8 Most Common Places In New York To Spot Celebrity Travelers

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 15,2021

Hollywood is home to the stars and is a place where wealthy and famous celebrities live. One such place is NEW YORK. Everyone loves New York and celebrities are no exception! This city is known as the cultural hub in the country, right from fashion, food, and art. With this, its luxurious offerings attract not just the commoners but also the rich and renowned personalities. The most underrated quality of New York is that it is a place where you will spot celebrity travelers interacting and roaming around just like us. With no bodyguards or walls to hide behind, familiar faces are generally seen strolling around the town. Apart from trip attractions, spotting A-list celebrities is a nice experience for many visitors in the city. There are ample places to explore in the city if you want to see some prominent celebrities. Although the spotting of celebrities can take place at any point in time, there are some ways by which you can increase your chances of having a glimpse of celebrities in the elite of the city — and that way is to find the right place where you can find the celebrities.


We are here to satisfy your curiosity about sighting the celebrities in the city. This article will introduce you to 8 places in New York where you'll probably find a renowned personality. Scroll through the list to find out the hot-spots of New York for celebrity travelers. 


(Please bear in mind: Whenever you spot a celebrity, be respectful.)


Let’s Explore!!!


1. Rockefeller Center



In the beautiful streets of New York, crossing paths with celebrities is normal. One such place where you can spot various celebrity travelers is Rockefeller Center. It is a huge large complex which is spread in an area of 22 acres and is a famous place for star sightseeing as some of the prominent tv shows are taped here. When you visit this place and stand in front of the building, it won’t take much time that you’ll spot a celebrity. This is one such place, where a number of celebrities or hosts or famous personalities go for their daily work. If you are eager to see some of the celebrities, then you must plan during Christmas. Although this is the time when this place is stuffed with tourists, it is also the perfect time to spot A-listers. 


2. West Village



Not just for celebrities spotting, this place is also popular for classic New York architecture. This place is a great addition to the list of famous places to spot celebrity travelers as the maximum population of this place is famous celebrities. Although it is a small area in the city, it is home to Daniel Radcliffe, Sienna Miller, Liv Tyler,  Hugh Jackman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and more. Here you will find various versatile celebrities indulging in daily tasks. Not just the ones who are residing here, celebrities also love to visit this place for its ultimate dining and entertainment options. This place also has many fashionable boutiques that draw the attention of famous personalities. If you are looking for celebrities, this is definitely the hot spot.


3. Rao’s



Next on the list, we have one of the exclusive restaurants- RAO’s which is a great place to spot celebrity travelers. It is a small restaurant with a capacity of just 10 tables. Even though it is a tiny eatery, it is highly known for serving authentic Italian fare. You will be surprised to know that this place has nothing like reservations. Yes, you read it right. This restaurant works on a “who knows who?” basis. If you visit this restaurant, it might be possible that you won’t get the seat to dine it, but you will surely spot any of the famous celebrities. The diners here usually include Billy Crystal, Nicholas Pileggi, Rob Reiner, Tony Bennett, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. On your vacation to New York, this place is a must-to-visit, not just to try your luck for the table but also for spotting celebrities. 


3. Broadway



Who doesn’t like the ambiance of Broadway? Broadway in New York is the largest and highly visited theater district in the entire world. This place is so damn beautiful that it lures not just the regular tourists like us, but also the famed celebrities. Here you will find so many theaters playing outstanding musicals, hosting plays, and various stage performances. So many performances are from renowned celebrities only. While the others love to take the seat and enjoy the shows as the audience. With so many celebrities available here most of the time, it makes sense that you will meet some of them. If you are really interested in spotting celebrity travelers, then this is the place for you. 


4. The Polo Bar



When we talk about the famous places in New York to spot celebrity travelers, it is unfair to not mention The Polo Bar. It is a voguish midtown restaurant which is run by a well-known designer-  Ralph Lauren. The Polo Bar is pretty much popular among A-list celebrities who love to come here and enjoy the dark wood, polo-themed art, and buttery leather decor. Undoubtedly, getting a seat at this restaurant is one of the most difficult tasks, especially if you are not on the celebrity list. The reservations list goes month-long which is nearly impossible to get the seat. However, on your visit to this restaurant, you will definitely get to see some of the prominent celebrities. If that’s enough for you, this restaurant is a must-visit even without a reservation. 


5. Madison Square Garden



Known as the World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden is a popular place among celebrity travelers. It is a home to Knicks and Rangers where sightseeing some prominent personalities is quite regular. Along with this, it is a place where most of the concerts and entertainment shows happen. At the recent games, Kevin Bacon, Hassan Minhaj, Pete Davidson, Fat Joe, Kaia Gerber, Cecily Strong, Chris Rock, and Tracy Morgan were spotted. Here you’ll get to see the celebrities getting personal with the athletes and other performers. If you are visiting this place, then you must look around for celebrities. You never know where you will find them. They might be on the stage, court, or even sitting beside you. So, look carefully!


6. The Rainbow Room



If you are in New York and looking for celebrity travelers, then no other place can be better than The Rainbow Room. It is a swanky dining restaurant in Rockefeller Center which requires a separate mention because of its fame among celebrities. There’s no other restaurant in the city as The Rainbow Room to spot the famous personalities. This beautiful restaurant captivates the attention of celebrities from all over the world as the views this place offers are surreal. It is perched on the 65th floor and the views from here are unmatched. Celebrities love to visit this place and enjoy an incredible dining experience. Running with the motto of “Play Among the Stars”, this is the place where you will surely get to meet some celebrities. 


7. The Airports



This is the most obvious name on the list of best places to visit for celebrity travelers. So many celebrities stay in the city and others travel on a constant basis passing by New York or to and from the city. There are three airports in the city and celebrities land and depart from them on a daily basis. If you are at the airport, you might find celebrities passing by at any point in time. Although you will not be able to go and shake hands with the celebrities because of the strict airport rules, you can see them walking just like us. If you are really interested in spotting the celebrities and want to see them traveling in style, then you must look around when you are at the airport. 



From red carpet premieres to restaurant inaugurations to designer shops, New York remains the hot spot for celebrity travelers.  So be ready with this list of 8 prime places in New York where the famous personalities are most likely to be seen. 

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