures of the kings and other members of the royal family. Hence, we strongly advise you to show respect to the Thai Royalty and never ever defame or insult them. Doing so, you have to face severe penalties as per the lese majeste law. Here are some do’s and don’t that you must keep in mind on Thailand vacation packages to show regards to Thai Royalty. 




1. Always stand when the national anthem is being played.


2. Take off your shoes before you step into the temple.


3. Be respectful to the Buddhism culture and every statue of Buddha.


4. Respect the monks and if you are a female, sit away from them.




1. Never criticize or insult the king- even in private.


2. Don’t say bad words for any member of the royal family.


3. Do not drop the currency or stand on it.


4. Don’t try to be friendly with the monks or ask personal questions.


5. Do not bring a copy of The King and I or Anna and the King to the country.


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Clothing Étiquettes



Thailand is not Miami or Hawaii. Hence, you can’t dress like that unless you are at a beach resort. It is a country where modest clothing is not much preferred. Before booking the Thailand vacation packages, you must be aware of the dressing culture in the country. This is important as it might make or break your whole traveling experience. If you are someone who wants to dress up in beachwear, shorts, and skirts on your vacation, then guys… Thailand vacation packages are not for you. There are different clothing etiquettes in the country, and you should be known to them. Keep in mind the given dos and don’ts in the country for wearing the proper attire.




1. Cover your shoulders, knees, chest, and head before entering the Thai temples.


2. Dress up in suitable outfits for attending Thai festivals or occasions.


3. Remove shoes outside when going to someone else’s place. At times you might also be asked to remove shoes outside shops, restaurants, etc.




1. Do not dress immodestly when visiting the temple or ritual place.


2. Don’t wear dark clothes on business as they are meant for funerals.


3. Never point something or someone with your foot or shoes.


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Dining Etiquettes



Thailand is perched in the heart of Asia and is highly loved for its cuisine. But they don’t have the same dining etiquette as in other parts of Asia. The people in the country are highly proud of their hospitality and are serious about their table manners. If you are looking forward to booking Thailand vacation packages, then there are high chances of being invited to a meal. Hence, it is crucial that you know the basic dining etiquette to create a good impression on the host. Learn the dos and don’ts before heading to a meal. No matter whether the invitation is for someone’s home or the restaurant, you should follow the manners. 




1. Eat Thai food with a fork and spoon with a fork in the right hand and a spoon in the left.


2. Take food on the spoon with the help of a fork and eat with it.


3. While eating food with your hands, always eat with your right hand.


4. Leave some food on the plate if you are full. Completing whole is considered that you want more.


5. Sit by social hierarchy. Wait for the host to take the seat and introduce you to your place.




1. Don’t use chopsticks to enjoy your meal except if it’s Chinese food.


2. Fork should not go into the mouth.


3. Never eat food with your left hand as it is considered dirty.


4. Do not lick your fingers once you are done eating the meal.


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Greeting Étiquettes 



When you are on vacation, meeting new people is a common phenomenon. But do you know, different countries have different etiquette of greeting people? Well, there are. Although the Thai people are comfortable and easy-going, there are specific etiquette rules to follow in your meeting. Having an idea or general understanding of how to meet or greet people, you can avoid yourself being humiliated or embarrassed in front of strangers. The people in Thailand are good enough to ignore the minor mistakes and forgive the foreigners. Before you book Thailand vacation packages, know the do’s and don’ts so that you won't end up greeting the Thai people the wrong way. 




1. If you are meeting a friend or are invited for dinner, wait for the host to introduce themselves.


2. Learn a few words or slang in the Thai language before you book Thailand vacation packages.


3. To call someone, use the first name rather than the last name.


4. Show polite gestures by using the word “Khun” before the name you are calling.


5. Join your palms and put them on your chest level, and bow a little for a traditional Thai greeting- Wai.


6. Always return a Wai greeting when someone offers you. Not doing so is considered rude and impolite.


7. Greet monks with respect and offer them a higher Wai as compared to other people.


8. If someone smiles, then you should always return them the smile.




1. Never touch anybody on the head, whether a kid or an adult.


2. Don’t lose your cool and show your angry emotions even if things went wrong.

3. Do not point anyone, not with your hand or foot.


4. Don’t pass anything over someone's head, even if they are sitting in the middle.

5. Never have eye contact while paying a Thai greeting.


6. You are not required to return Wai greeting to vendors, waiters, or children.


7. Never greet people if you have a pen in your hand or a cigarette, luggage, or shopping bag.


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Gift giving Étiquettes 



Gift giving is a casual activity in Thailand. People here generally do not expect gifts unless it is a wedding or a special occasion. However, if you are invited to a dinner, or you are meeting your friend, then giving a gift is an appreciated gesture. Gifting is a sign of gratitude, kindness, gratitude, and respect. However, if you are planning to give someone a gift on your vacation, you must be aware of the gift-giving etiquettes. Make sure you learn these etiquettes before you book Thailand vacation packages. This will help you know how you have to behave in the country. 




