Las Vegas: A travel guide for the entertainment capital of the world!

Snuggled in the desert state of Nevada is one of the most fabulous cities in the world, Las Vegas! A town that has seen some of the most iconic superstars and musicians on the planet, and earned the reputation as the entertainment capital of the world.


Built as an oasis in the desert, the city of Las Vegas, is nothing short of a dreamland! The city offers the best of everything, from hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centers, neon lighting, entertainment, and most of all casinos! The city is full of historic places and iconic buildings that have been featured in many great movies and TV shows, including The Godfather II, Diamonds are Forever, Oceans 11, The Hangover, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and many more.


The city lets you dip your toes in luxury at affordable prices, and witness one of the best shows, hotels, and restaurants in the world. This is a travel guide that will take you through the most important neighborhoods in Las Vegas, tell you about the best places to eat and stay at and provide you detailed information on what you can expect from Sin City.




1.       Weather and Landscape

2.       Best time to go

3.       Neighborhoods to check out!

4.       How to Get around the City

5.       Where to Stay?


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This travel guide through Las Vegas will allow you to get to know the city from the inside and plan your dream Vegas vacation in style. So let’s dive in!


Weather and Landscape


Las Vegas sits in the middle of the rocky desert in Nevada. The main reason behind building Las Vegas in the desert was the perfect location and geographic conditions. The city is an actual oasis in the desert, with huge amounts of water below the ground. Therefore it is the best place for people to take a break from the heat and relax by the poolside.

Over the years, many great industrialists, hoteliers, and businessmen have built some of the most luxurious and the most extravagant hotels and resorts in the world in Las Vegas, with the most popular attractions being situated on the iconic Strip. 


The city of Las Vegas experiences pleasant weather throughout the year, which makes it an all-year-round destination. With temperatures ranging between 40 F to 105 F, and low to moderate humidity all year round, Las Vegas offers plenty of exciting things to do in all seasons of the year!


Seasonal Temperatures in Las Vegas:


Spring: During the months of March, April, May, and early June, the temperatures in Vegas hover at a comfortable 40F to 55F average minimum and 65F to 80F average maximum throughout the day. As the sun falls, the evening gets significantly colder and becomes much more enjoyable, you might even want to pack a few extra layers. The humidity during these months is at the lower end with an average of 20% humidity.



Summer: During the months of June, July and August are when the city experiences the hottest temperatures, ranging from an average minimum of 60F to 65F and average maximum temperatures ranging between 100F to 105F. The months of May, June, and July are when the city experiences the lowest humidity with a slight increase from late August.



Fall: During the months of September, October, and November the temperatures in the city of Las Vegas are quite comfortable with the lowest temperatures ranging from 35F to 55F and average maximum temperatures being 70F to 95F. During the months of fall, the air starts to get a little colder and there is a slight increase in the humidity levels, however, the weather still remains fabulous during the day.



Winter: If you want to experience the cold temperatures in this desert town, then the months of late November to February are the months you should plan your visit. With the coldest temperatures dropping down to 40F and the maximum being 60F, you will definitely need some extra layers if you want to enjoy the evenings. The humidity is towards the higher side during this month at 35 to 40% but the pleasant cold weather makes up for it.



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Best Time to Visit Las Vegas!


Although we believe that this is never a bad time to visit Las Vegas, since the city adapts so well to the changing temperatures, if you want to experience the hot desert summers and cool off in the swimming pools then the months of May, June, and July is the time to go. Similarly, if you plan on exploring the city and enjoying a day in your luxury suite by the fire then you should definitely visit during the months of October, November, all the way till February.


However, you wish to experience the best of both worlds then the spring season if your best period to visit the beautiful city of Las Vegas. With temperatures ranging from 65 to 70F, you can enjoy the sun while experiencing the glimmer of neon lights throughout the city at night.

In addition to that, one other thing that makes the spring season one of the best seasons to visit Las Vegas is the lack of huge crowds and higher prices. If you’re in the mood to explore the city of Las Vegas without burning a hole in your pocket then spring is the best time to visit.

During this time you can find luxury suites at premium hotels and resorts at discounted prices and get to eat at some of the best restaurants without having to make a reservation and with reduced prices due to a lack of tourists.


Popular Neighborhoods to check out


The Strip


Quite possibly one of the most expensive and extravagant streets in the whole world, The Strip is one of the most popular destinations in Las Vegas. Sitting on Las Vegas Boulevard, the strip is a 4.2-mile-long stretch, with some of the best hotels, resorts, museums, casinos, and restaurants on either side. Most come to Vegas, just to experience the Strip and all its glimmer neon glory, and musical performances, casinos, and hotels.




The other popular street in the City of Las Vegas is Fremont Street. With people spending more time at The Strip, Downtown has become more of a blast from the past scene for people visiting. Before The Strip became a hit, Downtown was the hub of major restaurants, casinos, and hotels in the city. However, now you can still find many great bars and casinos in this part of town, and enjoy mind-blowing performances and the shining lights at Fremont Street.


Pro Tip: If you want to explore Vegas while saving a few bucks, then Downtown is the place to be. Here you can find considerably cheaper drinks at bars, restaurants, accommodations and casinos.


Where to Stay


When it comes to luxury hotels and resorts, Las Vegas gives you a wide variety of options to choose from right there on The Strip. With some of the best restaurants and the most luxurious suites, you will never want to leave your suite and just enjoy the views of the shimmering city.


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1.    The Venetian Resorts Hotel and Casino



Inspired by the romantic river canals of Venice, Italy, this resort makes it hard to believe that you are actually in a desert. The gigantic resort holds more than 5000 rooms and a world-class spa and a wide range of restaurants to choose from. The Venetian Resort is the perfect place for you to stay if you want to get away from the noisy streets and parties for a while and spend time with your loved ones.


2.    Skyloft at MGM Grand



The Skyloft offers extravagant luxury with some of the largest rooms and suites in Vegas. Located at the MGM Grand, the Skylofts offers a panoramic view of the city, along with additional perks, such as luxury Rolls Royce Limos, and a private entrance to make you feel like a movie star. The property comes with a hefty price tag, starting at $1000 per night, but the elegant décor and indulgence surely make up for it.


3.    ARIA Resort and Casinos



Since its launch, The ARIA Sky Suites at the ARIA Resorts and casino has gained massive popularity for being one of the best accommodations on the strip. The hotel offers modern amenities with a futuristic touch of elegant décor and technology to blow you away. With perks like free snacks and drink, a private lounge, pool, gym, spa, and free transfers to the airport, The ARIA is one of the best places to stay in Las Vegas.


4.    Bellagio Hotel and Casino



The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is one of the most historic and iconic places at the Las Vegas Strip.  It definitely deserves a spot on this travel guide and all your attention during your trip to Las Vegas. The hotel screams luxury and royalty and has one of the best teams on board. The famous dancing fountain mesmerizes anyone who visits the city and an ever changing botanical garden is one of the most popular attractions at the Bellagio. The hotel is undoubtedly one of the most amazing attractions on the Las Vegas Strip.


5.    Four Seasons Las Vegas



The Four Seasons is situated at the southern end of the Las Vegas strip, away from the loudness of the central strip. The hotel is situated on the 35th floor at the Mandalay Bay resort and goes up to the 39th floor. The hotel has its own private pool and luxurious rooms at reasonable prices which makes this hotel quite popular among budget travelers.


In addition to these hotels, there are plenty of other resorts and hotels on the Las Vegas strip to choose from. If you want to experience Sin City and save up on some cash you can find impressive accommodation options Downtown, where you will find some impressive bars for an old-school Las Vegas vibe.


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