Top 5 Spots to See on Your Wisconsin Road Trip This Summer

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 09,2021

I’m on a 10-days sabbatical, and I decided to enlighten those bunch of passionate, curious travelers by writing about my last year’s Wisconsin road tours. Since I'm a passionate part-time travel blogger, who is also into a corporate 9-5 job, I only write once or twice a month. 


You may ask, why was I even bothered to create this article after a year! 


It was like— Wisconsin Road Tours were already making rounds whenever I searched for something about my next travel destination in the US. With people already searching for the Wisconsin Road Tours this summer, I thought this piece of writing would help them find the right spot where they can make their way through Wisconsin Road Tours in 2021.


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Here’s About My Trip!


So, this is about my last year’s Wisconsin road tours; it was when I met this young gentleman who drove me through these beautiful roads. I was lucky— you never know, you too can be blessed like me. I was off from my work for a week, I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest;  so, I decided to venture out on Wisconsin roads. It all started with the travel blogger inside me, itching to get on the road to make the most of my time discovering new destinations and new places. 

Sharing its borders with Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, it’s not only the Wisconsin Road Tours that are popular, but there are plenty of diverse landscapes that will work for sure to win your heart away. 

Whether you want to stop by for a romantic evening on your Wisconsin Road Tours or experience some spine-chilling adventurous activities, you’ll get an opportunity for everything you wish. 


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Without any doubt, the Wisconsin road trips will take you through the waters— Mississippi River, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan. Let’s dive into finding where all you can go on your weekend Wisconsin Road getaway. Here we go:


Top 5 Wisconsin Road Tours this Summer


1. The Wisconsin Great River Road



The Wisconsin Great River Road is the only designated National Scenic Byway in the area. Also known as Highway 35, this 250-miles long panoramic Wisconsin road is the best road tripper in the Midwest. The scenic drive is a part of the ten-state Great River Road National Scenic Byway. It was built in 1938 by Franklin Roosevelt, and today it stands as the most alluring & the oldest byway of the US. Stretching along the Mississippi River from Prescott to Potosi, if you plan a tour this summer, this will be the best gift you can give to yourself after all these months of the pandemic mayhem and living in isolation. 


You’ll be amazed by the panoramic view along the Mississippi River & the 33 charming small river towns, which all look embellished with some beautiful historic sites, wineries, and artist’s galleries. The Wisconsin Great River Road is, in a real sense, a paradise for the anglers and boaters. There are plenty of nature preserves and the region's parks that make the best part of the Wisconsin Road Tours for the birdwatchers, bikers, hikers, and campers. Usually, May to October is the best time to go for a road trip here. So, if you plan to stop by on your Wisconsin Road Tours this summer, it’s a great idea. 


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2. Door County



Door County through your Wisconsin Road Tours will be the perfect combination of adventure and breathtaking views. The shoreline is spread in about 300-miles and has world-class lodging and art scenes that will be the highlight of this trip. There is no dearth of amazon things to do, from adventurous activities to historic sites, parks, and scenic drives. In addition, a drive through Door County offers you an opportunity to enjoy fairs, festivals and dig deeper into the stories from the past. There’s so much here to get inspired for your next Wisconsin road trip. 


At Cana Island, you will see freighter M.J. Barteleme remains that will take you through the stories from 1928. Scaling the 97 steps of the Cana Island Lighthouse is just fun. Then, go for Door County Adventure Rafting— enjoy exploring the caves, lighthouses, shipwrecks & more. And, there’s so much in Door County — Maritime Museum In Sturgeon Bay, Plein Air Festival, Trolley Tours, and more. 


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3. Kenosha



Ever since I heard about my friend’s story, driving through Kenosha on her Wisconsin road trip, I always wanted to experience it— so last summer, I got an opportunity that I’m sharing with you. Kenosha sits on Lake Michigan, Kenosha, WI— the serene vibe across the lakeside town in the north of Illinois just made me fall in love with this place. Through my drive through the city, I was lucky to have seen the aesthetically beautiful, perfectly manicured landscapes that amazingly blend the historic downtown area. 


Tourists & locals have the pleasure of enjoying some leisure time in some of the top-notch cafes, eateries, window-shop, and art galleries. I found Kenosh a stress-free and economical way to get to other parts of the country. It was only on my last Wisconsin road trip that I found Kenosha to be a place for travelers— all filled with museums, great shopping spots, amazing food, scenic views & whatnot. 


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4. The Driftless Area Wisconsin  & Vernon County



It is where you can enjoy some of the best activities on your Wisconsin road trip— hiking, boating, sightseeing, fishing, biking, and much more. For evident reasons, the Driftless Area Wisconsin is the paradise for travelers who rejoice in outdoor recreational activities the most. It’s the perfect place to be discovered by bike, boat, or by car. Vernon County, located in the driftless area of southwest Wisconsin, is about 35 miles away from La Crosse. The Driftless Area has beautifully escaped the ice age glaciation and the flattening effects. It has, indeed, karst geology, deep river valleys, and steep forested ridges. 


Vernon County resulted from the combined efforts of African American freedom-seekers, Italians, and Norwegians who got a feeling of home from the rugged landscape. They created a rich agricultural heritage, which included 200 organic farms and conic round barns. For the bounty of quality ingredients, there is always something new on the Driftless Cafe menu. A trip through the Driftless Area is quite an obvious choice if you are up for Wisconsin Road Tours. 


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5. Big Manitou Falls



For travelers who are more interested in seeing & feeling the gorgeous lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, The Big Manitou Falls area is a must on their Wisconsin Road Tours list. Thank god, I did not miss this place on my last trip— you get to see some of the most aesthetically pleasing sights that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. With a height of over 160 feet, the Manitou is the biggest waterfall throughout the state & the best in North Wisconsin. They say that the water consists of several minerals, which is why it looks brownish when falling from high above and turns crystal blue when it comes down. 


If you have decided to stop by the Big Manitou Falls on your Wisconsin road trip, know that you might have to walk along for quite some time— it has some adventurous walking paths. Make sure that you have your travel shoes & the DSLR packed in advance. The scenic walk offers plenty of opportunities to click pictures, so make sure you don’t miss creating memories. It might take you about 30 minutes to reach the site where you can see the fall. This walk is going to be a part of your Wisconsin road trip where you can take some great pictures, enjoy the sight & be in nature. 


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