1. Use red, yellow, golden, or bright colors for your gifts as it is considered auspicious.


2. Thai people find the number 3 lucky. So, it is good to give gifts in a group of 3.


3. Use your right hand to give the gift as well as to accept it.


4. Fruit, flowers, candy or chocolates are best to give someone. Other than this, you can also choose books, liquors, or stationery.




1. Never wrap a gift in green, black, and blue color as they are used for mourning.


2. Do not give marigolds or carnations because they are for funerals.


3. Don’t...never… tear off the wrapper. Open the gift carefully because ripping the wrapper is rude.


4. Never open a gift in front of the giver. If you get the gift, keep it aside and open it later.


5. Don’t give costly gifts as it might make the receiver uncomfortable, and they might refuse to take it.


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Business Étiquettes 



When it comes to business, Thailand has a structured and hierarchical system. They believe in developing business relationships slowly through regular meetings. For Thai people, business meetings are the best way to build up a healthy relationship with trust. This helps them to do business transactions without fear. The business culture in the country is mainly focused on reverence, unity, and politeness. If you are booking Thailand vacation packages to do business in the country, you must be attentive to non-verbal communication. Be attentive towards your interactions and read between the lines to clearly understand what people are saying. Here are some business etiquettes that you must understand and follow on Thailand vacation packages.





1. Always greet people of your equal or higher status with the traditional Thai greeting “Wai.” Do it properly by joining your hands and bending forward.


2. On your first few meetings, always use both the first name and surname.


3. Take advance meeting appointments like a month or so before the actual meeting.


4. Being punctual is of utmost importance in Thailand. Try to reach the meeting venue a few minutes before.


5. Exchange business cards and give them with your right hand.


6. If you receive a business card, take it with your right hand with respect, show some interest by looking at it for a few seconds, and keep it neatly in your wallet.


7. Allow people on higher authorities to make the business decisions.


8. Wear conservative outfits at business meetings without showing much of your body. Kees should be covered by the women if they are wearing formal dress.




1. Never give the business card to your subordinates first. Always start by providing the card to the person of higher status.


2. Don’t display negative emotions towards the people with whom you are going to do business.


3. Do not argue or interrupt when others are speaking. It is not a good idea to contradict them.


4. You do not need to break the silence by talking. It might be awkward to you, but Thai people don’t find it uncomfortable.


5. Do not wear black color on your business meeting as it is meant for funerals. In spite, use the other dark colors for your pants, coat, and skirt.


6. Business casuals are not liked by the Thai people. So, always keep your dressing formal.


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Some More Do And Don’ts For Thailand Vacation Packages


- Thai people determine the social status of a person by clothing. So, always wear neat clothing and stay well-groomed. 

- It is one of the travel manners to be familiar with the facts of Thailand's history. Knowing just a few facts will help you uplift your experience in the country. 

- Showing affection and love towards your loved ones in public is not a good idea. In Thailand, couples kissing each other or hugging is inappropriate.

- Despite trying your 100%, if a mistake happens on Thailand vacation packages, then let other people have the benefit of the doubt. Even if it hurts them and they get aggressive, be calm and don’t lose your control.

- Most of the taxi drivers in the country are from the outskirts or countryside. Hence, it is common for them not to know the location, street name, or address. So, be prepared with the correct names of the street.

- When you visit someone at their house, you should never step directly on the threshold. It is good to step it over.

- Do not buy or use Buddhist sculptures or the paintings of Buddha as showpiece or wall hanging. 

- Monks in the country are forbidden to have physical touch, especially with women. So, if you are a woman, never touch them.

- Always give personal space to everyone and try avoiding unnecessary touching. 

- Older people are highly respected in the country. Hence, be very respectful while greeting them and always drop your gaze while talking to them. 

- Unfold the money before you pay it on Thailand vacation packages. 

- Elephants are the country’s national animals and are considered a symbol of patience, strength, and power. So, if Thailand vacation packages include a zoo or national park visit, and you encounter elephants, be respectful towards them.  



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