Outdoor Adventures to Beat the Heat this Summer Vacations!

Summer is without any doubt my most favorite season of all. It fills the environment with energy and brightness and helps me in maximizing my productivity. Every summer vacation, during my childhood, my friends and I used to visit the nearby lake on our bicycles and cool off while spending the whole day there. But the summers I experienced while growing might have been a little different from what kids have to go through today.


As the global temperatures are rising, the earth is getting warmer. Therefore each year we are experiencing hotter summers. In many countries it becomes almost unbearable to step out in the afternoon due to the scorching heat from the bright sun. Studies show that 2020 was the hottest global year on record, tying up with 2016, despite the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One can only imagine what 2021 has in store for us for the coming summers.


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Although, there are plenty of outdoor adventures, in which you can cool off and beat the heat during your summer vacations. Our experts bring you the best leisure travel packages in the US, where you can take on thrilling outdoor adventures and water sports, to cool off this summer vacation. There is nothing like an exciting day in the outdoors, to make you forget about the soaring temperature and get your heart racing with excitement.


1.    Rock Climbing



When it comes to outdoor adventures, it doesn’t get more thrilling than rock climbing. Rock climbing is a sport that has featured in many movies such as Vertical Limit (2000), Cliffhanger (1993) and, the famous shot of Tom Cruise climbing the top of Dead Horse Point, Utah, in Mission Impossible 2. It is one of the rawest and unadulterated adventure sports with high levels of danger and equal amounts of adrenaline rush. Rock climbing in summer vacations is a great activity, for people of all ages. For children and youngsters, it is a great activity to test your strength and endurance, and more than that, it tests your willpower.


Wake up early in the morning to find the best spot while avoiding crowds and the scorching heat from the sun. The best time to climb the rocky hills and huge boulders, is from sunrise till noon, when the temperatures are much cooler and you can focus without any disturbances. The US is gifted with multiple destinations where you can head to with your friends or children, during summer vacations and climb some peaks. For beginners, it is advised to take a guided course first, till you get the hang of this dangerous sport.


Some of the best places in the US for rock climbing on summer vacations are:


·         Red Rock, Nevada

·         Red River Gorge, Kentucky

·         Yosemite, California

·         Indian Creek, Utah

·         Joshua Tree, California

·         Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

·         New River Gorge, West Virginia


2.    White Water Rafting



White Water Rafting is one of the best ways to cool off from the hot sun during summer vacations and get the adrenaline pumping in your veins as you tackle the rough waters. White water rafting is a fast-paced team sport with moderate to high levels of danger and difficulties. A group of six to eight people, wearing life jackets, and holding a paddle, team up against the river, on their raft, and float through the river. This sport is especially done in sections of the river, where the flow is faster for maximum thrill and adventure. There are different levels of white water rafting, from level 1 being the easiest till level 4 being the toughest and the most dangerous. Beginners can easily go on a level 1 to 2 difficulty level rafting trip, with a guide and some minimal training. The danger level is quite less and therefore it serves as an excellent adventure for summer vacations. The USA has some amazing rivers, which take you through breathtaking landscapes. There are various adventure sports organizations and companies that can ensure that you have a safe trip.


Some of the best destinations for white water rafting in the US during summer vacations are:


·         Arkansas River, Colorado

·         Salmon River, Idaho

·         Colorado River, Arizona

·         Rogue River, Oregon

·         Gauley River, West Virginia

·         Kennebec River, Maine

·         Youghiogheny River, Pennsylvania

·         Chattooga River, South Carolina

·         Deerfield River, Massachusetts


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3.    Hiking in the Mountains



Hiking is one of my favorite outdoor activities, all year round. It involves adventure, exploration, and enjoying the great outdoors in all its glory. As an outdoor adventure activity for summer vacations, hiking is one of the best options, for kids, and adults alike, with minimum levels of risk. It may not be as thrilling as rock climbing or it may not get your heart racing like rafting, but it is a great way to spend your time in the wilderness with your friends and enjoying its beauty. It is an amazing activity to cool of from the sun Depending on the level of difficulty and the time you wish you spend in the wild, hiking can be varied into different classes, from a short hike which you can complete within 4 to six hours, or a moderate hike with may take two or more days to complete. For increasing the level of adventure and difficulty further, you can take it to the next level, by going on a trek through some difficult terrains. There are plenty of state and national parks in the US where you can go hiking, or camping during your summer vacations and have a fun and exciting holiday.


The most popular destinations in the US for Hiking during summer vacation are:


·         Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

·         Haleakalā National Park, Hawaii

·         Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

·         Bryce Canyon National Park. Utah

·         Glacier National Park, Montana

·         Yosemite National Park, California

·         Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

·         Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

·         Zion National Park, Utah


4.    Surfing at the Beach



Surfing is one of the most iconic watersports and outdoor beach activities for summer vacations. When speaking about things to do in summer vacations, you can’t skip, spending a day at the beach tackling the waves and enjoying the cool breeze. Surfing is a great activity with a low to medium level of risk and a high adrenaline boost. It is one of the best ways of beating the summer heat and still being able to enjoy your time outdoors. It may take some time for beginners to get used to surfing if they are completely foreign to it, but once you get the hang of it, you can make progress fast and start tackling medium to high waves. It is important to always stay cautious of the water before jumping in, always follow the coast guard's advice. You can spend your summer vacations learning to surf for the time, and by the end of it, you’ll become a pro, and would want to take your board to the beach every weekend.  Don’t make the mistake of taking this sport lightly, surf is as thrilling and exciting as it is dangerous. It requires core strength and lower body endurance to maintain your balance on a board that is just a few inches wide.


The USA is blessed with one of the most amazing coastlines in the world and plenty of beaches to spend your summer vacations at, learning to surf. Some of the best beaches and surfing destinations in the US are:


·         Outer Banks, North Carolina

·         Cocoa Beach, Florida

·         Narragansett, Rhode Island

·         Montauk, New York

·         San Francisco, California

·         Orange County, California

·         San Diego, California

·         Maui Islands, Hawaii 


5.    Canyoneering



Canyoneering is an outdoor adventure activity that is unheard of by most people. It has picked up popularity only in the last decade. Canyoneering can be a great activity for children and adults alike, during summer vacations. It involves, following the gorges narrow passages cut into rocks, by millions of years of weathering. The canyon can take you through deep into the forest, following thin streams of huge rivers, and taking you under narrow passages and beautiful waterfalls. Depending on the nature of your trail, canyoneering may require different gears, such as wetsuits, life jackets, helmets, masks, ropes and harnesses, and sometimes even oxygen cylinders.  Canyoneering is an amazing summer vacation activity that combines hiking through the jungle and kayaking through the river. The level of risk for this activity may vary from low to high depending on the severity of the terrain that you’re taking on.


There are various canyoneering terrains and in the US where you can cool off during your next summer vacations such as:


·         Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

·         Zion National Park, Utah

·         Antelope Canyon, Arizona

·         Watkins Glen State Park, New York

·         Waimea Canyon, Hawaii

·         The Grand Canyon, Arizona


Summer Vacations is a time to relax and enjoy your time off of studies, and assignments, and have a whole lot of fun. The leisure travel packages and activities in this article are sure to offer your loads of fun and exciting opportunities this summer!


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