Celebrities Whose Airport Style You Must Steal On Your Flight

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 12,2021

When it comes to traveling, comfort is a key factor. Nobody likes to survive several hours of flights wearing tight jeans, high-heels, or uncomfortable outfits. Choosing a stylish, chic yet comfortable outfit while heading to the airport is a tricky task. If you too are stumped by the decision of your airport look, you must take inspiration from top celebrities who know how to travel in style. There are so many celebrities whose jet-setting outfits have become an inspiration for many. To help you out with the decision, we have curated a list of celebrity travel style icons who are masters in traveling all dressed up in comfortable and trendy outfits. Read on and get inspired!


Bella Hadid



Keeping it simple and chic, Bella Hadid has set a bar for the airport-style game. She is spotted several times in trending travel outfits that are quite comfortable and easy to replicate. No matter if you are planning a dinner date with your friends or searching out for airport looks, Bella is perfect for borrowing some cozy-chic tips. From monochrome outfits to basic jackets and jeans to leopard print shoes, she rocks every outfit. She apparently dresses down for her flights to keep the journey comfortable. Regardless of what she wears, she always manages to look flawless and proves that she is no less than a style icon. 


Kendall Jenner



If you want to rock your airport look, then you must take a cue from Kendall Jenner. She knows how to balance between comfort and style. Her stunning airport looks are hard to miss if you truly want the inspiration. With her outstanding clothing style, she always looks put together and cool while traveling by air. Wearing a black outfit from head-to-toe or a matching duster coat or pants, her outfits make her look fresh. Her dressing is so effortless that you can easily copy it for your next vacation. Undoubtedly, Kendall Jenner is amongst the best celebrity travel style icons who never fails to surprise her fans with an amazing fashion style.


Priyanka Chopra



With her unique style, she has nailed the celebrity airport outfit game. She truly embraced the airport styling and became the inspiration of many. Although she travels a lot by plane, she always does it in style. PC’s airport wardrobe mostly features dresses and jumpsuits which are perfect to travel in comfort. From floral numbers to strapless jumpsuits to duster coats, she looks astounding from head to toe. There is no doubt that she has impeccable fashion knowledge and is a style icon in every sense. If you are looking forward to some travel outfit inspirations, then you must check her out. 


Gigi Hadid



In recent years, Gigi Hadid has become America's sweetheart with her good looks and marvelous fashion sense. She is aware of her style very well and knows how to flaunt all her curves while being comfortable. She is one of the top style and fashion icons who not just wears what's in the trend but also creates a lot of trends. Gigi pulls off all her outfits ranging from sheer tops to trench coats to pantsuits to sporty jogger sets. She is a leading pack who always prefers to travel in style. If you too are bored of denim jackets and want to up your styling game, then you must take a tip from Gigi Hadid.


Miranda Kerr



Celebrity Travel Style is a new subject these days. People love to see what their favorite celebrity is wearing on her way to the airport. They have become a true inspiration for the people. One such celebrity who lures people a lot is Miranda Kerr. She never ceases to lure her fans with her rich and classy style. Her style is so polished that people will keep on staring at her. With her monochrome outfits, she loves to keep her style simple and chic. To keep her updated in the fashion world, she is spotted in various styles like floral prints, breezy maxi dresses, all denim looks, and more. Take inspiration from her and nail your next vacation. 


Kim Kardashian West



Over the years, Kim Kardashian West has offered drama and art in her airport looks. She stunned the whole world with her sexy looks and experimental style. Kim always tries to provide her fans with something new and interesting. With her bold and sexy look, she has become a social media sensation. Her wardrobe is no less than a rollercoaster of style that has become the major trend among people. Whether she wears cycling shorts or neon boots, she nails it every time. She has come a long way and transformed her style from the head-to-toe. No matter whether you can wear her style or not, checking her out is a must.





There is never a situation where Rihanna is not spotted at her best. Right from sparkly heels to baggy sweatpants, she knows how to balance fashion and comfort. Whenever she is on her trip, she blows her fans away with her amazing style. Even if it’s her small and simple trip, she is spotted all in fashion right from top to bottom. Some of the top trends she set and rocked are the transparent suitcase, extra oversized denim jacket, white boots, one-piece jumpsuit, and many more. No matter where she goes, she always has style in her brain. Copy her cool outfits and take your style to the next level.


Victoria Beckham



When it comes to celebrity travel style icons, Victoria Beckham always comes to mind. She is one such celebrity who has tried almost all the cool and chic outfits. From jumpsuits to basic t-shirts to dresses to two-piece sets, there is everything that Victoria Beckham has rocked on her way to the airport. She always travels in posh while keeping her outfit comfortable. This beauty has its own unique style that is easy to replicate. Taking her in-transit styles seriously she has set several traveling trends. Her jet-setter looks are so incredible that she has become a travel style icon for many. Taking the sense of sophistication and comfort seriously, she is an amazing celebrity to checkout before boarding your next flight.


Kate Hudson



She is one of the celebrities who has turned the airport into a runway. She always tries to keep the comfort and her personal style as per priority. Paparazzi have spotted her many times wearing a few statement pieces like a lynx bomber jacket, fur coat, oversized hoodie, patchwork outfits, and more. She loves to add a little twist of her own to the outfits that make her look cool and attractive. Kate opts to travel in style and sets a high bar for the other celebrities. If you want to hit the airport in style, you must check her out.


Karlie Kloss



She got the perfect formula to rock all her airport looks. Karlie Kloss offers various street-style moments that are perfect to copy for the general public. From the runway to the airport, Karlie knows the priority of keeping her clothes comfortable without sacrificing her style even a bit. Unlike other celebrities, she tries to ditch casual sports tracksuits and jeans top and prefers to wear something more stylish and trendy. Even if she wears basic outfits, she always carries a statement piece with her that uplifts all her look. If you are troubling to make a basic outfit a lewk, you must take inspiration from her. 


Katie Holmes



This fashionable girl is a true example of a celebrity travel style icon. She is never afraid to get her hands on trendy pieces and tries to keep her off-duty style more effortless, elegant, and comfortable. She blessed her fans with endless easy-to-wear yet stylish outfit ideas. Her impeccable taste in styling makes her a fashion icon. While heading out to the airport, she prefers to keep her look fresh with minimal makeup, breezy outfits, and a simple hairstyle. Right from the top to the bottom, people love what Katie wears and they try to keep a check on her. Get inspired by her and travel on your next vacation with perfection. 


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley tops the list of women who know how to look comfortable, breezy, and confident all at the same time. She is an expert in layering cool and trendy outfits with stylish footwear and luxurious chic bags. Rosie is not much into trying different styles. She loves to keep her airport wardrobe pretty simple. Her style is usually straight-forward which includes skinny jeans or leather trousers, a jacket, and a knitted sweater or top with some chic accessories and footwear. With her outstanding yet simple style, she has become an obsession for many. Her amazing style calls you to take away some astounding tips from her airport outfits. 



With these best 12 celebrity travel style icons, we come to an end. This list of amazing celebrities will make your dressing for the airport simple and stylish. It’s time to get inspired by celebrities and up your airport-style game.

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