Best Restaurants In Montenegro For An Ultimate Dining Experience

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Montenegro is an Adriatic coastal country in the Balkans. It is a beautiful destination that is packed with astounding sceneries all around. Right from the gigantic mountain peaks to alluring stretches of beaches to medieval settlements, this country is a dream destination. But to your surprise, the country is not just known for its gorgeous beauty, but it is highly recognized for offering excellent food in a variety of cuisines. The Mediterranean is the predominant cuisine in this country; hence, Montenegro is renowned for serving the best seafood. All thanks to the geographical location, the country is rich in coastal dishes. To enjoy the delicacies, the country has a pleasant blend of welcoming restaurants and bars. 


In case you are searching for a place to unwind and satiate your taste buds, this article is for you. We have done the hard yards so that you can offer your taste buds the best that they deserve. We have curated a list of the best restaurants that are absolute gems and deserve a place on your Montenegro vacation package. Dine-in at these restaurants and relish an exquisite dining experience.


You can pick any of the restaurants from the given list and enjoy dining like never before. So let’s take a look at the restaurants for your Montenegro vacation package. 


Here Are The Must-Visit Restaurants In Montenegro

1. Catovica Mlini

2. Konoba Feral

3. Verige 65 Restaurant & Bar

4. Stari Mlini

5. Restaurant Galion

6. Conte Restaurant


Feasting on authentic food and drinks is one of the best ways to enjoy a vacation. Food continues to remain the highlight for any holiday. No one wants to spoil their journey by dining in the wrong place. But, if you are planning to book a Montenegro vacation package, you need not worry. From the seaside restaurants to rustic family-run businesses to authentic eateries, Montenegro never fails to enchant the taste buds. The listed restaurants will serve you the most incredible delicacies; hence, they are a must-try for every gastronome who books a Montenegro vacation package.


1. Catovica Mlini



Catovica Mlini is one of the best eateries in Montenegro to enjoy your leisure tour & travel vacation package. This restaurant is perched in the tiny village of Morinj, offering a splendid sight. Catovica Mlini is a magnificent stone restaurant that is surrounded by lush green lawns, a stream of water, and animals. The word Catovica Mlini means “the Catovic’s Mills.” This restaurant was earlier a mill run by a family, hence the name. After using the land as a mill for more than 200 years, the family turned it into an eye-pleasing restaurant. Today, it is among the most beautiful settings in the country. Apart from the gorgeous backdrop, the menu of this restaurant lures visitors from across the world. Make sure you add Catovica Mlini to your Montenegro vacation package and enjoy mouthwatering fish dishes with some local wine. Believe us; it is an experience that you will never forget.


Address: E65, Morinj 85338, Montenegro

Website: Catovica Mlini

Contact No.: +38232373030

Cost For Two (approx.): $56.03


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2. Konoba Feral



When we talk about the restaurants to visit on the Montenegro vacation package, Konoba Feral must be mentioned. This beautiful restaurant is nestled in a picturesque old town of Montenegrin city and is renowned for offering the authentic taste of the country. For over 30 years, this eatery has been serving tourists luscious authentic food and traditional wine. Some of the most famous dishes that Konoba Feral serves are fish-based meals, meat, soup, risottos, and pasta. Apart from its outstanding food, what makes this restaurant stand out from the crowd is its excellent customer service and reasonable price. We highly recommend you to visit Konoba Feral on your Montenegro vacation package. Once you try this restaurant, believe us, you will definitely want to go back again.


Address: 4 Vasa Ćukovića, Herceg - Novi, Montenegro

Website: Konoba Feral

Contact No.: +38288322232

Cost For Two (approx.): $34.16


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3. Verige 65 Restaurant & Bar



Verige 65 is considered one of the most incredible vegetarian restaurants in Montenegro. It lies on the narrowest section of Boka Bay, which boasts a beautiful view of the beach. Dining here is a perfect way to admire the grandeur of the cruising ships and yachts that pass by. Along with the fairy tale views, Verige 65 is highly loved for its elegant architecture, which is no less than modern art. With glasses all around, the interior of this restaurant offers a sense of quietness and a deep connection to nature. At a time, this restaurant can host 140 diners with a toothsome meal. Concerning the food, all the dishes that Verige 65 serves are made of high-quality ingredients. Not just the local delicacies, you will also get a variety of delights from cuisines all over the world. So if you are looking for a gourmet dining experience on the Montenegro vacation package, mark our words; this is the place to be!


Address: 19, E65, Kostanjica, Kotor, Montenegro

Website: Verige 65 Restaurant & Bar

Contact No.: +382 67 656 575

Cost For Two (approx.): N/A


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4. Stari Mlini



Start Mlini is one of the finest restaurants in Montenegro that you ought to try on your leisure tour & travel vacation package. For those who don’t know about the restaurant, it used to be a farm with a flour mill propelled by water but later transformed into an eatery. Because the Start Mlini's heritage is intertwined with the farm, it provides tourists delectable meals made from freshly cultivated local products. Most of the ingredients used in the kitchen are grown by the restaurant itself. This restaurant works intending to preserve its culinary traditions while serving the real taste of the country. The chefs of Stari Mlini continuously attempt to alter the menu and offer the clients a variety of delicacies. To uplift the dining experience, this restaurant serves impressive coastline views with a splendid old mill interior. No matter when you book your Montenegro vacation package, you must add this restaurant to your bucket list right away. 


Address: 2, Dobrota, Montenegro

Website: Stari Mlini

Contact No.: +38232333555

Cost For Two (approx.): $49.19


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5. Restaurant Galion


Next on the list of restaurants to relish on the Montenegro vacation package, we have Restaurant Galion. This restaurant is highly popular among tourists for the stunning views it offers. Galion is positioned above the deep blue Adriatic, which is a picturesque harbor with mind-blowing vistas. In addition to the attractive port, dining here allows you to appreciate the historic town's peculiar architecture. When it comes to the interior, the restaurant Galion is beautifully decorated, offering a romantic vibe. Now imagine a romantic ambiance with majestic views of the water. Well, it’s surreal, isn’t it? People come to this restaurant not only for its beauty but also for the food it serves. The chefs here believe in their century-old recipes. They blend the traditional recipes with modern innovation and top off their dishes with incredible flavors. Restaurant Galion is extremely proud of its services, which you should try at least once in your leisure tour & travel vacation package.


Address: Šuranj bb, Kotor 85330, Montenegro

Website: Restaurant Galion

Contact No.: +38232325054

Cost For Two (approx.): N/A


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6. Conte Restaurant



If you enjoy eating seafood, this is the restaurant you should visit in your Montenegro vacation package. It is positioned on the outskirts of Conte Hotel, which offers fantastic views of Boka Bay. With its mesmerizing beauty, this restaurant is widely reputed for succulent Mediterranean cuisine. If you want to enjoy the best seafood in the country, then you can trust Conte Restaurant with closed eyes. This restaurant's menu includes various seafood, the majority of which is sourced from local fishermen. The chefs here create the best flavor fusions using local food and seasonal ingredients. The excellent dishes here are best enjoyed with a glass of wine. The Conte restaurant is quite known for its national and international variety of wines. This simply enhances the whole culinary experience on the leisure tour & travel vacation package. There’s no way that you can miss Conte restaurant on your vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Add this to your Montenegro vacation package itinerary right away. 


Address: Ul. Marka Martinovića bb, เปราสต์ 85336, Montenegro

Website: Conte Restaurant

Contact No.: +38267257387


Cost For Two (approx.): $133.93



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