Wildlife Vacation Ideas: Places To Explore By Animals Lovers!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Apr 08,2021

If you are an animal lover to the core, then you must seek a wildlife vacation and discover some exotic species in fantastic places. It’s like a piece of heaven to spend some time with the animals and come closer to them. Today, animal-centric vacations are much more popular than planning a visit to some petting zoo. There are ample destinations that are a reasonable opportunity to see, touch, and play with animals. Heading out on such wildlife trips will help you meet some unique creatures that you have never seen before. It’s the right time to come out of the zoo and introduce yourself to incredible, beautiful, and fantastic wildlife.


Although it was a difficult task to narrow down the list of best wildlife vacation destinations when we have a plethora of wonderful options. But we did our best and rounded up a list of the 8 best wildlife destinations that will help you interact with wildlife like never before. Every destination on the list has something unique to explore. So, grab your bag, get behind the wheel, and leave for any of these treasures. 


Let’s Explore…


1. Kenya



No matter what wildlife experience you are looking for, Kenya has it all. It is an incredible wildlife destination in Africa which is home to Masai Mara- one of the renowned national parks in the entire world. The wildlife diversity, advanced facilities, and breathtaking beauty of Kenya guarantee an unforgettable experience to all wildlife lovers. Adding to the experience, this place offers Lake Nakuru, witnessing predators,  diving at Watamu Marine Park, migrated wildebeest, etc. Before ending the list, one thing without which the wildlife vacation to Kenya is incomplete is- Giraffe Manor. With so much to relish, it is a must to experience a wildlife trip to Kenya. It is something that everyone- not just wildlife lovers- should experience at least once. Always remember- “There’s no life without Wildlife!”


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2. Brazil



With the largest rainforest and a vast variety of biodiversity, Brazil is one of the top wildlife vacation destinations that is left on this planet. Here you will get a sheer volume of wildlife ranging from the jaguar, anaconda,  cougar, the Black Caiman, brown-throated sloth, howler monkey, vampire bat, piranha, and more! This is not it. Brazil has a lot more to offer to wildlife buffs. The Pantanal region is another great attraction in Brazil which is the largest tropical wetland area. It provides shelter to a vast variety of wildlife which is a must to experience at least once. Although the wildlife here is abundant, they are difficult to find. So, take out some time, look for leisure tour packages, and plan a lifetime vacation.


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3. South Africa



How can anyone skip South Africa when we talk about wildlife vacation destinations? Well, you must consider yourself lucky if you get the opportunity to relish the wildlife of this top destination. In every corner of the country- no matter where you go- you can enjoy an exceptional wildlife safari experience. It is the best way to take a look at the wide variety of wildlife that this country has to offer. South Africa is the only destination across the globe where you will find Big 7 animals which include lion, leopard, wildebeest, rhino, the Southern right whale, elephant, and the great white shark. To complement the outstanding wildlife, this country offers eye-pleasing landscapes and scenic views. For a truly unforgettable wildlife experience, South Africa is the country that you head to.


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  A Memorable Experience With African Safari.


4. Galapagos Islands



Known for the animal-centric trip, Galapagos Island is perhaps one of the best wildlife vacation destinations. Perched off the coast of Ecuador, this destination is no less than a heaven for endangered animals in the world. It has 18 islands that provide shelter to over 200 species including some unique wildlife like Darwin’s finches, sea lions,  blue-footed boobies, Galapagos giant tortoises, Iguanas,  flamingos, Galapagos penguins, marine iguanas, and more. Wait.. the list is not yet completed. On booking leisure tour packages to this majestic destination, you will also get to enjoy a variety of local flora and fauna. It is the destination in the entire Northern Hemisphere where you will get to see Penguins. If you want to enjoy the unique creations, then this is the place where you have to travel to!


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5. Sri Lanka



“No matter how famous you are...In the jungle, wildlife is CELEBRITY!” It is one of the most spectacular destinations for wildlife lovers in the world. It is a destination with a plethora of wildlife including marine life and big game. Right from grassland to the forest to crystal blue lagoons, Sri Lanka is home to a wide array of wildlife including elephants, leopards, reptiles, birds,  sloth bears, and more. Apart from this, it is the place where you will find Mihintale. It is the first reserve in the entire world which was created back in the third century. There a lot more to enjoy in the country like Wildlife Safari. So, book one of the best leisure tour packages and enjoy everything that will make your vacation unforgettable. 


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6. Uganda



On the list of wildlife vacation destinations, we have another must-to-visit destination- Uganda. In the whole world, it is the only country that provides shelter to mountain gorillas in its natural habitat. To see these rare gorillas, you have to spend quite a few pennies. But believe us, they are all worth it. Apart from this, Uganda has an impressive variety of wildlife with over 350 species of different sizes of mammals. On your visit to this country, you can spend a number of days strolling through its 10 national parks, 13 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 12 Wildlife reserves, and more. This destination is a complete package for all wildlife lovers. Trus us, there is nothing more exciting than spotting the animals in Uganda.


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7. Botswana



We have shortlisted Botswana. This is the destination that you must visit if you have the opportunity. There are a number of reasons why we tell you to book leisure tour packages to this destination. This destination is widely recognized as one of the best safari destinations in Africa. Here you can book both budget-friendly and luxurious safari camps which offer the best wildlife vacation experience. Although the whole country is filled with exotic wildlife, visiting Okavango Delta is altogether a different experience. It offers outstanding wildlife sightseeing which is just like a treat to the eyes. There are several other regions in the country that are unique in their own way and serve as a great opportunity for wildlife buffs. Together with diverse wildlife species, this destination is breathtakingly beautiful.


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8. Australia



There is no surprise if we say Australia is the best wildlife vacation destination around the globe. This destination has utterly unique fauna that you will get to see nowhere else on the planet. The charismatic Kangaroos remain the highlight of Australia’s wildlife excursion. Other than that, some of the prominent animals that you can enjoy in Australia are Koala, Wombat, Australian sea lion, rock wallaby, northern hairy-nosed wombat, quoll, and more. To better enjoy the wildlife and create an unbreakable bond with them, you must visit the zoos or national parks. Here you can feed and cuddle the animals and come closer to them. If encountering wildlife is high on your bucket list, then you must plan a wildlife vacation to Australia.


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