Miami With Kids: This Time Go Beyond Beaches On Family Travel!

In the end, kids won’t remember that fancy toy you bought them, they will remember the time you spent with them.”- Kevin Heath. Rightly said- Travel is precious and of worth remembering. It is something important as it builds valuable memories that last for a lifetime. Going on a vacation with children gives them knowledge, new experiences, exposure, and a different perspective towards life that you can’t take away from them. So, you must grab the opportunity and plan family travel with your kids and give them the experience that they need to appreciate. 


If you are thinking of a vacation, Miami is a great choice. Miami is a beautiful destination in the south of Florida with ample beaches, rich history, regal entertainment, congenial weather, and more. Although Miami is popularly known for its beaches, there are plenty of other things to do in the city. To help you plan a family-friendly vacation and let you explore Miami- beyond its beaches, we have compiled a list of the 10 best places to visit on your vacation. Keep this list handy and plan your time to discover the magic of the city that will please your family. Get ready and dig in!!


1. Coconut Grove



On the Biscayne Bay lies this beautiful spot called Coconut Grove where you can find relaxing cafes and ample chic shops to roam here and there. Visiting this tourist attraction will let you enjoy an outstanding outdoor shopping experience that you can’t get anywhere else. In Coconut Grove is an area named “Coco Walk” where you will get mouth-watering meals to savor and theaters for ultimate entertainment. This design of this place is all inspired by Spain and is great for having a relaxing time in Miami. Here, you can also take your kids to the Peacock Park which has a lot of structures to play with and a waterfront area to enjoy the mesmerizing natural beauty. You must check out this leafy neighborhood on your family travel and enjoy the time like never before. 


2. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science



When we talk about places to visit or things to do in Miami, mentioning Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a must. Wondering Why? Let us tell you. This museum of Science is a huge building with 250,000 square feet of area and has four-story. With the enduring building, this museum hosts several exhibitions that lure travelers, especially the ones who are on family travel. This place is great for the kids to learn and discover a lot that exists in nature but not known to a lot of people. In the museum, there is an engineering lab where you can use your imagination and bring it out in the world. Along with this, the museum has a modern planetarium. That’s what this museum has to offer to the whole family. Make sure you visit this museum. Don’t you think it will be a fun day here? 


3. Miami Seaquarium



If you are on family travel and you haven’t paid a visit to Miami Seaquarium, then you have done nothing. It is a unique attraction in the city that lures every traveler, irrespective of age. The seaquarium is one such place that will keep you awe-struck. Here you can witness the swimming Dolphins, penguins, flamingo, and whatnot. This place also features the killing whale that lures a lot of people. If you are an animal lover and want to come face-to-face to the sea animals, then you must plan a day for the seaquarium. Beyond this, the museum is highly known for its 300,000-gallon tropical reef for which you have to put on a special helmet and walk through it. Must visit this attraction in the city. We guarantee that you will come out with a lot of memories and learnings. 


4. Everglades National Park



Another astounding attraction that must be on the list of family travel in Miami is Everglades National Park. it is among the largest subtropical wilderness in the entire country. Visiting this 1.5 million acre of coastal land is a unique experience where you can enjoy the mangroves, pinewoods, as well as sawgrass mangroves. This national park is also the home of various animals like crocodiles, manatees, alligators, and various other exotic birds. This interesting national park is just next door to the city where you can enjoy an amazing airboat ride. On the airboat, you can ride over the shallow water that will surely please you to visit again. At this national park, you must spend a few hours amidst the wetland and absorbing the real beauty. Visit this and have a quiet and relaxing time with your family.


5. Wynwood Arts District



What are your views on a lovely outdoor art gallery? Sounds interesting? No matter whether your answer is yes or no, you must visit the Wynwood Arts District at least once in a lifetime. This gallery is a large area that acclaims some of the world-famous artists. The Wynwood Art District is all covered with large colorful murals that have deeper meanings and are great to enjoy. With this, the gallery also features an outstanding Morelia Gourmet Paletas which serves delectable ice-cream that you can’t miss upon. The Mexican-style authentic ice pop of the restaurant is great to taste. The list of offerings does not end here. This art district also has ample retail shops, vibrant bars, green space to play, and open-air street art. Visit this on family travel and enjoy a perfect break. 


