13 Reasons Why Car Route Planners Are More Important!

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 20,2021

Traveling through the medium of road transportation is one of the most common and efficient ways to explore the world. Humans have always used the mode of traveling and transportation on land throughout history. It is the spirit of exploration and diving into the unknown to discover a new horizon that has helped mankind flourish and reach where we are today.


This spirit of exploration is probably the reason why many of us are still drawn to the idea of road trips and backpacking and solo travel. Whatever your preferred mode of traveling may be, you will always need to travel through roads at one point or the other. With so many new roads and pathways being paved every single day all around the world, it is hard to keep track of them all through old-school physical maps and atlases.


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This is where car route planners come in. They have been around for many years now and with improvements in GPS and other technological advancements, car route planners have improved and incorporated more and more features to help us get to wherever we want all across the globe.


Car route planners can help on your backpacking trip to find your way to your hotel, or to help you find the best route to avoid traffic and get to work, or plan your road trips with ease. They serve as an essential accessory for any road trip or travel that involves road transportation. Here are 13 important reasons and benefits of using car route planners for your trips:


1. Car Route Planners are up to date with the latest developments:



Car Route Planners are always in sync with the latest developments through satellite and GPS and store all the information about the roads ahead. They allow you to check for any diversions due to construction or repairs, or any kind of blockades. This can serve as an important tool to help you save a lot of time by avoiding the routes that are closed off. 


Car route planners can also help you navigate through the roads in any part of the world, and not rely on directions and signboards. Route Planners help you take control of your journey, and save time and money while driving, by taking the best route for you.


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2.    Car Route Planners Show you the most optimum route



In addition to showing you a detailed map of all routes, you can take, car route planners, also help you by providing an optimized route for you. All you have to do is input your starting point and destination, and it will show you the best possible route for you to take, along with the estimated time it will take for you to complete your journey. The map inside car route planners aren’t limited to any specific locations, instead, they allow you to plan your travel and manage your itinerary more efficiently by factoring in the travel time.


You can travel anywhere in the world and navigate through the streets with ease, as long as you have a smartphone and a car route planner app.


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3.       Car route planners allow you to plan your stops



Car Route planners don’t just provide you information about what roads you can take, they also help you plan your stops along the way. Since road trips can often take hours and days on the road, you may need to make stops along the way, for fuel, refreshments, and rest. Car Route Planners enable you to plan out the best places to make a stop, when on the road. They offer you all the information you need, about the upcoming gas stations, diners, and motels, so you can plan your journey more efficiently.


4.    Car Route Planners help you customize your road trip



If you have ever taken a road trip in your childhood, you would know that planning a road trip used to be such a complicated task before GPS technology becomes widely accessible. It used to require too much time and effort to figure out the best route to take, and what to pack for the journey. However, now with the help of car route planners, you can simply enter your destination and get on the road, within minutes, and plan on your route on the way! Car route planners provide you all the information you need, such as fuel stations, restaurants, hotels, mechanics, alternate routes, real-time traffic, and much more. This allows you to relax, and not worry about the most suitable roads, as you can do it on your way within minutes.


5.    Car Route Planners make it easier to take detours



The most impressive aspect of road trips is not its destination, it is the memories you make along the way. Car Route planners help you make the best of your time on the road, by giving you information about the nearby attractions to explore. It allows you to enhance your road trip experience by discovering new and unexplored spots and destinations along the way. Planning and executing small detours on your way becomes so much easier with the help of car route planners.


6.    Car Route Planners are essential in unknown areas



Car route planners can sometimes help you save your life, or someone else. With the help of car route planners, you can easily navigate to the nearby hospitals in case of an injury or accident you encounter. In addition to that, they can also help you avoid, skeptical routes and dangerous roads that can prove to be quite troublesome for you and your vehicle.


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7.    Car Route Planners allow you to store your route offline



Car route planners don’t always make you dependent on the internet and network reception. They allow you to plan your route and save it on your device offline, so you can access it and navigate if you are in any remote areas or out of the internet. This feature can come in handy a lot more than you think, especially in bad weather conditions, and places where there is no place to make a stop.


8.    Car route Planners allow you to tweak the route as per your preference



One of the most impressive and useful features of car route planners on road trips is their ability to tweak and customize the presented route, for the user. Most car route planners have options that enable you to get the best routes as per your preference in real-time. If you want a route that gets you to your destination in the shortest time, or covers the minimum distance, or with minimum traffic, you can simply select the option and get your personalized route in no time. I personally like roads, and highways with minimum stops, red lights and exists on my road trip for a pure riding experience, therefore car route planners can come in handy to serve your priorities in real-time.


9.    Car Route Planners let you read reviews from other users



Many car route planners also have a forum or sections, where users can submit their comments, opinions, and advice on specific routes, destinations, and undiscovered locations. This presents to the users as they enter the nearby regions so they can make quick decisions while on the road and hit the best diners, restaurants, and hotels on that particular road or highway. It can also help you discover some amazing destinations that are not that famous or popular.


10.   Car Route Planners help you maintain the performance of your car


Among other benefits, one important advantage of using car route planners for your road trips is to take the best routes for your journey and get the most out mileage out of your vehicle. You don’t have to be an automobile expert to know that the roads you drive your vehicle on, have a direct impact on its performance. One of the most noticeable of which is the mileage you get out of your vehicle. In addition to that the drivability, suspension performance, brakes, and other crucial components of your car are also affected. Therefore by using car route planners you can get off the beaten path quite literally and take a better-developed road.


11.   Car route planners can be used with Voice Commands


You don’t always have the luxury to have a partner riding shotgun with you on every road trip you take. On journeys where it’s just, you can be your four-wheeled friend on the road, you can afford to keep looking at your phone, or making stops to put in new directions. With advancements in AI technology and voice controls, you can now use Google Assistant or Siri on your device, to control your car route planner through voice controls while you’re driving, and have a safe and efficient journey.


12.   Car route Planners let you track other users/share your live location


Car route planners come with a bunch of safety advantages, one of which is the ability to share one’s location with friends and family so they can track your progress in real-time. This can help you in a situation where you find yourself lost, or if your car breaks down or phone dries up, in such situations having someone who knows your exact whereabouts is very important.


13.   Car Route Planner let you send an emergency SOS


And lastly, and probably one of the most important features of car route planners is the ability to send an SOS, in case of an unfortunate breakdown or accident. No matter how careful you are, anything can happen when you’re on the road. Most car route planners have an emergency button that lets you inform the authorities or your family, with just one click. This can possibly save your life or the life of some else.


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