Wildlife Species To Check Out On Montenegro Vacation

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jun 22,2021

Perched in the heart of the Balkans, Montenegro is a hidden gem with amazing countryside, beautiful beaches, and unparalleled fauna. The terrain of Montenegro extends from gigantic mountains to extensive plains. Each of the mountains in the country has lush green forests that add to its charm. And the woods are no less than treasures of flora and fauna. It is an excellent place to book leisure vacation travel packages for all wildlife lovers. 


Due to its population, the major part of nature in Montenegro is undisturbed. Since it is an unspoiled land, the fauna of Montenegro has been determined to be very favorable to grow and prosper. The magnificence of the country's tempestuous forests strengthens the wildlife of Montenegro.  There are plenty of untamed animals present in the forests of the country that will surely leave you awe-struck. 


With so many wildlife species, you must consider booking leisure vacation travel packages to Montenegro. It is, undoubtedly, a mecca for wildlife enthusiasts. In fact, Montenegro is becoming a prime biodiversity hot-spot in Europe. It seems like nature lost its jewels while passing through Montenegro. If you are booking Montenegro vacation packages 2021, you will not find it difficult to spot a pleasant herd of deer or martens on a safari in the forests.


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In this article, we have listed some of the interesting animals that you must see on your Montenegro vacation packages 2021. So keep this article handy on your vacation and experience wildlife like never before. 


Without further ado, let’s have a look!



1. Deers



Montenegro's wildlife has two notable species of deer, the fallow and the red. Deers are plentiful in entire Europe, especially in the Caucasus Mountains. Among the two species, the largest one to be found here is Red Deer. Along with Montenegro, this species can also be found in Asia Minor, Iran, western and central Asia. The other species, i.e., fallow deer, is relatively lesser in number than red deers but is excellent to spot on Montenegro vacation packages 2021. Male deers of the fallow species have spherical and long horns, while female deers have no horns. 


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2. Roebuck



The next species that we suggest watching out for on Montenegro vacation packages 2021 is Roebuck. It is a different mammal in the family of deers. Roebuck is commonly found in Central Europe and Asia. This species of deer is comparatively smaller in size, with an average length of approximately 1.1m only. Roebucks have smaller horns and a red-colored body. And yes, Disney was inspired by Roebucks and produced the beloved classic “Bambi.”


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3. Chamois



This is yet another species that is worth experiencing on Montenegro vacation packages 2021. Chamois, akin to a goat-antelope, is relatively small in size. Male chamois is just 80 cm tall and weighs around 100 lbs. Meanwhile, female chamois are slightly lighter and smaller. This species is native to Asia Minor and the Eastern, Western European, and Central mountains. Among other creatures in Montenegro, wolves are their worst enemies. 


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4. Brown Bear



Brown Bear stands at the top of the most dangerous wildlife animals to experience on Montenegro vacation packages 2021. You can encounter various brown beers in Bosnia and Montenegro. This species of beer has a muscular physique and sharp claws with a weight of up to 800 lbs. This aggressive animal terrorizes all the other species that come in its way. However, Brown Bears are omnivorous, and plants comprise a good share of their diet. Although it is dangerous, it will be a memorable experience to witness it from a distance. 


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5. Balkan Lynx



This rare animal species is native to Montenegro and was commonly found in the western parts of the Balkans. Today it has become one of the endangered species among the Montenegro wildlife. People in the country regard it as a sign of natural conservation. In Montenegro and neighboring countries, this species is believed to be meager 20-40 in numbers. Balkan Lynx is a loner that is the most active in the nighttime. Like all other cats, it also hunts for other animals by sniffing in an ambush. Then, it jumps and snaps over the victim and kills them with its jaws and claws. Make sure you spot it on your leisure vacation travel package to Montenegro. 


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6. Aesculapian Snake



Many people don't realize that reptiles are an integral part of the woods and a joy to watch among wildlife lovers. One such reptile that can be found in the calmness of Montenegro forests is Aesculapian Snake. It is a non-venomous snake that is quite large but not so fearful. This snake usually flees away seeing a person, as opposed to other reptiles. So, you don't need to be frightened if you see an Aesculapian Snake on your Montenegro vacation packages 2021. Trust us; this is one of the local forest inhabitants that is hard to miss on the wildlife vacation


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7. Wolf



Being an easily adaptable wildlife creature, wolves can be found worldwide. Right from the ice fields of the Arctic to the deserts of Central Asia, wolves are seen roaming and feeding on herbivores. They mostly hunt for deers, rodents, or wild boars and consume small mammals, rabbits, birds, chamois, and deer. Wolves are the most iconic predators in the animal realm and are also featured in various movies and films. In addition, they are extremely smart creatures that you must watch out for on your Montenegro vacation packages 2021.


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8. Vipera Ammodytes



If we talk about the deadliest snake species in the forests of Europe, the first name that comes to mind is Vipera Ammodytes. With its peculiar horns on top of its head, this snake species is well known among animal lovers. Each Vipera Ammodytes snake has a slightly different hue. All of them, however, have black and brown zig-zag stripes on their back. This is the identification mark of the most popular and venomous snake in Europe. If you encounter this snake on your Montenegro vacation packages 2021, you need to be extremely careful as it can get quite aggressive.



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9. Fire Salamander



Although Fire Salamander is not the species that will come to your mind when you think of witnessing wildlife on your Montenegro vacation packages 2021, it's definitely a must-see. Fire Salamander is one of Europe's most famous salamander species. With the black-colored body and yellow spots or strips at varying degrees, it is generally known as a colorful Salamander. However, some of the specimens of Fire Salamander are entirely black. This exotic amphibian is mainly kept as a pet in the country. It is so unique that people all across the world visit Montenegro to get a glimpse of this creature. 


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10. Mouflon



How can we complete the list of must-see wildlife creatures on Montenegro vacation packages 2021 without mentioning the Mouflon? It is one of the sheep species that is commonly found in the high mountainous regions. The Mouflon is usually covered with red and brown colored hair on the body with dark stripes on the back. The unique trait that lures wildlife lovers across the world is the round horns. Male Mouflon has big round horns that almost form a complete circle. People living in the Montenegro mountains use this species of sheep for both livestock and cattle. This remarkable creature is perfect to experience on a leisure vacation travel package to Montenegro. 


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