Bored At Home? Here are 10 Virtual Zoo And Aquarium Tours To Enjoy

Do you love animals? Do you prefer visiting aquariums or zoos on your vacation? Does it make you feel happy? If the answer to these questions is “YES”, then you are at the right place. Just because the world is not safe and so does the travel, that doesn’t mean we stop enjoying the wildlife. Indeed, the whole "new normal" concept has provided us with a lot more opportunities to explore the world. One of them is, undoubtedly, to see zoos and aquariums worldwide without moving from our place. Confused? Wondering how it can be possible? So, here we are to help you out! This is possible with the help of webcams that we can now take a tour to some of the prestigious zoos and aquariums without actually traveling. For all the wildlife buffs, here is the list of 10 best virtual zoos and aquarium tours that are no less than a window to the animal world. These are the places that will bring you closer to nature and wildlife while being comfortable on your couch. 


Get ready… we are going to take you around the world to enjoy the finest aquariums and virtual zoos. Be creative and have fun taking a glimpse into the animal world. 


Alright, folks. Let’s get started!!! 


Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden



Cincinnati Zoo houses the renowned hippo, African Safari, and Fiona. While the terrain is closed during the pandemic, this zoo hosts “Home Safari” on its Facebook page to let the individuals stay connected with their favorite animals. This is one of the Virtual Zoo and Aquarium Tours that you must join as it throws light on various animals such as manatees, aardvarks, hippos, bonobos, Galapagos tortoise, and more. Must enjoy this tour, especially with the kids, it will surely be a learning experience and a fun activity. 


Where To Join?: Facebook Live

Timings: 3 P.M. (Every Weekday)


Monterey Bay Aquarium 



If you want to discover the sea right from your couch, then no other Virtual Zoo and Aquarium Tours can be better than the one offered by Monterey Bay Aquarium. This aquarium hosts various webcam live shows which are great to take a fantastic glimpse of the underwater world. The virtual tour of the aquarium shows everything from lovely seabeds to forest habitats to leopard sharks to jellyfishes to corals. It is not just an animal watching, it includes a lot more. There are a lot of interactive activities like riddles, drawing, games, etc. Join the live cam and experience the beauty of the Ocean irrespective of where you are. 


Where To Join?: Official Website

Timings: Open 24/7


Smithsonian’s National Zoo



If you have ever been to Washington, DC, you must have heard about Smithsonian’s National Zoo. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions. To let the visitors enjoy wildlife even when they can’t travel, this zoo offers Virtual Zoo And Aquarium Tours. They have ample live cams that feature a variety of animals like giant pandas, naked mole rats, elephants, lions, and more. The best part of their virtual tours is the 360o technology. Join the tour and take a closer look at the animals and behavior. 


Where To Join?: Official Website

Timings: Can be accessed 24/7


San Diego Zoo



San Diego Zoo is not just a popular tourist attraction but also a renowned Virtual Zoo And Aquarium Tour provider. It took the virtual tour to the next level. Especially for the kids, they have a completely dedicated website with an abundance of resources. They have more than 10 webcams that offer outstanding images and stories to go deep inside into the animal world.  On your virtual visit, you can enjoy seeing the giraffes, apes, tigers, pandas, elephants, koalas, penguins, and whatnot. Join in and enjoy learning!


Where To Join?: Official Website & Website for Kids

Timings: 24/7


Houston Zoo



Houston Zoo is encouraging us to enjoy wildlife even after the closure of the zoos. For this, they have a detailed schedule of virtual tours, news blogs, Facebook live, and home-learning activities. Joining the tour helps the viewers take a look at a number of animals from different parts of the world like roaming Asian elephants, flamingos, chimpanzees, rhinos, etc. The detailed pictures of the animals and description of the park will help you learn a lot. Be a part of it. You will definitely have a good time!


Where To Join?: Facebook Live & Official Website

Timings: 8 A.M.- 8 P.M. (Daily Live Cam)


Georgia Aquarium



Next on the list of virtual zoo and aquarium tours, we have Georgia Aquarium that requires a special mention. It is one of the most impressive aquariums which have a plethora of fascinating and mesmerizing underwater habitats. To let people experience the underwater life and top-notch sea creatures, this aquarium offers multiple live webcams and at-home learnings for enhancing the knowledge. With their webcam, you can have a great time seeing Alligators, Jellyfish, Sea Otters, Beluga Whales, Dolphins, Piranhas, and much more. If this interests you, you must check-it-out. It is an Instant Zen!


Where To Join?: Official Website

Timings: 24/7


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary



Is there anything better than watching animals? Well, the answer is NO! Lone Pine Koala is a famous sanctuary perched in Australia which is known for its koalas. To enjoy it while sitting at home, you can view the live streams and sanctuary’s webcam which showcases everything that this place has to offer. The streams usually feature Young Koala Tracker, Koala Forest, Koala Train, and Koala interactions with Other animals. Other than Koala, this place highlights several other mesmerizing Australian animals like Kangaroos, dingoes, reptiles, and more. If you are curious, check them out. 


Where To Join?: Official Web Cam

Timings: Can be enjoyed at any time


National Aquarium



On the list of virtual zoo and aquarium tours, mentioning National Aquarium is a must. Visiting this aquarium is an interactive experience with multiple floors. With the rise in travel technology and technology in general, it is now possible to go deep into the ocean without moving from your place. You can now take the virtual tour with 360o views and explore life underwater with all the required details. You can see Shark Alleys, Atlantic Coral Reefs, and Tropical Rain Forests on the tour. Sounds great? So, start exploring!


Where To Join?: WebCam & Live Stream

Timings:  24/7


Atlanta Zoo



Are you missing the animal sightseeing? If yes, we have got you covered. Atlanta Zoo is a renowned zoo that is famous for its rare species of animals. To enjoy watching them at rest, you can take a virtual zoo and aquarium tour. With their live panda cam, you can adore beautiful panda twins- Xi Lun and Ya Lun. Their cuteness and playful behavior lure the visitors and now that can be enjoyed online too. Through their live streaming, webcams, lessons, and fun activities, you can enhance your knowledge and learn more about them. 


Where To Join?: Live Cam

Timings: 24/7


Dubai Aquarium



Last but not least, we have another famous virtual zoo and aquarium tour- Dubai Aquarium. For a magnificent experience of a glittering underwater zoo, this aquarium offers 360o  interactive tours that will help you enjoy all the major exhibits. Unlike other aquariums, this is an epic space with a double area as a zoo. On your tour, you can enjoy the Shark Week Exhibit, Underwater Zoo, and The Main Tank. Apart from this, you can move to their Facebook page and enhance your knowledge with several facts and amazing videos. For a fantastic experience of the aquatic world, this is a great place. 


Where To Join?: Official Website & Facebook

Timings: All the time



And that’s it! These are our top 10 picks. We hope this incredible list of virtual zoo and aquarium tours will help you spend a few hours with full-on entertainment and learning. Regardless of age, these are the tours that can be enjoyed by everyone. So, don’t waste more time. Pick one and enjoy!

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