Road Trip Creator Guide For An Unspoiled Expedition!

A road trip is the ultimate way to travel and explore the destination that you come across on your journey. It gives you the freedom to stop wherever you want, take as much time as you need, and keep on going on your own terms. Not only is a road trip the most fantastic way of reaching your destination while tackling all the obstacles you face along the way, but it is also the safest way to travel amid the ongoing COVID pandemic.


However, when you are on the road, you face a lot of difficulties and obstacles along the way. I personally believe that once you step into your vehicle and begin your journey, Murphy’s Law comes into play, and anything can happen. But that is what makes road trips so much fun! With a bit of planning and some experience, you can, however, be prepared to overcome all the difficulties the universe throws at you and still keep going.


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The experts at Leisure have years of experience in planning road trips for large groups through some of the most challenging routes and dangerous terrains. In this road trip creator guide, we’ll help you learn everything there is to know about planning a road trip and getting your vehicle ready for the road!


Planning a Road Trip


A road trip allows you to be spontaneous and gives you all the freedom in the world. However, as most seasoned adventurers would tell you, it is best that you spend some time planning your road trips, since all roads are different, therefore you need to make sure that your vehicle is up to the mark for handling the rugged terrains, so as to avoid a break down in the middle of the road.


There are three essential steps that you must keep in mind when you plan your road trips with the help of a road trip creator.



Steps 1: Find the most probable route



Whatever your destination may be, it is essential to understand and plan your route effectively so as to have the best road trips. With advancements in smartphones and GPS technology, you no longer need to carry gigantic maps to navigate. All you need is your smartphone and an active internet connection, and you are good to go. Smartphones have enabled us to pick out the perfect routes for our road trips through road trip creator apps within minutes. This saves a lot of time; however, if you’re planning to make the most of your journey, you should invest some time in picking out a preferable route for your trip while you are at home. This allows you to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the journey you are about to embark upon.


There are plenty of road trip creator apps out there, which come with a surplus of features that you can use to plan for your trip. One of the most commonly used road trip creator app is Google Maps. Most people use google maps only to travel from one point to another or on their daily commute. But the app has so many impressive features that can help you make the most of your time on the road.


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Once you have picked your destination, you should then move to study the different routes available to you in order to reach your destination. Depending on the primary motive for your road trip and personal preference, you can pick a course that fulfills your goals and objective.


- If your only motive to take a road trip is to reach your destination as soon as possible, then pick a route on your road trip creator app, which has the lowest travel time, minimum exists, and maximum expressways. So as to avoid traffic and travel at faster speeds. However, it should be taken into account that this type of route is suitable for shorter journeys since expressways have fewer gas stations and only a handful of motels and rest stops to choose from. If you plan on reaching your destination soon while including a few halts, then you should plan your route accordingly and select your rest stops in advance.


- If the primary motive of your road trip is to take your time and explore the attractions you come across along the way, then you should spend some more time planning and researching your route. Get on the internet and find out the most popular attractions which you would like to explore on your journey. Keep in mind that you may not always have a chance to explore each and everyone one of these attractions. Using your road trip creator app, try to find the route which allows you to make multiple stops along the way and prepare your vehicle accordingly.



Step 2: Pick the perfect vehicle.



Your vehicle is your most reliable companion on a road trip. It not only serves as a means of transport but also provides a temporary shelter and a private space to keep your belongings. The last thing you would want on a road trip is having your vehicle break down every few miles because it’s not suitable for the terrain.


After you have picked your desired route from the road trip creator, you should move on to reading and understanding the condition of the roads. You can do that by commencing your journey on the app and zooming in on the sections that take more time than usual. This will give you an idea about what the conditions of the roads are.


Most vehicles in America are well equipped for a short road trip spanning six to eight hours. However, for road trips that would involve spending more than 8 hours on the road, it is wise to make sure that your car can serve you well on your journey.


For maximum comfort during a road trip, SUVs are the most suitable option, as they can offer you much more space for your luggage and more room in the cabin as well. Another benefit of taking an SUV is, they offer much more stability on the road. With a higher quality of suspensions and premium drivability, an SUV can handle almost anything the road throws at it. However, SUVs have a lower fuel efficiency; therefore, you may need to keep an eye on the gas and always learn about the next fuel station from a road trip creator app. 


Sedans offer a better fuel efficiency on the road and hence allow you to travel long distances with a significantly lesser amount of stops. However, the level of comfort you get in your average sedan is nowhere near to that of an SUV. This is because sedans have lower space in the trunk for luggage and lower cabin room as well. Therefore a sedan may serve you well on a shorter road trip, but if you are planning on being on the road for more than 8 to 10 hours, you will face some inconvenience. In addition to this, the suspension in a sedan has lesser travel due to lower ground clearance and hence may not be suitable for roads with potholes.


And lastly, a four by four. A four-wheel-drive vehicle can handle everything Mother Nature throws at it, from heavy rains, potholes, and even going off the road. They offer the same amount of comfort and space like an SUV. However, a four by four has much lower fuel efficiency as compared to any other vehicle. Therefore, they serve best when your road trip involves tackling some difficult terrains and rocky paths.


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Step 3: Select the number of Stops



The final step of planning your road trip journey is picking out suitable rest stops. This is where you can use your road trip creator app to the best of its ability. Depending on your route and the vehicle, select the number of stops you would want to take for refreshments, refueling, and overnight halts. It is advised that you should not travel more than 8 hours in a stretch. This might increase the chances of a breakdown due to overheating and make you very uncomfortable.


Find out the number of stops necessary for your road trip, and select the desired places to stop at with the help of the road trip creator. You can mark the stops and store them in your app while planning your journey. One impressive feature about the road trip apps is that it allows you to download and save the map offline, in case you are unable to find reception in a remote location.


Now all you have to do is pack all the essentials for the road and make sure that your vehicle has been checked by a mechanic to ensure a safe trip. Always carry a physical map with you in case your road trip creator app is inaccessible or if you lose your phone. Learn how to take care of the basic issues with your vehicle, such as jump-starting it, changing a tire, checking for overheating heating issues, etc. You don’t have to turn in to a mechanic overnight, but it sure helps to know what you’re getting into.


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