7 Places To Spot Your Favorite Celebrity on Miami Beach Vacation

Just like sightseeing, people-watching is equally fun for many people. Especially when it comes to celebrities, we are looking out for them to know where they are, with whom they are hanging out, what they are doing, and more. Do you also want to spot famous celebs on your Miami beach vacation or have desires to enjoy travel like them? Well, we understand. Celebrities have a huge influence on our lives, and we look up to them when we are out. If so, why don't we visit the places that are loved by celebrities? Being at celebrity-loved destinations is not just a chance to encounter a known face but also a great way to have the most of your vacation. One such destination is- MIAMI. Miami is a vibrant city that is famous among celebrities from all over the world. Celebs are drawn to the glitter of the city and love to spend their vacation on the beachside. 


With that in mind, we have scoped out some eminent places in Miami that are frequently visited by celebs. This article will take you through the hidden spots in the city. While a random meeting with a superstar is possible at any corner of town, these places are more probable. Even if you won’t get the chance to meet your favorite celebrity, visiting these places will make your regular travel an A-list vacation. Check out the list to get a glimpse of someone famous. You might be familiar with these places as they often appear on our Instagram feed.


So, book your leisure travel package and enjoy an itinerary full of gorgeous beaches, fashionable bars, swanky shopping, and enticing nights with a glimpse of celebrities. If you are happy to be in the city, you must stop by these places because you never know who you are going to meet!!!


Places To Find Celebrities Enjoying Their Miami Beach Vacation



1. Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge

2. Delano Hotel

3. Star Island

4. Zuma

5. The Setai

6. Prime 112

7. Swan Bar Bevy



Visit the city of sand, sun, and sass and catch a glimpse of your favorite stars. And the best thing is, these A-list holiday destinations are way more accessible than you imagine.


Let’s take a look!!!


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Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge



Perched beside the Miami river, this is an eatery that exemplifies the essence of a restaurant along the coastline. This is one of the places which hosts several celebrities to enjoy delectable food overlooking the magnificent views of the river. Visiting Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge on your Miami beach vacation, you might catch some boldfaced names like Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Marc Anthony, Jay Z, Barbra Streisand, David Beckham, Ryan Phillippe, and many more. It’s not just the beachside that attracts the celebs, but there is a lot more. The menu here is amazingly designed with appetizing dishes, and the dining rooms are decorated amazingly that it captivates the attention of all the guests. If your eyes are looking out for some famous celebrities, make sure you add this astonishing eatery to your leisure travel package. 


Delano Hotel



When we talk about the hottest Miami beach vacation destination to spot some famous faces, we can’t skip on- Delano Hotel. It is a top hotel where spotting celebrities like Owen Wilson, Matthew McConaughey, Tobey Maguire, Beyonce, Chris Rock, Sandra Bullock, etc., is not a big deal. Delano hotel is a go spot for celebs to enjoy a luxurious stay. It is an opulent hotel with spectacular art decor. It was constructed back in the 1940s with a sleek white design, marble tabletops, and everything posh. Together with celebs staying here and having their meals, various famous artists visit this hotel to perform. Some of the prominent artists who have performed here are Sean Paul, Queen Latifah, Wyclef, Ludacris, and Grace Jones. Hit this place and spot your favorite celebrity. Trust us; it is a great feeling!


Star Island



You must have understood by its name- Star Island is one of the eminent Miami beach vacation destinations. The island has ample multimillion-dollar homes which only wealthy people can afford. This makes it evident that visiting this island will let you spot various famous faces. It is located along the Biscayne Bay with a lot of homes of celebrities like Sean Combs, Don Johnson, Gloria Estefan, Shaquille O’Neal, etc. Although you get a glimpse of a few celebs on your visit to this island, being invited to any of the mansion’s parties is altogether a surreal experience. You might find it challenging to get into a party, but if you do, you will be surprised to see celebs in every corner. If you are a celeb lover, this is the place where you should be on your leisure travel package to Miami.  





Another great addition to the list of celebrity-loved Miami beach vacation destinations is ZUMA. You must be thinking, what’s the big deal here that we added this place to the list, then it's- crowd, decor, food, service, and everything. It is an upscale Japanese restaurant located in downtown Miami. Zuma is inspired by the Izakaya dining style of Japan and offers mouth-watering Japanese food with a twist. Various renowned celebrities love to come here and enjoy an artistry dinner which is led by the internationally known chef- Rainer Becker. Although this restaurant is open just a few years back, its flavorsome offerings, sleek decor, and friendly service made it popular among top-notch celebrities. Some of the notable diners of this restaurant are Kevin Spacey, Sofia Vergara, Will Smith, Justin Beiber, Lennox Lewis, Oprah, and more. 


The Setai



If you have ever been to Miami, you must have the name The Setai. Perched on south beach, this place is known for drawing the attention of celebrities. If you visit this luxurious beachfront hotel, you will definitely spot some of the stars having their best time. Some of the popular celebs who visit this place often are Gisele, U2, Lindsay Lohan, Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Beyonce, Cat Power, and more. The Setai is situated at 2001 Collins Ave and is inspired by Japanese suits. Here you will find plenty of rooms, an outdoor pool, a private beach, relaxing spa services, a beachside restaurant, and a lot more. Everything here is so luxurious that visiting this hotel on your Miami beach vacation will make you feel like a VIP. Visit this elite restaurant on your Leisure travel package if you want to bump into some popular celebs or to make yourself feel like a King or Queen!


Prime 112



No celebrity sighting guide to Miami beach vacation can be completed without mentioning the prominent restaurant- Prime 112. Various Hollywood elites get attracted to this luxurious restaurant for several good reasons. The location of this pioneering restaurant is beside the Miami beach, which offers eye-pleasing views all across. Along with the scenic beauty, the luxurious ambiance and eccentric menu lure the A-listers. Right from the soups to great lobster pancakes, the menu is quite extensive with a lot of lucious dishes. The music of this restaurant adds to its popularity. With so much to offer, Prime 112 restaurant hosts ample celebrities. Some of the top names on the list are Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber,  Kanye West, Taraji P. Henson, Will Smith, and more. Make sure you add this restaurant to your leisure travel package and have the best time on your Miami beach vacation. 


Swan Bar Bevy



Lastly, on the list, we have a phenomenal addition- Swan Bar Bevy. Situated in the heart of Miami’s Design District, this eatery offers an outstanding outdoor dining experience. The remarkable feature of this restaurant that attracts the most of people’s attention is its concept of sourcing ingredients from locals. Apart from this, celebs love to visit this place, sit back, and enjoy the outdoor dining with the magnificent views of the skyline. When it comes to the food, the menu here is designed by the international chef- Jean Imbert. The chef ensures that all the dishes this restaurant serves must be lucious and are enjoyed by all the global visitors. Some of the known celebrities who love to hang out at this place on their Miami beach vacation are Olivia Culpo, Lenny Kravitz, Trevor Noah, etc. If you too want to party like a celeb and enjoy your time on your vacation, then look no further; Swan Bar Bevy is the place for you! 


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