Top Rental Cars Trends To Ensure A New Beginning On The Road Trip

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 23,2021

A repercussion of coronavirus-related travel restrictions has awfully crashed the travel industry. Be it car rental companies, or travel booking companies, all have been down for most of the year. But as we all know “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining”, domestic car rentals are up again and the industry is recovering from its bad phase as per US-based travel advisors.  


It stands to reason that the avid-travelers would like to explore the new trends of rental cars to stand a chance of grabbing the opportunity to “Live the Life with NO Excuses, Travel with NO Regret!


Top Trending Trends Of Rental Cars In 2021:


The severity of the Coronavirus outbreak restricts travel-related activities, resulting in worsening economic conditions. These car rental trends will certainly give a feeling of reassurance and relaxation from COVID-19 fear. As we already moved into 2021, take a close look at the top rental car trends that will ensure a new beginning on the road. 


“The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.”


1. One-Way Corporate Car Rentals 



Express the feeling you experienced while traveling to different destinations with rental cars, but when it comes to one-way corporate car rentals, feel safer like being at home. 


According to a reputed Corporate Travel Manager, car rentals have got a huge demand in the one-way corporate rentals, over a couple of months. 


Most of the corporate travelers who don’t want to fly due to their apprehensions about COVID-19 prefer to rent a car for meetings. Corporate clients who are on a “Workation” can pick their rental car to meeting locations and drop the car when the meeting is over. This has become the biggest car rental trend in which you can use the car and save your money simultaneously. These days, air travel is no longer a cakewalk for travelers as you have to follow multiple restrictions and spend a lot of time in the queue. To avoid the hassle of airports, corporate travelers are choosing to skip air travel and switching to the best car rentals for safety reasons and for having a good ride experience. 


What You Need To Know: Life Is A One Way Journey. Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Amazing Beauty. If you are looking for a short-term ride for your business meetings or trips, pick one-way rentals. Rent one-way corporate rentals for a safer travel experience at affordable prices. One-way rentals are trending among corporate travelers, so choose this most convenient and easy method to stay on top of safety. Key points to remember for one-way rentals: 


1. Travel across the city or country within your budget. 

2. No waiting in the queue.

3. Save time for your travel.

4. Reach on-time.


2. Long-Term Rental Cars



Car rental companies provide cars on rent to travelers who do not have access to their own cars, depending on their travel-type. No matter, you are a tourist or a local, you can have access to cars by booking a rental car. Long-term rentals are suitable for both corporate and leisure travelers. 


If you are looking to extend your vacation or your business trip, long-term rentals are the perfect way to deal with a situation. These rentals provide complete mobility solutions, great flexibility, and value to the money to those travelers who wish to have an extended vacation. 


What You Need To Know: “Life is Short, And The World Is Wide”. If you plan for a long vacation or staycation, long-term rentals are the best option to make your stay safe and budget-friendly. Key points to remember for long-term rental cars: 


1. No Long-term investment and No loss of value.

2. Explore the wider area.

3. Flexible car agreement.

4. An array of vehicle options available.

5. No depreciation cost.


3. Setting Up Direct Billing 



Pre-COVID, most car rental companies require a credit card method to book a car rental, or a company card to pay for rental cars. However, not all travelers have their own company card, this creates a lot of mess and stress for a traveler to book a rental car. To cut down the mess, the industry has come up with innovative ways to pay either with a personal card (which requires a traveler to be a cardholder) or to set up direct billing with the rental car company. Setting up a Direct Bill account with the car rental company is the most feasible, convenient, and best option to pay for rental cars with the company card. Once you set up a corporate account with the rental company, you can add your genuine information. Don’t forget to enable direct payment in the account. This direct billing method requires no contact and enabling direct payment will cut down the hassle of making the payment manually. Direct billing accounts are safe in the present scenario. You can set up this account with famous rental companies, including Avis, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Budget, and Hertz. 


What You Need To Know: “You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Travel Well”. For having more hassle-free and safe vacations, set up a Direct Bill account with the rental company. Be free and get rid of the hassle of payments on time with this direct billing method. Key points to remember for setting up a direct billing account with a rental car company:


1. No need to pay at the time of pick-up. 

2. Hassle-free payment.

3. No need to take the stress of carrying a company card.

4. No need to show a credit card at the time of booking a rental car.

5. Avail perks and discounts that come with direct billing. 


4. Contactless Rental Options And Features



Pre-pandemic, the approach of the rental cars industry was to introduce self-service to the industry, but post-pandemic has boosted the self-service approach in the industry. Moreover, a new web check-in feature has been introduced in the market to make the check-in process easy and contactless. For instance, Avis Budget Group has rolled out a mobile app in which the customer can check-in and manage the whole rental experience without interacting with anyone. Simply show your driving license and credit card at the rental counter to collect your keys. Similarly, Enterprise Rent-A-Car also provided low-and-no-touch rental options to the customers. 


What You Need To Know: “Collect Moments, Not Things”. Post-pandemic, it is necessary to follow social-distancing and have contactless meetings with people. If you wish to travel without having a double of being attacked by the virus, rope into the contactless rental options. Key points to remember for contactless rental options: 


1. No-touch rental processes. 

2. Contactless car rental services.

3. More safety and security.

4. Digital web check-in to cut down the hassle. 


5. Upgrade The Cleanliness Of Vehicles Program 



The world is under a great impact of the virus and only cleanliness will keep you safe in the present scenario. If you are looking for safe car rides, rental car companies have launched the cleanliness program to give you a clean, neat, and safe vehicle to the drive-in. Pre-pandemic vehicle cleaning programs were there, but post-pandemic accelerated it to the far. Most rental car companies follow a cleaning protocol before they rent you a vehicle. A complete car sanitization, disinfection, and inspection has been made by the rental companies to ensure your safety with their vehicle. 


What You Need To Know: “Sometimes We Just Need Some Time In A Beautiful Place To Clean Our Head”. If you want to stay safe amidst Coronavirus, this cleanliness program will give a sigh of relief.  Key points to remember for upgrading the cleanliness vehicle program: 


1. Disinfected vehicles are accessible.

2. Hygiene satisfaction.

3. Safer drive.

4. Following COVID-19 guidance. 

5. Cut down the chances of sickness. 


These car rentals will certainly help you in making the right choice when planning to book a car rental for your vacation in 2021. 

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