6. Little Havana



Known for its amazing cultural scenes, the Little Havana in the Cuban District of Miami is a must-visit for an amazing experience. At this place, you will get restaurants serving special food and beautiful Latin music playing in the background. The Little Havana offers a street named Calle Ocho which will definitely enthrall you. Calle Ocho street is famous for its boutiques, restaurants, and festivals. Other than this, Little Havana is also great for entertainment and Cuban cuisine. Savoring the real flavors of the city is the best thing any traveler can do on family travel. Here you can also satiate your sugar cravings with a lot of new and exciting flavors of ice cream. Some of the flavors that you must try are coconut flan and sweet plantain. So, don’t be in a rush and enjoy the best of the city. 


7. Jungle Island



If you find yourself similar to Kristen Bell then this is the place where you should be in Miami. The Jungle Island is a place for the mesmerizing experience of indulging yourself with animals, exotic wildlife, tropical forest, and more. It is a complete jungle package where you can find various animals like tigers, baboons, orangutans, and tortoises. With this, it also has over 2,000 beautiful and exotic plants just like orchids, bananas, bromeliads, etc. You must visit Jungle Island on your family travel to let your kids interact with the animals, cuddle with them, and enhance their knowledge. Together with animals, this place has a lot more to offer. Here you can have fun climbing the wall, spend time at tree-walk village, and play with your kids in an extensive open area. It’s time to have fun with your kids and help them learn.  


8. Zoo Miami



One of the best things any traveler can do on their vacation with family is to visit a zoo. There are ample zoos worldwide, but the one in Miami is a bit different. The Zoo Miami is 750 acres wide where you can find over 3,000 different species of animals that are sprawling here and there. This is because Zoo Miami is a cageless zoo and among the largest in the US. For kids, this zoo highlights the camel rides, amazing fountain, and multiple fun activities. Visiting this zoo is a great option to indulge yourself with some unique animals like hippos, jaguars, vipers, big river otters, elephants, and more. With so much to offer, you must visit this zoo on your family travel. What are you waiting for? Go and plan a visit. 


9. Monkey Jungle



Have you ever seen humans packed in the cage and animals enjoying their time freely? Seems interesting? This is the concept on which the Monkey Jungle is built. With a tagline- “Where the humans are caged and the monkeys run wild.” This jungle paints an ultimate experience for the visitors amidst the wildlife. The jungle is outspread in an area of 30 acres and is a perfect place for studying the monkeys in and out. Visitors in this jungle walk along the trails that are fenced from all sides so that the visitors can’t come close to the animals and let them roam free. Along with this, visitors here can also get a close look inside the lifestyle of gorillas and interact with them. This zoo offers an experience that you can’t afford to miss. 


10. Safari Edventure



Spending time with the animals is a fun thing that all kids must do on family travel. Together with having a great time, this also helps in increasing the knowledge. One such place for the kids is Safari Edventure in Miami. It is an animal sanctuary that is extended over an area of five acres. In this vast area, there are a number of species that count to more than 120. Among all the species, travelers can get hands-on experience with around a dozen animals. Here, at Safari Edventure you can let your kids get gators in their hands, spend time with Kangaroo, embrace the sloth, and much more. The maximum of the animals in Safari Edventure is born in the sanctuary only. This lets the travelers not feel guilty about the captivity of the animals. So, get rid of guilt and enjoy your time in Safari Edventure.


Pick from the above suggestions of the best places to visit in Miami on family travel and enjoy the best time with your kids. These places will let you experience something amazing that you definitely cherish for a lifetime. Let your kids start at a young age so that the adventures will become easier when they grow old. What are you waiting for? Go and plan now. NOW!!!

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